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5 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2019

How To Choose Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2019

Are you tired of the never-ending home maintenance sessions? Do they seem to drain to every single bit of your energy?

If your answer is positive to the questions mentioned above, then it’s time for you to upgrade your home-cleaning equipment. The ever-advancing science and technology have made cleaning and maintenance as much trouble-free, as it could ever be. Fully equipped mechanized home-cleaning assistants have been introduced which are capable of taking excellent care of our upholstery, hardwood floors, carpets, etc.

Amongst the countless home-cleaning gadgets available in the market, Upright vacuum cleaners seem to have gained immense popularity. The reason behind this is the versatile design of the machine. It offers the portability of a handheld and the suction power similar to that of a canister vacuum. What’s even more, the upright vacuum cleaners have their distinct styles and structures.

The light-weight and compact design of the vacuum increases its mobility. , most models have adjustable heights and perform well on both: carpets and hardwood floors. Such all-embracing and adaptable features of an upright vacuum cleaner makes it one of the best home-cleaning device of the time.

The modern configuration of the upright vacuum cleaner has undoubtedly brought a considerable change in home cleaning sessions, making them more quick and efficient. To further enhance your indoor room quality, here we have summarized the examination of the best upright vacuum cleaners.

Product Brand Rating Buy From Amazon
DuoClean Powered lift away speed upright vacuumShark4.3Buy at Amazon
Elite 31150 Pet and Allergy Friendly Upright VacuumKenmore3.8Buy at Amazon
Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner Shark 4.3Buy at Amazon
Elevate Conquer Lightweight Upright VacuumOreck3.7Buy at Amazon
Airlift Cordless Upright VacuumHoover
3.8Buy at Amazon

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Elite 31150 Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet-Friendly, By Kenmore

Elite 31150 Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Friendly,

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The Elite 31150 Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, one of the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner and allergy-free Upright Vacuum is a versatile cleaning machine. It can clean almost everything from pet hair, allergy-causing germs, dirt, dust, and all the possible harmful and invisible debris. People with hectic and busy work schedules opt for convenience and speed when it comes to housed hold chores. The Elite 31150 matches perfectly with the active lifestyle as it can clean loads of dust and debris within no time. The Pet Handi machine comes with an air-driven turbine, which rotates the brush roll at a higher rate to collect pet hairs and debris effectively. This vacuum has HEPA filters which filter almost all of the germs and allergen to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation has also approved the Elite 31150 of America(AAFA). The powerful 3D induces motor systems to provide strong suction, which removes dirt from deep within the carpets, doormats, etc. The most astonishing feature is the LED light sensors which automatically indicates the areas to focus on. The five-position height system enables the head to dig in too deep carpets due to optimal airflow. The Upright vacuum comes with a bag that can store a reasonable amount of debris, so you don’t have to clean it every time you use it. Accessories include pet handi mate, crevice tool and a telescopic wand that is stored onboard for easy access.

  • Ultra-Powerful Suction to Clean Faster – Powerful Inducer Motor That Gives You 20% More Air Power Than Conventional Upright Vacuum Motor
  • Longer Cord for Clean Even Larger Areas Quickly -telescoping Wand for Easy Above Floor and Extended Reach Cleaning. Beltless Direct Drive System. Wand Material: Aluminum. Attachment Reach 10 Feet; This Vacuum (31150) Cannot Be Used for Ultra-plush Carpet Due to the Sealed Nozzle System
  • Remove Almost All Dirt Quickly – HEPA Filtration and Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Clean Even Difficult to Reach Areas Easily With Accessories: Pet Handi-mate Tool, Combo Dust and Crevice Tool
  • Measures 14.2 by 13.8 by 45.8 Inches; Color: Silver; Style Name: carpet & Bare Floors Beltless; Comes With 1x Premium Microfiber Cleaner
  • 3D induces motor provides extra powerful suction.
  • HEPA filters make the environment germ a d allergen-free.
  • The LED light sensors make dirt and debris visible even in the low lights.
  • The pet handi machine is provided with an air-driven turbine, which rotates the brushes faster.
  • Needs to be handled with care when cleaning clustered areas.
  • The dirtbag must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure optimal output.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (NV803), Standard, Cinnamon

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away (NV803),

Buy At Amazon


Another Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner” The Duo clean powered Lift-Away speed vacuum is a multitasking machine that can clean carpets and hardwood floor both. This classifies it as a multitasking and economical gadget. The Duo clean by Upright Vacuum can show remarkable standards of carpet and floor cleaning. It features a competent bristle brush that can deep clean the carpets., whereas the soft bristle brush can sweep clean the floors without leaving marks on the floor. Sucking larger particles is the highlight feature. It can suck up almost everything on the floor to give a polished and neat look.

