Hoover PowerDash Pet Vacuum FH50700 Reviews, Pros, Cons

Or can you? Well, thank us later for this, but you certainly can. With Hoover Powerdash Pet fh50700, you can clean your room, lounge, or even the entire house in only 10-15  minutes. Perhaps, it’s the speedy and powerful action of this pet hair vacuum that earned it a prominent position in the leading pet hair vacuums of the present times. Let’s learn more about this phenomenal pet hair vacuum!

It’s a breezy, sunny morning, and you wake up to the alarm feeling enthralled by the upcoming day engagement. The special guests are coming to your home on lunch, and you have worked hard the previous day preparing dishes and deciding the menu. You feel tired by sweeping the floor and dusting the furniture yesterday, but the excitement seems to be overwhelming. Today is going to be the best day, and you will surely impress your visitors! As you walk to your closet to select a dress, suddenly, you remember that your precious Golden Retriever might be hungry. Oh my! How can I forget to feed him first?! The thought wanders your mind as you fill his bowl with bone-shaped biscuits.

Hoover Powerdash Pet fh50700 For Floors & Carpet Cleaning

Bye pal, I need to get ready. You wave to your best furry buddy and return your room. Searching through your wardrobe, you come across a beautiful black dress with delicate white lacing designing the hem. It is perfect for the occasion. Glad by the selection, you place it on the bed as you move on to accessories. After a while, you return to the dress, planning to try it out, when a few golden lines on the dress catch your attention. Curious, you pinch those lines, picking up the bunch of them in your hand, and bringing it close to your eyes-Pet Hair! The horror of the realization forms a knot in your throat as you look around the room. The bed, the sofa chairs, the upholstery, the thick carpet flooring-all covered in a blanket of golden pet hair. No, no, no, not right now! Who’s got the time? You can’t clean the whole house all over again in an hour.

2x More Cleaning Power Vacuum Cleaner

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About product

Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 has never failed to satisfy its customers. Hoover first got established more than a century ago and has been facilitating its customers with its best designs ever since.

Hoover manufactures easy-to-use and super-powerful vacuum cleaners so that cleaning your house from top to bottom is easier than ever for you. A leader in the floor-care industry, Hoover’s story dates back to 1907. When a janitor with an asthma problem, Murray Spangler, decided to do something to deal with the dust that increased hod asthma as he swept.

As a result, Spangler invented a ‘suction sweeper’ made up from a fan, tin soap box, a sateen pillowcase, and a broom handle. The sturdy machine managed to pull the dust away from the air he breathed in as he swept. Soon, Murray realized that this machine had excellent sales potential and began seeking financial backing. A year later, in 1908,  W.H ‘Boss’ Hoover (owner of a leather goods manufacturing shop) partnered with him. Soon, they had six employees who assembled six units a day each.  After placing ads, ‘Boss’ Hoover received a good response. In each city, he chose a reputable store so that consumers could purchase the cleaner from there.

Store managers were permitted to keep the commission from the sales and then were allowed to become a Hoover Vacuum Dealer. In this way, the groundwork for national dealer networks was laid, which, to date, plays an essential role in the distribution of Hoover Products.

Years passed by, and the business flourished and expanded. The quality kept increasing, and by 1926, the very first version if the beater bar got introduced. Today, the much-improvised version of the beater bar still gets used in many Hoover products.  After years of building trust and providing high-quality vacuums to its consumers, Hoover is now one of the leading brands in this industry.

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Hoover engineers strive to provide consumers with the most convenient and innovative features available such as; a disposable paper bag, vacuum cleaner headlight, self-propelled feature, side-mount feature, and a lot more. Offering a comprehensive line of cleaners for both general and special-purpose cleaning, Hoover offers a large variety of cleaners ranging from large size uprights and canisters to deep cleaners and hard floor cleaners. Hoover Power Dash Pet Carpet Cleaner FH50700 is yet another innovative, amazing, and merely convenient product by Hoover. Cleaning Carpets have never been so easier for pet owners!

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700

Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, FH50700-

Body & Design

Hoover Powerdash Pet Carpet Cleaner Model FH50700- The epitome of versatility and efficiency. Along with some extraordinary technical specifications, the Hoover Power Dash pet hair vacuum has a compact and convenient structure.

It measures only 15.2” by 10.1” by 43.5” and weighs about 12.5 lbs. Such lightweight and compact dimensions increase the portability of the Hoover Power Dash Carpet Cleaner. It is almost as portable and convenient to handle as a handheld vacuum, but it is far much more powerful. From children to adults, almost anyone and everyone can carry it not only across rooms but from one floor to another as well. Also, it makes the model easy to store.

