AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Air Purifier Review

AllerAir Air Purifier reviews the product quality and basic features of the air filter and about HEPA filter technology. The 40 odd, different carbon filters in the various AllerAir air purifiers lasts longer than the other competitors. Let’s find out more about these air purifiers. AllerAir air purifiers came up as a necessity when one of the founder’s close family members was diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity. It is now serving millions of people to ease the discomforts of the impure air. The AllerAir air purifiers have now become a leading brand that keeps the indoor air clean.

AllerAir Air Purifier for General Purpose, Industrial & Heavy Duty Air Cleaning

They are in use for residential and commercial purposes. You can find numerous varieties of air purifiers that serve different purposes from clearing the dust mites by scrubbing the air clean of all bad odors.

Features of AllerAir air purifiers

AllerAir Air Purifier

Since the report of highly polluted world cities, the sale of air purifiers, in general, has shot up. You can find many brands of air purifiers on the market. It can make you quite confusing as to which one to buy. Apart from nailing the choice to the need in hand, you need to know the specifics of each brand of air purifiers. Here are the prominent features of AllerAir air purifiers, shouting at you, why you need to zero in on this brand.

Super HEPA filter & AllerAir Purifiers

What makes the huge difference for AllerAir air purifiers from others is its SuperHEPA.

  • The SuperHEPA filter uses a medical-grade filtration system that has advanced filtering options.
  • The SuperHEPA filter is stronger and more flexible than the otherwise rigid HEPA filters.
  • The flexible material of this SuperHEPA filter is tightly bound around without using any kind of binder.
  • It also lacks the health hazard, borosilicate in its making.
  • SuperHEPA filter does not have to off-gas. There is no polymer used, and the filter is wrapped around the carbon filter without any additional materials.

Carbon filters

The activated carbon filter is the core of the AllerAir air purifiers. It is highly effective in cleaning the air and offers more surface area for cleaning more air in a given time. The carbon filters are made in different combinations to eliminate VOCs, smoke, tobacco, chemicals, etc.

UV filter as an additional option

AllerAir air purifiers can also have an additional layer of UV germicidal irradiation to kill maximum germs from the air. This filter layer is not available default with the air purifiers. It works using the UV lights that emit electromagnetic radiation to remove the germs. The lights used here is mercury lamps with UV radiation wavelength.


As like most air purifiers, AllerAir air purifiers also carry the pre-filter to catch the larger sized air pollutants. It sustains the life of the inner filtering layers and makes their work more efficient.

Types of AllerAir air purifiers

The air purifiers are different from the main purpose they work for. There also are larger air purifiers for larger area coverage, small and portable air purifiers for residential uses, and the huge ones for industrial air purification. AllerAir offers all types of air purifiers that are useful for general purposes, asthma, allergy, odor, and chemical control, smoke, mold, vehicle air purification, for people with MCS, travel air purifiers, volcanic smog barriers, etc.

There are as many as 6 AllerAir air purifier model series. There is also an additional category of the industrial air purification system.

AllerAir air purifier AirMed Series

AllerAir air purifier AirMed series is the smaller and portable air purifiers that are suitable for small rooms and travels. It is perfect for small-sized rooms, kitchens, closets, cubicles, etc. There are 5 AllerAir air purifier models in this series.

  1. AirMed 1 MG is suitable for smaller rooms up to 1780 sq inches coverage. It is available in white color for the metal casing and two options for the carbon filter combination. You can choose either the Executive option or the VOC Carb option. You can add the UV filter if you want. This cylindrically shaped air purifier weighs only 14 lbs and has a size of 16 x 11 inches. The fan works on multiple speeds and works low on sound.
  2. AirMed 1 MG Supreme is larger in size, with 19 x 11 inches in height and diameter. It has more surface area on the carbon filter and can cover a larger area as well. The color and filter options are the same as the base model. This is just larger in size, weighs higher, and covers more space. It gives you better air cleaning than the base model can.
  3. AirMed 3 is a heavy-duty air purifier while still staying to be compact and portable. It can remove more of the chemicals and pollutants from the air. The air purifier is 16 inches in height and 11 inches in diameter. The air cleaner uses 3 inches of the carbon filter, and the air purifier weighs a total of 20 lbs.
  4. AirMed 3 Supreme is one step ahead with a larger carbon filter area to remove more pollutants in a shorter period. It is larger than the AirMed 3, at 19 inches in height, and weighing about 25 lbs.
  5. AirMed 3 Tower: If you are looking for a slim and compact air purifier, it is the AirMed 3 Tower. It is available only in red color. The carbon filter in this system is larger at 36 lbs. It is 11 inches in diameter and 37 inches in height. It weighs 54 lbs and is on the heavier side. There is a handle provided for portability.