The Anti Allergen complete seal technology purifies the air before releasing it back in the atmosphere. The HEPA filter traps 999% of dust and allergens. This incredible quality is a blessing for asthmatics and people suffering from allergies. It ensures a germ-free and healthy environment. The fingertip control technology allows convenience in shifting from hard floor to carpet mode with a click. The Duo Clean Upright Vacuum also features LED on the nozzle to locate hidden debris and dust particles. The extended wand provides superior cleaning for hard to reach places.

  • Shark’s compact Powered Lift-Away with DuoClean Technology – dual brush roll system, for unbelievable hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • DuoClean Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brush roll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter Traps 999% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Fingertip Controls Easily Switch from Hard Floor to Carpet Mode Features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Powerful LED headlights on nozzle Spot is hidden debris throughout your home
  • Extendable Under Appliance Wand Superior cleaning in hard-to-reach places
  • For carpets and bare floors, the DuoClean brush roll provides exceptional agitation.
  • It features a HEPA filter that allows efficient indoor room quality.
  • It functions on versatile surfaces such as floors, stairs, upholstery, and many more.
  • It cleans large as well as fine debris particles.

  • Being expensive requires a large budget.

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Shark Ninja Canister Upright Vacuum, Gold/Silver – NV70

Shark Ninja Canister Upright Vacuum, Gold/Silver - NV70

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Yet another lightweight Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner The stylish, sleek, and lightweight Navigator professional Upright Vacuum by Shark is the ultimate choice of people with busy lifestyles. This machine is not only easy to store but gives effortless cleaning within no time. There is no need to assemble or prepare it before starting your daily or weekly cleaning session. All you need to do is to plug it in and start cleaning. The lightweight design gives hours if stress-free cleaning. It has a Zero M self-cleaning brush roll, which can clean almost every hair strand within its reach. Provided with lift-away technology makes it super easy to clean stairs, furniture, and other above the floor areas.

The maneuverability is effortless on carpet and floors, both due to swivel steering. It comes with a 25 to 30 ft long cord that allows easy and uninterrupted access almost everywhere. The HEPA filter filtrates all the Allergy and asthma, causing germs, delivering purified, and sanitized air back to the environment. The bagless technology classifies it as a cost-effective, low maintenance gadget that provides the quality equivalent to any high end cleaning machine. It is designed to give stress and strain-free cleaning session. The self-cleaning brush roll prevents frequent bending for removing the hair and debris from brush roll. It is equally good for vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors regardless of the area in concern.

  • A sleek and lightweight machine that is designed for deep cleaning.
  • The 25-30 ft cord allows uninterrupted access.
  • The bagless feature makes it cost-effective.
  • Can be used on carpets and hardwood floor equally.
  • HEPA filter makes the environment allergen-free.
  • Not designed for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • It will not trap large particles of debris.

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Oreck Elevate Conquer Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Speed Control with HEPA Media Filtration,

Oreck Elevate Conquer Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2 Speed Control with HEPA Media Filtration,

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Easy to carry and blends in really well with modern living. The sleek design provides maximum maneuverability, and swivel steering helps to go around the furniture quickly. The HEPA filter captures almost every possible harmful and invisible particle. The brilliant system seal filters contents upon disposal. The extra-large dirtbag can hold up to nearly four times more dirt than an average bagless vacuum.

35 ft long cord extends accessibility to an impressive extent. The low profile designs help in cleaning underneath the furniture.

Moreover, the LED lights give visibility to hidden dirt particles. It possesses low profile maintenance such as removal of dirtbag, which is quite easy. Besides being a lightweight vacuum, it is no less than any of the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner when compared in functionality. The two-speed fingertip control helps to adjust speed according to the requirement.

  • It is a lightweight and stylish machine that works efficiently.
  • The 35 ft. A long cord increases its mobility.
  • An LED light makes hidden dirt and debris visible.
  • It is provided with HEPA filters, which traps allergens and germs.
  • The two-speed finger control can be adjusted according to the need.
  • The extra-large bag can store a large amount of dirt and debris.
  • It is not designed for long hour usage.
  • The bag needs to be changed after two or three uses.

