10 Reasons Why You Should Use Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the greatest pieces of kitchen equipment to own. Quite frankly, it shines by itself.  Given the benefits, it can be called as the Rolls Royce of kitchen equipment. For all the folks reading this, I am not going to go Gordon Ramsay on each one of you guys and declare that you should get one at the heat of the moment. However, let me give you a host of reasons why scores of people out there use cast iron.

Why You Should Use Cast Iron

1. Durable

Cast iron can literally last for decades. It almost appears as if the strength of Gods has bestowed some special strength and endurance in them. Yes, it could be the ticket to long-lived cookware. Better yet, it can be easily refurbished. So, you won’t cry over rust or other elements that can harm cast iron over time. In terms of durability, it’s a cut above the competition. It’s almost indestructible. You can drop it endless time, and it will still be perfectly ready for use the next time. Of course, the floor could get damaged, so it helps to be sensible over here.

2. Inexpensive

Cookware isn’t just durable; it’s pretty inexpensive too. Unlike the competition, you won’t have to procure it for a hard to swallow number. If you have paid more, the chances are that you might have been screwed by a smarter individual. In a nutshell, cast iron is going to be easy on your wallet. Given the fact that it’s built to last, your one-time investment can please you for years and years to come. So, you can latch onto it without any reservations.

3. Non-Toxic

For the most part, cast iron is found to be non-toxic by nature. Therefore, it’s a great way to minimize your family’s exposure to toxic elements. Simply put, it keeps chemicals out of your food. This is great news by itself. After all, we don’t deserve the risk of toxic substances in our daily meals. So, why take any risk when cast iron cookware is widely available for a fraction of the cost of its competition?  Go ahead and try a fried egg on it today.

4. Cooks Evenly

The cast-iron cookware has the evenest heat distribution.  Furthermore, it holds the heat well. As a result, one can expect even cooking without hot spots. There could be some science behind it, but this isn’t a science class. So, we will keep it short. It’s a fairly good heat conductor. Plus, it has a high heat capacity. It retains the heat longer than other materials. All things considered, it heats more evenly over the whole cooking duration.

5. It’s Natural

Unlike other cookware, cast iron is made from 100% natural materials. So, you won’t have to live with any environmental guilt. Believe it or not, many manufacturers incorporate legitimate steps in the production process to reduce environmental waste and impact. The production process is eco-friendly in almost all stages of production. Therefore, it’s a great option for the environmental fuzzy guys out there.

6. Highly Versatile

Frankly speaking, cast iron cookware could prove to be one of the most versatile workforces in your kitchen. You can put it to ample use. From pan-frying, baking, roasting, broiling to other cooking techniques, cast iron skillet would fit the bill over here. Basically, it can be used for a variety of kitchen dishes from breakfast to desserts, and anything in between. Better yet, the more you use cast iron cookware, the more flavors it imparts to the food.

7. Easy to Maintain

Foods don’t stick too much on cast iron pans, so cleaning them won’t prove to be a task from hell. Even when you cook something that you couldn’t even pronounce, you will find it easy to clean cast iron pans with regular steel wool. It will take care of the cleaning chore-like nobody’s business. Of course, don’t allow cast iron to sit in the water for too long, or else it will start to collect rust.

8. Wide Availability

Pans made by this may be the ultimate kitchen cookware to own, but you don’t have to necessarily inherit them from your parents or ancestors. They are widely available in the market today. So, lack of availability won’t be the thief of joy over here. You can easily procure them from online or offline stores and start the tradition in your family. The varieties could be limited compared to some of its counterparts, but cast iron does makeup with its functionality and useful kitchen life.

9. Adds Iron in Food

The ability to impart iron in the food is a winning quality by itself. All you have to do is cook food in the pan, and you will benefit from the increased iron content in your food. Some amount of iron automatically gets transferred from the cookware to the cooking food.  The amount of iron transferred to the food happens to be sufficient to meet a significant part of our dietary needs for iron. It’s inevitably the easiest way to boost our iron intake.

10. It Looks Great

There could be other fancy and better kitchen tools out there, but it doesn’t fail to impress. Of course, not everyone will be a fan of its looks, but it does have its limited fan base in the looks department too. There’s something rustic about cast iron that appeals to a large number of people out there. You can call them crazy, but they will pick cast iron cookware over other products in the same spectrum any day of the week.

Final Words                                

As you can see, it’s easy to be a devotee of cast iron. Folks who spend time in the kitchen know the value of keeping at least one cast iron cookware in their kitchen cabinet. If you are a beginner to cast iron cookware, you will surely find this piece of kitchen equipment pretty unmatched. As mentioned before, it’s highly versatile, durable, functional, and inexpensive too. it will provide you with ample reasons to fall in love with it. (Source)

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