AllerAir air purifier AirMedic Pro 4 Series

  1. AllerAir AirMedic Pro 4 series or AllerAir 4000 series has the mid-size air purifiers. It is suitable for homes or offices that are just about 1200 sq ft. There are six models in this series with the Exec, VOCcarb, or a custom blend of filters for these air purifiers. The available colors are black and sandstone. You can add the UV germicidal light for extra cleansing.
  2. AirMedic Pro 4 D offers deep carbon air filtration with 3 inches of carbon. There are three fan speeds for the model that is available in black and sandstone colors. The size is 17.5 inches in height and 15 inches diameter. It weighs 40 lbs. The unit has maneuverability with the help of 4 wheels that are 2 inches in diameter. The two options here are AirMedic Pro 4 D Execand AirMedic Pro 4 D Vocarb.
  3. AirMedic Pro 4DX offers a mover coverage area on the carbon filter for extra cleaning. The other features are the same as the AirMedic Pro 4 D model. This is 43 lbs in weight for the extra carbon in it. The two options here are, AirMedic Pro 4 DX Exec and AirMedic Pro 4 DX Vocarb.
  4. AirMedic Pro 4 is the simplest in this series. The carbon filter is just 2.5 inches in thickness and has less coverage than the other two models. The portability, size, color options, and fan speed are all the same, specific for this series. This AirMedic Pro 4 model weighs only 35 lbs, the lightest of all. The two options are exec and Vocarb for this model.

AllerAir air purifier AirMedic Pro 5 Series

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The AirMedic Pro 5 Series or the formerly AllerAir 5000 series, offers variety with the air purifiers. You can have the HEPA only essential air purifiers or the thorough filtering options with larger carbon filters. You can get the air purifiers in different colors as well. The AllerAir air purifiers in the AirMedic Pro 5 series take in the impure air from the bottom, which leaves most of the surface around the filter to have better accessibility.

These air purifiers are used for general purpose, removal of allergens, chemicals, VOCs, etc. You can also have the option of just HEPA or the SuperHEPA filters in it. The air purifiers are portable with the help of 4 wheels attached to them. All of them are cylindrical, with a diameter of 15 inches. They vary only in their height and weight. There are a total of 12 models in this series.