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Hoover Windtunnel Air Steerable Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 Upright Vacuum Bh50125

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A Cordless vacuum is a blessing in disguise. The freedom of movement saves time and energy both. The powerful lithium-ion battery delivers 50 min of uninterrupted clean when fully charged. The Hoover Air Lift Cordless Upright Vacuum is designed to be used on high pile carpets to a bare wooden floor. The machine shows high-quality work potential regardless of the floor type. The removable lift canister is easy to remove, and it can be converted to a lift away vacuum. This makes it a multitasking machine.

Wind tunnel technology ensures strong suction power resulting in a thorough cleaning of carpets and floors. Switching from one floor to another is not an issue at all. It can be done with a single touch. The bifunctional tool makes dusting and crevice tool in deep cleaning. Soft bristles don’t scar or scratch hardwood floors even when used at high speed. The Pivot dusting tool allows access to hard to reach areas without difficulty.

  • The cordless feature gives hassle-free and uninterrupted cleanups.
  • By lifting away canister, it can turn into a Lift-Away vacuum.
  • Soft brush roll bristles are safe to use on hard floors.
  • The output of the battery is approximately 50 minutes when fully charged.
  • It comes with a bifunctional dusting and crevice tool, which makes dusting easy even at inconvenient locations.
  • The dirt canister needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis.
  • Care must be taken when charging the batteries. Overcharging might cause damage.

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Buying Guide 

Why choose upright vacuum cleaners? 

With the brush head, handle, and dirtbag comprised into one unit, the upright vacuum cleaners are the ideal choice for today’s modernized lifestyle. This contemporary configuration of the vacuum cleaner provides deep cleaning performance on thick surfaces like carpets and rugs. However, recent models have been equipped to perform decent cleaning performance on bare floorings like hardwood. This is mainly due to the exchange of traditional brush heads with motorized ones as well as the feature of constant strong airflow maintenance.

Also, different models come along with different brush attachments like roller brush, which makes cleaning of carpets efficient and smooth.

The upright vacuum also tends to offer a more extensive cleaning area in comparison to canister and handheld. Unlike a canister vacuum cleaner, the user does not have to bend to move the vacuum until a hose attachment is used. This prevents possible back issues and strain. Concerns have arisen regarding the heaviness of the upright vacuum and health issues; however, this problem can be associated with the previous models. Now, the companies have launched lightweight upright vacuum cleaners so that you can easily carry or drag it anywhere around the house.

Moreover, the upright vacuum cleaner is less expensive than other vacuum designs, including canister. Also, the compact design of upright vacuum cleaner occupies less space, which is an added advantage for people living in small apartments and living spaces.
Things to consider! 

Being a much appreciated and used vacuum cleaner type, hundreds of reputable manufacturing companies have launched, various models. Each model differently modified and possessing a separate set of pros and cons. In such a situation, a consumer, especially one with no previous experience in purchasing a vacuum cleaner, may get confused. This confusion can lead to an unwise decision that undermines the true potential of the technology.

To help you avoid such a scenario, we have summarized a few key factors to consider while selecting the best upright vacuum cleaner for your home.

  • Bagged or Bagless?

The upright vacuum cleaners can be divided into bagged and bagless. A bagged vacuum cleaner uses plastic bags that have to be replaced every month generally, but the frequency of changing depends upon use. Whereas, a bagless vacuum cleaner has a transparent dust cup which can be removed, emptied, and placed again after use. Although both types are widely used, it is advisable to select a bagless one because it has a low maintenance cost and is an environmentally friendly device.

  • Dust Capacity

Now, if you have decided to purchase a bagless upright vacuum cleaner, then remember to check it’s dust capacity. A larger dust capacity will reduce the number of times needed to empty the dust cup.

  • Cord or Cordless?

A further classification in the upright vacuum cleaners is cord or cordless. While the presence of a cord removes the need for recharging, a cordless vacuum cleaner allows enhanced maneuverability and portability.

  • Battery Life

When purchasing a cordless upright vacuum cleaner, check the battery life. Battery life determines the cleaning time allowed to the user before the device needs to be charged. Longer battery life will allow the user to increased cleaning time before recharging is needed.

  • Filtration

Filtration is the process through which the air sucked by the vacuum cleaner is cleared from dust and dirt particles. The type of filter determines the efficiency of the vacuum’s cleaning performance. Although a variety of filters are installed in different vacuums, the most preferred one is HEPA, which filters the finest of dust particles and allergens. Other filter types include micro fresh, scented, and wet/dry.

  • Attachments

All upright vacuum cleaners come with attachments; however, the quantity and quality vary from model to model. The most basic accessories include a turbo brush, extension wand, hose, and crevice tool. Also, dust and upholstery brushes are also included.

