5 Best Vacuum Cleaners Make Your Life Easy

 Today,  carpeted floors symbolizes modernized and well maintained lifestyle. Thus, almost every household is equipped with at least one carpeted room. However, with the ever increasing pollution and dust particles in our atmosphere, it has become a difficult job to clean these carpets.  This difficultly along with the frequently needed cleaning prevents many people from providing their carpets with regular cleaning sessions. After all, who likes to feel exhausted and energy drained when there are a lot of things left to be done in the entire day? 

Fortunately, the curiosity of mankind always helps in producing a suitable solution for every problem whether it be a major environmental issue like pollution or a minor household cleaning problem. Thus, the vacuum manufacturing companies have modified the current vacuum cleaners in such a way that they can be classified as best vacuum cleaners for carpets. These vacuums not only have compact design to eliminate portability issue but powerful suction to clean the entire carpet thoroughly within one pass.

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Here is a list compiled for best vacuum cleaners for carpets to help select the bests of best and avoid making a wrong decision.

Product Brand RatingsBuy From Amazon
DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner Dyson 4.2 Buy Now
DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum Shark 4.3Buy Now
Ultra Light Weight Lite BDASP103 AIRSWIVEL Upright Cleaner Black & Decker 3.5Buy Now
9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePassBISSELL 4.0Buy Now
LLC Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum CleanerZenith Technologies 4.4Buy Now

*Product rating is in accordance with amazon.com

  • DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner By Dyson 

DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Human race has been always attracted to modern technology especially in the house hold sector. We all love new and modified gadgets for domestic use that can make our lives easier. The Dyson DC65 is an example of the possible modification in home cleaning gadgets. It is a traditional Upright Vacuum cleaner with powerful motors and  covers all the basic requirements of a good household vacuum. So what’s new in it? The modification lies in suction technology and brush rolls. The new Dyson DC65 uses Radial Root Cyclone technology for maximum suction power.

The bristles of the brush roll are modified and appear to be shorter and stiffer. This helps in deep penetration in high pile carpets. The self adjusting feature prevents abrasions on hard wood floors during cleaning. The sucked dirt is trapped and sealed during cleaning due to the combination of Radial Root Cyclone technology and self adjusting cleaner. Another highlight is the Ball technology that allows smooth steering around the furniture and objects. This makes cleaning sessions strain free and effortless. It can also adjust its floor settings with the help of the sensors in the base plate. Due to this incredible feature reduces air leaks and provide maximum suction power. Optimal floor contact results in finished and polished look.



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  • It uses Radial Root Cyclone technology.
  • The modified brush roll penetrates deep into the carpet.
  • It does not harm the wooden floors.
  • Advanced sensors adjust the brush roll according to the floor type.
  • The Ball technology allows smooth steering around furniture.


  • Not designed for wet floor cleaning.
  • It needs to be handled with care.
  • Duo clean powered Lift Away speed Upright vacuum By Shark

Duo clean powered Lift Away speed Upright vacuum


A smart choice for smart people. Shark Duo clean Lift Away speed Upright Vacuum is the ultimate machine to clean your home completely and in much less time. It possess all  the expected qualities that categorizes it as a complete cleaning machine. The Upright Vacuum features Duo clean technology. It has two types of brush rolls for carpet and hard floors. The carpet brush has hard and stiff bristles to deep clean carpets whereas soft bristles helps to trap large particles and to give a polished look when used on hard wood floors. A clean  environment must be germ free and hygienic.

The Shark Duo clean vacuum have anti allergen HEPA filters that can trap almost 999% of the allergens. This unique feature provides a safe environment for people who suffer from asthma and are allergic to dust. Moreover there is no need to bend over and select the floor types for the brush tool when working on multiple floor types. The handle is provided with fingertip controls that provides ease in selecting the  speed and brush roll according to the floor type. There are powerful LED lights at the bottom of the floor nozzle that can spot hidden debris in carpets. An extendable wand also comes along for cleaning hard to reach areas.







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  • It features Duo Clean technology.
  • The brush roll with hard bristle deep clean the carpets whereas soft bristles clean the hard wood floors.
  • The soft bristled brush provides clean and polished look while sucking large debris.
  • The HEPA filters traps all the allergens.


  • The canister cup is a bit small and needs to be emptied frequently.
  • A bit noisy than other Shark vacuums.


  • Ultra Light Weight, Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner By Black & Decker

AIRSWIVEL Lightweight, Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Black and Decker has always set standards in home cleaning equipment. The ultra light weight Lite BDASL 202 is an example of the finest standards. The innovative design and efficient output makes it stand out among others. It is a part of the air swivel series which is considered as an expensive category for Vacuums. But Black and Decker is  offering the exact same specifications at an affordable price. The price is not cheap but can be considered as easily affordable . The best part is that it only needs one motor instead of two to accommodate swivel functionality.

