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Best Above Ground Pools Reviews

Best Above Ground Pools

A swimming pool in your backyard spells fun and togetherness for the family. Contrary to some belief that such pools are too expensive and a maintenance nightmare, the above-ground pools are extremely user-friendly and easy on the wallet. Typically, there are three configurations – In-Ground, On-Ground, and Above ground pools. In this buying guide, we will evaluate the Above ground swimming pools for you.

Best Above Ground Pools Reviews

Pool Size and Shape

Above ground pools are inflatable or portable and come in 3 distinct shapes—Round Oval and rectangular. However, the first and most important item in your check-list should be the pool type. This is dependent on the space available in your backyard and the likely number of users of this pool. Do make provisions for your kid’s friends and your extended family and friends, too, while deciding. Remember that, while oval and rectangular pools are more suited for narrow yards and lap swimming, the round ones are perennial favorites.

Three types of pools are differentiated by longevity and cost.

These are, Hard-sided pools: These have steel or aluminum frames with a vinyl liner. It has a durability of 15 to 30 years. It is semi-permanent in nature and comes in sizes of 12 feet to 36 feet. It can use any of the three filter systems, i.e., cartridge, sand or DE filters. It takes about two days to install and is relatively expensive.

Frame Pools:

These have sturdy steel frames and are quite durable. Can be easily dismantled, many renters prefer this option. It comes in 12 foot to 24-foot size, in a round and rectangular shape. It can be set up in an hour and is less expensive than the Hard-sided pools.

Ring pools:

Ring pools are essentially a vinyl pool with inflatable top ring. It is the easiest to use and can be easily taken down and stored during the winters. It comes in round and oval shapes and sizes from 5 feet to 20 feet. It is long-lasting as long it is used with care. It is the cheapest of the three pools. With regards to design, both round and oval pools have standard manufacture wall heights of 48″ or 52″ and round pools ranging from 15′ to 33′ diameters with 3’incremental sizes. Oval pools range from 10’x 18′ and 18′ to 39′, though you should know that oval pools occupy comparatively larger space and are not recommended when space in the backyard is at a premium.


As we discussed earlier, of the three materials that are used in pool construction, i.e., steel, aluminum, and resin. Steel is the cheapest, but would gradually rust. These have a typical ten years life. However, with modern vinyl-coated steel, life can be enhanced to even 30 years. Aluminum, on the other hand, is popular and can last 15-20 years. These pools usually have a lifetime warranty and have a 2″ thick, fully insulated wall. It is resistant to rust, is lightweight, and easier to assemble/disassemble. Resin construction pools are the costliest and the best material for pools. However, there is a possibility that these may crack in extreme weather.


The budget is a significant criterion in pool selection. But do remember that this is a significant investment, and quality is essential. You would surely not want to change the pool after some time, just because you chose a small size to fit the budget. Do add up the cost of accessories, fencing and decking, filters, test kits, heaters, and lights. All these add up to more than the cost of pools itself. Aluminum construction is the right choice if it is affordable since it assures lifetime utility. As a potential buyer, keep your alerts on, so bargain prices can be availed of in late summers or the fall season.


Almost all cities require owners of such pools to abide by the safety rules and precautions in force. Two of these are A 4′ high fence around an above-ground pool and an alarm buzzer installed on any exit door that leads to the pool area, so as to alert the owner. However, most cities also do not stipulate fencing if the pool wall height is 52,”, which has become the market norm. This then saves the cost of fencing too. Also, obtain the setback requirements in your city or town so as to conform to zoning codes.

Maintenance and Longevity

Filters are an essential part of the pool. These come in 3 varieties:

Sand Filter:

This is the oldest and commonest form of media in the filter. The media would need replacement every 3 to 5 years, depending upon the type used, ie, white silica or Zeobrite. Zeobrite filters the water to 3 microns compared to 25 microns for White silica. Hence a 3-micron filter is the best since water would be clear.

DE or Diatomaceous Earth Filter:

A very fine powder, which filters the water to 3 microns. Due to complicated maintenance issues, DE filters are usually not preferred.

Cartridge Element Filter:

The filter needs replacement every season and has an annual cost. Such filters clean the water to 10 to 15 microns. The filter should be cleaned every week with the water hose too. Thus, a sand filter is most preferred, since it has fewer hassles in Maintainance.


There is a wide range of accessories to choose from, depending on your budget and fancy. These could be heaters, which are gas-fired and extends the swimming season by about two months. Underwater lights are another beautiful accessory. It can be installed in a short time and can be run on solar or electric power. There are automatic pool cleaners that clean the pools quickly without any effort. Test Kits are, of course, an essential requirement to test the water quality at regular intervals. These come in liquid and strip forms. The color-coded strips are easier to use and recommended.


Self or a pool installer can do installations. Do remember that the installer must have a license so that they are responsible and state-regulated. Most pool installations can be done in 1 to 2 days at the most. An above-ground swimming pool is a dear investment, and this buying guide would educate you on the nuances of buying the pool suited to your requirement. (Q)

Bestway 56597E Pro MAX Above Ground Review

Bestway 56597E Pro MAX Above Ground, 14ft x 33in | Steel...
  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN: Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy...
  • SUPERIOR FRAME DESIGN: The pool frames are applied with a...
  • MADE TO LAST: A durable, yet lightweight PVC material...

The Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set is a 15-foot by a 48-inch frame that allows for constructing a simple swimming pool in any backyard. Pool set up could be done in under an hour and can immediately be used. The metal frame is durable and rust-resistant and is wrapped in heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply walls. Draining the pool is controlled by the attached flow control drain valve. This valve can be attached to garden hoses and can be drained away at home. The set includes an 800-gallon filter pump and filter cartridge, a repair patch, and a DVD detailing pool setup and maintenance.

The Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set Product Reviews

Almost all five reviews were unanimous with their praise for the product. The majority of the praise came from its price, as most regarded the selling price a bargain. The product was noted to be very easy to assemble, and it remained durable even after multiple uses. One positive review detailed the ease it took them to set up the product: the customer had already assembled his pool in less than an hour. In a shorter amount of time, he managed to fill up the pool with water, and afterward, the product was usable immediately. The other positive reviewers noted that the selling price was excellent with the quality of their product.

There was one reviewer that was critical of the product. Unlike the other four reviews, the remarks centered on customer service. The customer complained of the slowness of the response from the company. After contacting them, the reviewer was never contacted again. The pool was in good shape, but the pump was not functioning well.

Most of the reviewers also reviewed other products that had something to do with the pool set. In particular, a pool ground cloth was the most commonly bought product along with the set. However, reviews of that product were mediocre at best. Other items that they bought along with the pool set include various pool cleaners and filter pumps.

Overall, the Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set has given great customer satisfaction. The pool set has appealed to nearly all of its buyers and has proven to be well worth its price. The product was deemed easy to ship and easy to assemble. Upon assembly, the pool could be used immediately, and there have been no complaints about its strength and sturdiness. Though there was a negative review, it was centered on customer service and could be considered an isolated case.

The Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set is an excellent product. It would make a good accent to any backyard and can be enjoyed by the customer. With its discounted price and ease of shipping, the pool set definitely exceeds expectations. Availability may be the only issue, since, as of this writing, there is only one unit left.

Bestway Steel Pro Round Frame Pool Set Product Features

  • Size: 15-Foot by 48-Inch
  • Measures 15 feet in diameter x 48 inches high
  • Includes 800 Gallon Filter Pump and Filter Cartridge so the pool can be used after set up
  • Heavy Duty PVC Repair Patch Kit included
  • Includes DVD detailing pool set up and maintenance
  • Flow control drain valve for easy draining. Valve attaches to garden hose so water can be drained away from the pool area.

Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole Review

There is no better way to get rid of the sun’s heat, bond with your family and friends, or just have a couple of minutes of relaxation than to go for a dip in your very own swimming pool. While some can afford to have a real one in their place, most of us just cannot afford to maintain such a huge swimming pool. Gladly, there is an alternative for the common Joe and the average Jane – a “do it yourself swimming pool.”

They are those that you can buy from the store or online, install by yourself, and voila! You already have a swimming pool! Perhaps you can’t do lapses with it like a real pool, but it sure is enough to add some fun to the summer heat. The Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole is one of those pools. The question is, should you buy it instead of other similar products in the market?

The Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole is made of galvanized steel components. Its vinyl liner makes it usable all throughout the year regardless of the weather and the season. So you can climb the pool, it comes with a steel ladder that is made of galvanized steel as well. As its name suggests, it also comes with a porthole that is see-through. It is big enough to accommodate you and your family, along with some of your closest friends. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But before you get excited and purchase the product, let us first find out what those who have bought it in the past have to say about their purchase.

The reviews about the product are 50 – 50. It is quite confusing, in fact, because some gave it a 5-star rating and those that gave it a low one-star rating. There are no in-between ratings to balance it out. So why did some of the buyers fail the Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole in its ratings? Their primary complaint is the installation of the swimming pool. Many said that it is almost impossible to set it up by just following the instruction manual that comes with the purchase. In fact, they had to do many remedies and make shifts before they finally got the swimming pool to stand and work. If the flooring where you will place the pool is not flat, that posts another problem that requires digging to be solved. In short, this product is such a hassle to install.

So what are the good things about the Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole? The good news is once you have it installed, the problems that you will encounter are minor. It is pretty big, which makes it even more fun to just dive in. So if you have the patience to install, then you may consider this swimming pool.

Complete Pool 36″ Package with Port Hole Product Features

  • Size: 12′ Round
  • Strong painted hot-dipped galvanized steel components.
  • All-Weather Vinyl Liner that withstands everyday use all year round.
  • Galvanized steel ladder with molded resin steps.
  • All in one cartridge element Thru-the-Wall filtering system with wall skimmer and attached pump,
  • See-Thru Porthole

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool Review

Bestway Steel Pro 13' x 7' x 32' Rectangular Above Ground...
205 Reviews
Bestway Steel Pro 13' x 7' x 32" Rectangular Above Ground...
  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN: Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy...
  • SUPERIOR FRAME DESIGN: The 13' x 7' x 32" pool frame is...
  • BUILT TO LAST: A durable, yet lightweight PVC material...