  • Suction Force

Remember not to confuse watts and suction force in accordance with cleaning efficiency. Watts only represents the amount of electricity the machine will utilize in one hour. The suction force is what really accounts for your upright vacuum’s cleaning performance. A higher suction force means better cleaning quality.

  • Weight

The selection of a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner can broaden it’s potential and can provide numerous advantages. You can carry out regular vacuuming sessions without feeling exhausted or afraid of developing health issues. A lightweight vacuum can also minimize the risk of falling over the stairs while cleaning.

  • Size

Previously, the upright vacuum cleaner was only available in huge sizes, ho technology has evolved, and much compact, as well as lighter designs, are available too. Compact design only allows easy usage but prevents storage issues.

  • Price

Price is a factor that will vary considerably with a brand, model, and features. A compact and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner bought from a reputable company with advanced features like lightning will cost a little more. However, to ensure persistent good indoor room quality, it is recommendable to invest more. After all, a good vacuum cleaner serves as a complete cleaning arsenal that can clean much more than just the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the different attachments for the upright vacuum cleaner and their purpose? 

Attachments are additional tools provided with a vacuum cleaner to expand the cleaning area from floor to just about anything. The most basic tools provided by upright vacuum cleaners include :

  • Crevice Tool

The long crevice tool with a narrow nozzle is used to clean tight spaces and corners.

With a felted surface, the compact and small upholstery attachment is ideal for chairs, couches, and even mattresses.

  • Turbo Brush

The turbo brush resembles the brush head. However, it is a smaller version. The strong suction force makes it an excellent tool to clean stairs and other small spaces.

  • Dust Brush

This circular brush tool can be used to clean blinds and wooden surfaces without causing damage. The soft bristles allow scratch-free cleaning efficiently.

  • Extension Wand

An extension wand can be of different materials like plastic and steel. It is a long cylindrical tube that can be attached with various tools to reach higher or out-of-reach places conveniently.

  • Hose Attachment

The hose is typically necessary to attach any cleaning tool with the vacuum cleaner, therefore, is provided with all the vacuums.

  1. What does self-propelled means? 

Self-propelled refers to the ability to move without the need for external propulsion. In the case of vacuum cleaners, a self-propelled unit can move in different directions and at different speeds when commanded through buttons. A majority of the recent vacuum cleaner models are equipped with this feature, which makes cleaning a more convenient task. With a self-propelled vacuum cleaner, you no longer have to worry about pushing or dragging the unit.

  1. Is a motorized brush head better than a traditional one?

    Motorized brush heads have a rotating brush, which allows efficient cleaning on thick carpets and rugs. For most of the vacuum cleaners with motorized brush heads, the facility to turn the rotation off is provided. This allows the user to clean bare floorings efficiently too. Considering the function of a motorized brush head, it gains clear superiority over the traditional ones only if the feature to turn the rotation off is provided. Otherwise, a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush head will not be able to clean the bare floor smoothly.


Conclusively, it is highly advised to invest your money in a suitable upright vacuum than any other as upright vacuum cleaners are considerably more economical and beneficial. Firstly,  it is relatively cheaper than other vacuum cleaners and offers more features. Secondly, Uprights are well known for the use of motorized brush, which ensures efficient cleaning of carpets and rugs while also ensuring your ease.

Upright vacuum cleaners are also preferred because it provides a wider cleaning path; due to this, you can cover more area in one cleaning movement. Since you control the upright with your foot, the transition between carpets and bare floors can be easily managed with afoot. By changing the settings, they can also be operated on hard floors. Generally, customers face storage issues, as well. With uprights, however, storage issues are quickly resolved because there are no accessories to dismount and put away. Uprights are also easy to handle because they can be used without making beforehand preparations.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners offer ease of use because you don’t have to tow it behind you or stress your back. This means, with uprights, worrying about backaches due to the use of vacuum cleaners is a thing of the past! In a nutshell, if users prefer easy storage, easy handling, more features on a low budget, flooring transitions, and efficient cleaning, then Upright Vacuum Cleaners are the best option for them.

Call to Action 

With so many benefits and affordable rates, upright vacuum cleaners, especially the ones mentioned above, seem to have a clear advantage over all the other vacuum cleaners. These five upright vacuum cleaners have proven to best of best vacuum cleaners after deep research and examination of their mechanism. Moreover, they have generated much positive response from the consumers resulting in high demand.

If you have are unsatisfied with your current vacuum cleaner and are in search of something better, than it is the right time to upgrade your cleaning arsenal with the above listed upright vacuum cleaners!