  1. AirMedic Pro 5 Plus is useful for general purpose air cleansing. It has a 3-inch thick carbon filter. It sizes up to 39 lbs in weight and 20.5 inches in height.
  2. AirMedic Pro 5 Plus W has a unique feature of a flexible hose. The hose can be used to capture the air pollutants from its source. You don’t have to wait for them to airborne and then come into the air purifier.
  3. AirMedic Pro 5 HD is another of the general-purpose air cleaner that has 3.5 inches of the carbon filter and larger surface area.
  4. AirMedic Pro 5 HDS is specifically for tobacco smoke and smell. It removes all the lingering smoke smell and chemicals from the air. The carbon filter is 3.5 inches deep.
  5. AirMedic Pro 5 Ultra is suitable for the indoors where the chemical presence can be comparatively higher. The ‘ultra’ refers to the 5 inches thick carbon filter that does a thorough job of eliminating the odors and chemicals. The VOCs in the air don’t stand a chance against this filter.
  6. AirMedic Pro 5 Ultra VOG is suitable for those who live near a volcano or are frequently exposed to volcanic smog. This air purifier removes all traces of the chemicals, smoke, and fine particles in the air from a volcanic eruption.
  7. AirMedic Pro 5 Ultra S is specific for the tobacco smoke. It has 5-inch thick carbon to remove all toxins and chemicals associated with tobacco smoke. It is suitable for the smoky and oily areas.
  8. AirMedic Pro 5 HD MCS is a heavy-duty version of the air purifier that removes stubborn chemicals from the air. People with MCS can benefit highly with this air purifier.
  9. AirMedic Pro 5 Plus VOG: This is an effective air purifier for smaller rooms that are exposed to the volcanic organic gases like sulfur dioxide and other toxins. It can also remove the common chemicals, gases, and odor from the air.
  10. AirMedic Pro 5 MG uses 4-inch thick carbon filter for the general air cleaning purpose. It can remove the VOCs and other common airborne chemicals and pollutants.
  11. AirMedic Pro 5 MG HEPA only has only the HEPA filter and no carbon filter in it. It scrubs the air to remove the common allergens and dust. It is not effective for odor removal.
  12. AirMedic Pro 5 MG MCS Supreme is a specific air purifier to help those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It has a larger carbon filter of 2 inches thick and a medical-grade HEPA filter to remove all traces of the chemicals in the air.

AllerAir air purifier AirMedic Pro6 Series

AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 or AllerAir 6000 series of air purifiers use heavier carbon for the filtration process. They are portable with four wheels. The thickness of the carbon filter varies from one another. They are also available in different color options to choose from. They are all cylindrical in shape and have a diameter of 15 inches.

  1. AirMedic Pro 6 HD is suitable for the indoor environment that has a heavier amount of chemicals and odors.
  2. AirMedic Pro 6 HDS is much more effective in removing the tobacco smoke and smell, along with the other chemicals from the air.
  3. AirMedic Pro 6 MG uses a medical-grade HEPA filter and carbon filter. It removes the general air pollutants from the air.
  4. AirMedic Pro 6 Plus is a general-purpose air purifier that is effective for chemicals and VOCs
  5. AirMedic Pro 6 Plus W Vocarb is a thorough air purifier with a flexible hose. It can take the pollutants from the source and remove them permanently. It’s suitable for homes with pets, too many furnishings or vinyl.
  6. AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra uses 5 inches deep and more massive carbon filter for the ultra air scrubbing.
  7. AirMedic Pro 6 Ultra S uses the same method to remove the tobacco and smoke smell as well.

AllerAir air purifier Vehicle series

The AllerAir Vehicle series offer the air purification system to clean the circulating air inside the vehicles. It is suitable for the cars, cabin in the RVs, truck, etc. The powerful air purifier can remove the chemicals, tobacco, smoke, VOCs, and stubborn air pollutants. It can be attached to the underside of the seat in the preferred area. It has Velcro to keep it sturdy and can attach to the seat. You need to plug it into the 12V DC outlet.

The model’s name is MobileAir. The AllerAir MobileAir air purifier can have the filter option of Exec or Vocarb. It is portable and can use in all types of vehicles. It has only one speed for the fan. The size is 10 x 8 x 2.6 inches for the rectangle-shaped box. It weighs only 4 lbs.

AllerAir air purifier Hair/Nail Salon Series

Hair or nail saloons can be refreshing for the nails and hair, but the chemicals used for this comfort can leave their mark for a long time. Breathing the same air as these chemicals can have immediate allergic reactions in many. AllerAir offers these specific air purifiers to remove the chemicals and toxins from the air of such salons. It can remove hazardous chemicals and gases and keep the air inside healthy and fresh.

The commonly used nail polishes, nail polish remover, artificial nail liquids, glues used for fixing the nails, nail primer and hardener, etc emit countless harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene, etc. The salon series air purifiers from AllerAir help remove them from the air. There are four models to choose from.

  • Salon Pro 5 plus
  • Salon Pro 5 Ultra
  • Salon Pro 6 Plus
  • Salon Pro 6 Ultra

These are the air purifiers that capture the chemicals and pollutants from the source. They all are equipped with the flexible hose to keep them near the working area. It can remove the pollutants right when the manicure or pedicure is happening so that it does not spread in the air.