You are looking for a unique but fun way to get some exercise at home? Forget about your cross-trainer, yoga mat, and treadmill. If you really want something different, check out FitMax’s Pool. This product brings the latest innovations in resistance swimming right to your doorstep. Whether you plan to use the pool indoors or outdoors, all you need is a flat, level area that is at least 14.5 by 11.5 feet. FitMax’s iPool functions as a mini version of a lap pool to get all the exercise you need in only 6 square meters of space. This way, you can have your resistance training conveniently at home whenever you want it.

The pool is made of durable, lightweight fabric lined with PVC coating for extra strength. When filled with water (approximately 1500 gallons of it), the total footprint users can enjoy roughly 10 feet by 6.5 feet, which is roughly the size of a minivan. What makes this product different from other above-ground pools? With the iPool, swimmers are harnessed by a Velcro strap that wraps around their waist. When strapped in, users exercise by moving around, boosting their heart rate, and working their muscles. This workout is suitable for new and experienced swimmers alike, and the strap fits all people with waistlines of 22 to 42 inches.

As soon as you get the iPool, the assembly will take around 30 minutes; then, you’re all set to go. Part of the installation includes setting up the filter pump system, which makes it easier for users to clean the pool. When not in use, the pool can be covered using the blanket included in the package. This minimizes humidity, especially when the pool is kept indoors. Resistance swimming in the iPool is a novel way of getting exercise, and it will definitely be a refreshing way to do so during hot summer days.

The iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool Reviews

Although many reviewers admitted to being skeptical about the iPool at first, this product has gotten rave reviews from customers. Owners of the product feel that it is an innovative workaround for those who are unable to have their own full-fledged pools at home. While the pool can cost around a thousand dollars, customers were more than delighted with this great price.

Reviewers also left positive feedback on FitMax’s superb customer service. The owner personally handles complaints and queries so that users can expect someone friendly and knowledgeable at the other end of the line. Users recommend purchasing the matching heater, which is sold separately, for those who intend to use the iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool either indoors or in colder climates. The heater, however, will be trickier to install, as it requires a 220-volt power hookup. Some reviewers saved themselves the hassle by hiring an electrician, but others saved some cash by doing it themselves.

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool Features

  • Lightweight but tough material offers both durability and convenience
  • The easy installation process takes half an hour only
  • Limited warranty for both pool and filter offers great value to buyers
  • Filter pump system makes cleaning and maintenance extra easy

Summer Escapes Pro Series 16-Foot-by-48-Inch Frame Pool Review

Summer Waves 10ft x 30in Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming...
  • SIZE: This round pool measures 10 foot by 30 inches deep
  • MATERIAL: Made of a durable triple layer polyester mesh and...

There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing during lazy summer weekends than taking out the pool set and hanging out in the yard—that is if you already have a pool set. If you don’t, then what are you waiting for? Since summer is fast approaching, you might want to consider getting your hands on Summer Escapes’ Pool Pro Series. It may be a considerable investment, but your family and neighbors will thank you for this thoughtful decision when the heatwave arrives.

Summer Escapes’ Pro Series pool frame has a 16-foot diameter, so owners can enjoy an area of roughly 200 sq. Feet. With this much space, you and your friends will fit comfortably in the pool. On the other hand, the frame isn’t too large to become an inconvenience when you are trying to transfer it elsewhere. Children and elders alike should have no difficulty in getting into the pool, as the pool set already includes a complimentary safety ladder. Its framed barriers also add to the pool’s walls’ strength, so users can easily lean against the surface.

A pool cover specifically manufactured for Summer Escapes Pro Series 16-Foot-by-48-Inch Frame Pool can be purchased separately when you won’t be using your pool. Alternatively, you can choose to disassemble the frame pool. However, with its efficient use of space, you probably won’t have to, as the Pro Series pool frame is a handy product to have at home.

The Summer Escapes Pro Series 16-Foot-by-48-Inch Frame Pool Reviews

People who bought this product were disappointed with the quality that they received, most of which center around the pool’s weak and faulty pump. Reviewers say that the pump works for the first few times, but is not even powerful enough to function properly. As a result, water in the pool is not sufficiently filtered. After a while, though, most customers’ filtering pumps stopped working altogether. This is certainly not something any potential customer would want to hear and is reason enough to think twice about buying the product.

To add, customer service from Summer Escapes is poor. Reviewers who bothered to call the company’s customer service number were put on hold and were not given proper attention, given that the product they received were huge failures. A minor problem raised by another reviewer is that the product’s manufacturer provides images of a blue swimming pool, whereas the buyer received a tan-colored product. Although the color may not be a deal-breaker, it certainly does send warning signals as to the company’s professionalism, as the customer was never informed about the discrepancy in color.

Summer Escapes Pro Series 16-Foot-by-48-Inch Frame Pool Features.

  • Family size fits everyone comfortably with its 200-sq. foot area
  • SFS1000 filtering pump is equipped with GFCI for extra safety
  • 16-foot diameter is the perfect size for users’ lawn
  • Safety barrier and matching ladder are easy to set up

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