Despite being a heavy duty vacuum cleaner the weight of the machine in nominal that is only 8.8 pounds. It has a large dust bag that can store about 2L of dirt and debris. The easy to empty dust bag makes it cost effective and economical. Filters are also washable to maintain optimal hygienic conditions. Additional tools provided include two in crevice tool which helps to reach difficult areas such as roof tops and underneath the furniture. The swivel steering allows easy and maximum maneuverability around furniture, a distinct feature that makes life easy and comfortable. The user friendly handle makes it ideal to use for all age groups.


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  • An economical, lightweight and efficient vacuum that suits almost all environments.
  • It uses one motor instead of two for swivel functionality.
  • A large dust bag of 2L collect huge amount of dirt and debris.
  • HEPA filters trap all the allergens and germs.


  • Needs effort to push when vacuuming on high pile carpets.

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  • 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass By BISSELL 

DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner


BISSELL 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum offers extraordinary specifications in  unbelievably affordable price! The vacuum is available in four different colors so you can choose one that complements your interiors. Due to its lightweight and powerful design, you can even push or carry it around the house. The Bissell 9595A clean view Bagless Vacuum features One Pass technology.

It has excellent suction power and innovative brush design. The duration of the suction power can not be doubted because of the Cyclonic system. And the brush roll is designed to reach the deepest layer of carpets. It is also provided with additional tools to help in detailed cleaning sessions such as Turbobrush tool for staircases and upholstery , crevice tool for hard to reach areas and bottoms of head boards. Even the delicate of the decors can be dusted and cleaned through the gentle dusting brush. It comes with an easy to clean dirt bag that saves the additional money for purchasing dirt bags the tank filter is made up of foam which can be washed occasionally.






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  • It is a lightweight and portable vacuum.
  • Cyclonic system provides powerful suction that sucks dirt and debris completely.
  • Innovative brush roll design helps to reach the deepest layer of carpets.
  • Removable dirt bag makes it pocket friendly.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty cleaning.
  • A bit noisy when the dirt bag is full.

  • LLC Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner By Zenith Technologies 

LLC Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner-1

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A room carpeted with soft fiber carpet emits a royal aura. It gives a luxurious and fancy feel the moment you step in. This plays a vital role in toning down the mood of the visitor. Soft carpets are considered as high rated investment in flooring. Thus to maintain it special care is required. Cleaning soft carpets is a delicate task. The elegance and silky touch of the carpets determine their price. So it is a must to invest in a good vacuum to clean soft and delicate. The Soniclean soft carpet vacuum by Zenith technologies is the ultimate solution for cleaning soft carpets. The machine practice sonic clean technology that helps dislodging the dirt by rotating the sonic bars at the rate of 200/sec. The sonic bars are located in the bottom of the vacuum.

It not only increases the cleaning capacity but the soft bristles of brush roll prevents the delicate fibers from damage. It is designed to glide through the plushiest if carpets with the help of large wheels. It also has a digitally controlled multispeed motor that functions according to the cleaning requirement and floor type. The health grade HEPA filter bags capture all kind if allergens, germs and dirt to provide hygienic and healthy environment. The long 35 ft cord allows free mobility and maneuverability. The vacuum shuts down automatically if the brush roll jams preventing the machine from damaging. Last but not the least the fragrance emitting feature freshens your room air every time you vacuum it.


  • A lightweight vacuum specially designed to clean soft carpets.
  • The sonic technology cleans the carpet in depth with out damaging the soft fibers.
  • Comes with HEPA filter which provides germ free environment.
  • Releases fragrance on vacuuming every time.
  • The 35 ft. long cord provides easy access to every corner of the room.


  • Not suitable for low pile mat carpets.
  • The filter bags needs to be changed occasionally.

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  • Buying Guide
  • Why to choose the  carpet vacuum cleaners ? 

Today’s market provides a wide variety of carpets ranging from  thick to thin and printed to plain carpets. Perhaps, this easy availability accounts for the fact that the majority of houses have at least one carpeted floor. Unfortunately, this also means that a greater number of people have encountered the problem of cleaning their carpets thoroughly. 

Different other methods of cleaning like sweeping with a broom are unable to access the depth of carpets where lies the dirt in abundance. This results in a dirty house and  spread of diseases despite, the numerous times a person has cleaned . Therefore, equipping your cleaning arsenal with carpet vacuums can provide a cleaner house in a single go!  With their powerful suction and compact design, one can attain a better indoor room quality without exerting much effort. 

Consequently, the name of a carpet vacuum cleaner may promote the thought that they are only designed to clean carpets. However, a deeper examination of their functions suggests that they are capable of so much more!

  A carpet vacuum cleaner can effectively clean wooden and other types of floorings too.  Currently, you may not have a carpeted floor but you may have it in the future. Thus, purchasing a carpet vacuum cleaner is surely worth an investment!

  • Things to consider! 

With numerous models and companies of carpet vacuum cleaners present in the market, one may be easily confused about which one to select. This confusion often leads to disastrous decisions where one realizes the fact later that the choice was wrong. In order to avoid such chaotic situation, here we have summed up a few key factors to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect carpet vacuum cleaner. 

  • Upright or Canister ? 

There are different types of carpet vacuum cleaners available but the most common ones are upright and canister. Both these types have their own advantages and drawbacks. An upright vacuum cleaner is a easy to store machine with its single unit body whereas a canister may require a proper place. On the other hand, a canister vacuum is easier to carry along and move according to the cleaning area whereas the heavy upright may limit this accessibility .