AllerAir air purifiers replacement filters and accessories

The filters inside the AllerAir air purifiers are not permanent. They have a lifespan of which you need the replacements. Each filter type has a specific period of life.

  • Carbon filter- 2-5 yrs
  • HEPA- 2 years
  • Pre-filter 3 months
  • UV lamp every year

This is the maximum life for each filter. It can also be shorter, depending on the air quality. You can get these replacement filters easily online. You just need to be specific about the model. Since each model of the AllerAir air purifier is different, you need to get the right kind of filters. You can find the code names for each filter, along with the product manual.
The accessories and different parts are also available. You need to find the specific codes for each of these as well. When purchasing the replacement parts, you need to fill in an application form at the AllerAir store with relevant details.

  • The biggest advantage of the AllerAir air purifier is that it causes no off-gassing. The metallic body has gone well with many users. They liked it better than the plastic casing and parts of other brands.
  • The flexibility to choose from the various models is another of the high point. You can have the ideal kind of air purifier that works well for each type of space.
  • Right from the smallest closet to the larger halls, you will find the ideal kind of air purifier for the specific room as well as for the specific purpose.
  • AllerAir air purifiers are capable of removing the most stubborn smoke, smell, and the kind of air pollutants.
  • The flexible hose to take the pollutants from the source is another of the advantageous feature.
  • This prevents the spread of the pollutants to the other parts of the room.
  • Filter replacement is a bit tough. You need to open it from the bottom. It is not from the top.
  • Price is another concern. As much as you get flexibility and choice with the AllerAir air purifier, you can find air purifiers from other brands at a cheaper rate, at least for the general purpose.
  • Some users have the opinion that the cylindrical shape of the air purifiers makes it difficult to place them.
  • Space-saving is an issue with them for some.
  • The price of the replacement filters is also high. The filters together could cost half the price for some models.

AllerAir air purifier reviews

Annie says- “AllerAir air purifier is one seriously industrial machine. No plastic and no junk. IT is worth what it is paid for. It is long-lasting and reliable.”
Anonymous- “As much as the AllerAir air purifier is effective in removing the smoke, it is not suitable as a standalone air purifier. But it is much more effective than the work-all-the-time air purifiers.”
A user- “You can tell it’s working within a few hours. There is no dander or smell in the air any longer. The air feels fresh.”
Troy- “AllerAir air purifier works well for the painting studio.”

Where to buy AllerAir air purifiers

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AllerAir air purifiers are available online. You can buy it from online stores like Amazon, Allergybuyers, eBay, etc. You can easily get it directly from the makers as well. It is available in the USA, Canada, India, Japan, Australia, Europe, the UK, etc.

AllerAir air purifier price

The price of AllerAir air purifiers ranges from $299 – 1729. The Salon series is the most expensive. The price increases from the Pro 4 series to the Pro 6 series.
The replacement filters can cost from $100-400 for the carbon filters and downwards. The cost of each filter type and the accessories or parts is provided at the manufacturer’s site.

AllerAir air purifier Discounts, coupon codes

You can get discounts on the AllerAir air purifier’s purchase by applying the coupon codes and promo codes that are available online. You can enjoy as much as 30% off on the purchases.
AllerAir air purifier warranty

All the AllerAir air purifiers come with a warranty period of 1 year for the replacement parts. The labor is done for free for the higher models for up to 10 years. You get a chance to extend the warranty period further by an additional 3 years when you purchase the replacement filters from the makers, within the first three years. This is applicable to carbon and HEPA filters only. When you repeat the replacement filter purchase in the next three years, the warranty is extended again for that much longer.


Spring season is coming up. At the rate the air pollution is increasing across the world; a simple cleaning does not keep the indoors cleaner and safe. You need a thorough cleaning of the air purifiers as well. AllerAir air purifiers can deliver better cleaning with more carbon filter surface area with increased efficiency.