  • Bag or Bagless?

After selection of the type of carpet vacuum, you need to select from either bagged or bagless. A bagged vacuum has a higher maintenance cost due to the need to purchase monthly plastic bags and in some cases stock pile them. Whereas, the bagless vacuum cleaners have removable dust cups which can be emptied and replaced after every use. However, remember that this emptying process often results in  dust escaping back into the room .

  • Dirt Capacity 

If you choose to buy a bagless carpet vacuum cleaner then ensure to choose one with more dust capacity. Otherwise, you’ll have to empty the cup after every few passes of a single room! 

  • Cord or Cordless? 

A further specification in vacuum cleaners requires decision between cord and cordless. A majority of people prefers cordless because it allows better maneuverability and movement. However, the cleaning time is restricted by the battery life so you need to be faster and quicker. While purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner, make sure to select one with a long lasting battery life. 

On the other side, an increased cord length of corded vacuums can also provide better movement without compromising on the cleaning time. 

  • Filtration 

Filtration system is an important part of the vacuum cleaner which determines the efficiency of indoor room quality. A vacuum cleaner equipped with better filter is likely to clean the atmosphere with finest of dust particles , pollutants and allergens. Different  vacuums are installed with different filters like HEPA, micro fresh, scented and wash /dry. However, only HEPA has proven to provide an excellent cleaning filter. 

  • Suction Force 

When going through a vacuum cleaner’s features, remember to check the suction force. It determines the cleaning performance of a vacuum cleaner and a higher suction force means a better cleaning performance. 

  • Cleaning Path 

This feature refers to the maximum area cleaned under a single pass of vacuum cleaner. A wider cleaning path results in quicker cleaning time, therefore, select a vacuum with wider brush head. 

  • Attachments 

Different models of vacuum come with different attachments and while some have additional advanced attachments, there are some basic attachments that are included in all models. When purchasing a vacuum, ensure that it has the following basic attachments ; a crevice tool, a dusting brush , a hose,  a turbo brush and an extension wand. Attachments are necessary tools which are used to clean more than just floor like upholstery, furniture and windows. 

  • Style and Design

Choosing a compact and lightweight design of vacuum cleaner is a wiser decision as it prevents storage issues and enhances portability. Besides a lightweight vacuum has its own benefits like it prevents health problems and people of all ages can use it without the risk of falling over the vacuum. Toddlers can learn to clean their own mess and elderly people can reduce dependence on others.

  • Price

The cost of carpet vacuum cleaners is going to increase with the features included, the design and the brand name. However, to ensure a persistent excellent indoor room quality and peaceful life, it is better to invest in a better carpet vacuum cleaner once rather than investing again and again. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Is shampooing a carpet an alternative to vacuum cleaning? 

No, the process of shampooing a carpet and vacuum cleaning must not be confused as alternatives in any circumstance. Both these methods have different objectives, procedure and results. Shampooing is done to remove the stains and improve the quality of fabric whereas vacuum cleaning is done to remove dirt from the carpet. Moreover, shampooing unlike vacuuming can not be everyday but only monthly. 

To shampoo a carpet ,first prepare a diluted shampoo solution in a bucket and using a mop spread it on the carpet. Then, let it dry and afterwards vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly. 

  1. Which type of carpet is most easiest to clean ?

There is a vast pool of variety available in types of carpets, however, the most easiest one to clean are low piled mat carpets. 

  • Conclusion 

Dirt, debris and dirt particles tend to find shelter in thick carpets. The dirt is deeply embedded in the carpet fibers which seems almost impossible to  get rid of. On top of that, the hair knots and clots also get stuck on the edges of the carpet.

It seems as if it is hardly possible to keep a carpeted room with lots of traffic, spotless and clean. However, one could only consider that statement logical if he is unaware of the remarkable invention; Carpet Vacuum Cleaner. A carpet vacuum cleaner keeps your fancy carpet clean and sparkling all the time, if used properly. 

Just make sure you consider all the essential features in a vacuum before purchasing one, in accordance with the material of your carpet. If your carpet is manufactured from synthetic materials, it is better to treat it with an antistatic agent before cleaning it with a vacuum. This will aid the cleaning process and increase the lifespan of your carpet.

However, if your carpet is manufactured for natural materials like wool, cleaning it with long-bristle tools will give better results. 

What’s even more, these incredible carpet vacuum cleaners ensure the comfort and safety of your loved ones. 

  • Call to Action 

Mankind has been attracted to an easy and comfortable life ever since it first evolved in to what we call a modern man. In order to achieve its objective, man has changed and transformed everything around itself to provide maximum convenience whether it be connecting to another individual across the oceans via phone or attaining  excellent indoor room quality through best carpet vacuum cleaner. The above listed carpet vacuum cleaners have been selected from the bests of best. They have not only received overwhelmingly positive response but possess better features than other vacuum cleaners in the same category. Therefore, modify your cleaning gear with these carpet cleaners and bring comfort into your life! 


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