The 20 foot-long cord of this pet hair vacuum can be easily wrapped around the unit for easier storage.  The white and blue colored body of the vacuum cleaner, coupled with its smooth, polished exterior, gives a neat and tidy impression.

Power & Performance

2x More Cleaning Power Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Power Dash FH50700 is known for its exceptionally powerful performance. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hoover Powerdash complete carpet cleaner picks every particle of dust and every strand of pet/human hair. The unit’s suction system is operated by a seven-ampere motor that brings about impressive airflow and rotation of the beater brush. The vacuum draws only 840 watts of power. Hence, the Hoover Power Dash Pet cleaner is one of the most efficient pet hair vacuums of the present times.

Another feature that will certainly lower the figures on your electricity bill is the absence of hose or other unnecessary attachments. It helps to keep the suction-power optimized at all times while ensuring energy-efficient cleaning. For some, the lack of hose and other attachments might not be much good news. That’s because it is one of the basic expectations that people have from the latest pet hair vacuums. However, we assure you, it’s a fair trade.

Since particles and pet hair collected while vacuuming can reduce the efficiency of the vacuum if they reach the motor, Hoover has installed a filter at the foot, below the water tank. It keeps the collected dirt and debris away from the motor and guarantees better performance as well as a longer lifespan of this pet hair vacuum.

An additional feature in this vacuum is the presence of two separate water tanks. One of them, the 0.50-gallon clean water tank, is situated near the handle. It has two lines to help the user measure the amount of water and cleaning solution placed in the tank. While the other forms a major part of the base of the vacuum. It is known as the dirty water tank. The dirty water tank contains dirt collected from carpet dissolved in water. Collectively, the dual tanks offer enhanced efficiency.

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Moreover, the Hoover Power Dash Model-FH50700 features Heat Force Technology. Due to this unique incorporation of advanced technology, the vacuum can clean stubborn stains, kill bacteria, and dry the carpet in no time. Often we are not only troubled by the hair bunches of our furry pals but their other mischievous acts. Let’s say, while playing with a ball, they may get so excited that they trip over the glass of juice sitting at the table. As a result, our precious carpets get hideously stained.

It can help you to remove rid of these ugly stains; the vacuum provides Heat Cleaning and Heat Drying. The heated cleaning keeps your carpets stain-free and hygienic, while Heated Drying uses warm air to dry the carpet faster and efficiently. As a result, it brings a cleaner and fresher look.

Ease of Use

Hoover Power Dash Pet Carpet Cleaner Model-FH50700 comes with a 20-foot long cord. When connected to the power source, the ample length of the cord allows one to move about the house easily. The user might not be able to cover extraordinarily long distances, but it can easily let you clean, let’s say, around the dining table without having to unplug the device. Also, the length allows trouble-free storage, as you can wrap it compactly.

Reading Hoover Power Dash reviews and official company description about the PowerSpin Pet Brush, we almost thought as if it was too much of a brag. But, after testing it by ourselves, we cannot help but admit that it is almost impossible to completely convey the convenience provided by the “PowerSpin” Pet Brush. The tip of the nozzle features a helical brush with soft yet high-quality bristles that serve their purpose in the best means. The bristles trap pet hair and dander efficiently and also possess anti-microbial properties.

The anti-microbial properties keep the house protected from any potential bacteria and germs.  As a result, it also maintains a fresh and clean air to breathe in.

Furthermore, the water tanks of this pet hair vacuum are easy to empty, rinse, and fill. The 0.5 gallon capacity of the water tank allows cleaning a whole room, or if the carpet has already been vacuumed, the entire house at a time. It might not be sufficient for larger areas. And the user may have to empty and rinse it again and again.

If you wish to switch the machine on or off, you only need to press the pedal that is situated at the back of the unit. The handle-reclining lever is also present at the same place, making it easier for the user to reach and operate.

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Attachments & Tools

If you’re worried about the storage of hoover Powerdash pet compact carpet cleaner parts, then here’s a piece of good news; everything’s on the unit! Yes, you read that right.

Unlike regular pet hair vacuums, the Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 Pet Cleaner happens to be an ultimate solution to all your problems. Along with guaranteeing the best cleaning, it ensures convenient storage. With everything on the unit and the elimination of unnecessary tools, you can avoid the mess!

However, the company offers two different cleaning solutions which you can purchase with the vacuum. The 32 Ounce Pet Stains Pretreat solution costs $8.99, while the 120 Ounce Pet Messes Carpet Cleaning Solutions costs $24.99. Both of these will help you in tackling the pet mess. What’s more, the unit also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee!

  • Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 has excellent suction power, which ensures efficient cleaning.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design that increases portability and also allows easy storage.
  • It is less time-taking as the Heat drying feature allows the carpet to dry fast in less time.
  • The pet carpet cleaner has a powered beater brush with antimicrobial protection so that your house is free of germs as well.
  • It is a low profile which allows you to clean furniture as well.
  • It is easy-to-use because of the fewer features it has. So, it is not much of a challenge for you to figure out the handling.
  • It has low capacity tanks, which makes it lightweight, but because of this feature, you might have to change/empty the tanks a lot.
  • The power cord is short, which makes it unsuitable for large houses.

Best Hoover PowerDash Carpet Cleaner

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, the pros of Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 compact carpet cleaner outweigh the cons. The pros are certain to benefit the consumer in all possible ways while you can easily take care of the possible drawbacks. The pet vacuum cleaner cleans efficiently, takes less time to dry, has antimicrobial property and, is easy-to-use. Also, it is portable and, you can easily use it to clean furniture as it is a low profile. In contrast, the only drawbacks are that it has low capacity tanks and a short power cord. There are several solutions for these issues, such as you can conveniently empty the containers (it is quite easy to do so) and make use of an extension to increase the cleaning length/ length of the cord.

Customer Reviews

“Perfect For Pet Owners”-Alexandra Haskell on Amazon

Judging by the look of it, Alexandra Haskell is a pretty straightforward individual. Although short, Alexandra’s review on Amazon was found helpful by 24 people.

Following the review, being the owner of a seven-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be tough when it comes to cleaning. You cannot always tell when your furry pal needs to go out, and this can result in a dirty carpet that’s difficult to clean. Alexandra used to rent rug doctors, but the drawbacks made her stop. They were costly, time-taking, and too difficult to carry.

Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 works better than any rug doctor, says Alexandra Haskell. In her short yet highly comprehensive review, Alexandra explains how lightweight and easily portable it is. She also praised its excellent suction power and how little amount of time it takes for the rug to dry. Alexandra further informs us, despite the pet hair, it was effortless to empty as well.

Conclusively, Alexandra rated the cleaner 5-stars and has nothing except praise for it.

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Most Helpful Positive Review on Walmart

CrystalD wrote the most helpful favorable review on Walmart out of all Hoover Powerdash pet carpet cleaner reviews. The review is seemingly short but tells us a lot about the cleaning results and price of the Hoover Power Dash carpet cleaner.

In her review, CrystalD talks about her experience with the hoover Powerdash pet fh50700. With the need for a professional carpet-cleaning routine by mid-November, came the need to buy a carpet cleaner. When CrystalD purchased this one on a sale for a comparatively lesser price than the one of professional cleaning, she couldn’t believe her eyes! As per the review, the results were equivalent to that of professional cleaning and made here house feel fresher and healthier.

Lastly, she highly recommends buying this cleaner. CrystalD concludes that this is the best carpet cleaner at the price of one professional cleaning and is a bargain. It comes at an affordable price and provides excellent cleaning results.

Buying guide

Hoover Powerdash pet fh50700: With the market overwhelming with a variation of pet hair vacuum cleaners, it can get pretty much difficult for any novice to the experienced pet owner to select an ideal pet hair vacuum cleaner. To help you choose only the best pet hair vacuum, here is a comprehensive and efficient buying guide!

Things to Consider

While purchasing any vacuum cleaner, you must first take put some time to consider these factors.

  • Types of Vacuum

Generally, there are five types of pet hair vacuum cleaner, including canister, upright, stick, handheld, and robotic. The advantages and disadvantages of each vacuum cleaner type are present, which vary from the cleaning requirements of the house to house. The canister and upright vacuum cleaners are the oldest vacuum types and, perhaps, the most efficient. Both provide extensive versatility and maneuverability at the time of cleaning. Although both are powerful and have more suction, the upright vacuum cleaners work better on thick floorings like carpets. The stick and handheld vacuum cleaners mostly get used due to their lightweight design and convenient portability. The robotic vacuum cleaners are a contemporary version that involves a pre-programmed system, which cleans the entire house on its own. Considering the large variation, do make sure that you have selected one type before you start purchasing. Otherwise, you will be left confused and hesitant.

  • Bagless or Bagged?

You can find bagged and bagless versions of each vacuum cleaner type. The bagless vacuum cleaner has a dirt cup instead of a dirtbag that you can empty and rinse after every cleaning session. You do not have to purchase dirtbags every month, increasing the overall maintenance cost. Also, no plastic bags get discarded each month, which makes it environment-friendly. However, the dirt cup usually has lesser dirt capacity than bags.

  • Cordless or Cord?

The vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies have introduced another category into vacuum cleaners that is cordless and cord. Unlike a cordless vacuum, the vacuum cleaners with cord do not depend on particular battery life to complete their cleaning. However, the users get limited access to the cleaning area because of the cord length.

  • Size

The size of the vacuum cleaner is an essential feature to keep into consideration as it affects portability and storage. The vacuum cleaner will be too large for you, then handling and moving it will become an issue. Also, if you wouldn’t have decided a proper storage area, then the vacuum will become a hindrance and a source of disturbance in your home. Moreover, the largeness of the size may increase the weight, which can lead to health issues. Thus, it is better to select a compact and lightweight design.

  • Price

Although a majority does not pay attention to this feature, it holds immense importance at the time of purchasing. Imagine selecting the idealistic vacuum after so much effort, only to realize that it does not fall into your budget. Surely, nobody wants to experience such a scenario. The size and feature number will greatly influence the price, with the most compact and lightweight design costing the most.

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Features of a Pet hair vacuum:

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, some pet-specific features may help you select a better and efficient model.

  • Filtration

The process of filtration involves the suction of contaminated air and dirt particles. The filtration system of a vacuum cleaner comprises primary and secondary filters. Some vacuum cleaner models have a primary filter only, whereas some have both filters. Generally, the vacuum cleaner models with both the filters provide much finer cleaning.

  • Filter Features

The filtration system of each vacuum cleaner has different features, which often get misinterpreted as the types. Generally, there are six filter features, including HEPA, Micro-fresh, Scented, Pet hair, Anti-allergen, and ULPA. While some vacuums are equipped with many filter features, others have one only. Amongst all the filter features, the best is the HEPA that filters even the finest of particles. However, a pet hair vacuum cleaner must comprise of a pet hair filter feature as a replacement of HEPA.

Ask Yourself Questions:

Are you are an inexperienced pet owner, irritated by the amount of stranded pet hair hovering in your home interior? Well, if so, then please do not take the task of finding the idealistic hoover Powerdash pet fh50700 pet hair vacuum lightly. Often, people who have not purchased a pet hair vacuum before, consider that the vacuum store will help them out or the suggestions of friends are sufficient. Such people are highly mistaken because neither the salesman in the vacuum store nor the friends in your community can analyze the pet hair levels at your home. Remember that nobody can understand your house cleaning requirements better. So, it is wiser to sit down and research the vacuum cleaner types, filters, and other features. Do a self-analysis and question your needs. For example, will the canister vacuum be more convenient for you than upright? Jot down the points and search about the pet hair vacuum cleaners that fulfill those criteria. Even when you visit the vacuum store, take the list along, and consider those that fulfill the requirements. If you practice this method, the chances of purchasing an inefficient pet hair vacuum will get significantly reduced, and you will not have to invest continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Many leading brands offer vacuum cleaner for pet hair. However, the best amongst them has proven to be the Hoover Power dash pet cleaner.

  • What is the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Perhaps, the Kenmore 81614 bagged canister vacuum with Pet power mate is unbeatable when it comes to the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

  • What is the best handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

The handheld vacuum cleaner is a popular choice for light cleaning touch-ups. In consideration of design and features, so far,  the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum (HV292) is the best.

  • What is the best pet hair vacuum cleaner of Shark?

The company Shark is a manufacturing tycoon in vacuum cleaners with all the models attaining excellence in the efficiency criterion. The Shark stick vacuum for pet hair, the IONF80 Multiflex cordless, is the best of the Shark models.

  • What is the best Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Shark is a manufacturing tycoon in vacuum cleaners with all the models attaining excellence in the efficiency criterion. The Shark stick vacuum for pet hair, the IONF80Multiflex cordless, is the best of the Shark models.

  • What is the best cheap vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

When searching for quality in pet hair vacuum cleaners, the best of bests is the hoover Powerdash pet compact carpet cleaner upright deep cleaner. Also, it is the cheapest when compared to its remarkable features. You may find more affordable models, but they will surely not provide efficient cleaning quality.

  • What is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Indeed, no other vacuum cleaner can provide the depth of cleanliness that the Hoover Power dash pet carpet cleaner offers. However, the Dyson V7 animal equivalently competes the Hoover Power dash when it comes to the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

  • What is the best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Up till now, the iRobot Roomba 980 has proven to be the best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

  • How is a pet hair vacuum cleaner different from a regular vacuum cleaner?

Pet hair vacuum cleaner has an integrated design that includes powerful suction and filtration system. For example, the Hoover Power dash complete carpet cleaner has a powerful system to pull out even the smallest of dirt particles from the atmosphere.

  • How to remove pet hair from vacuum cleaner roller?

Although the removal of pet hair from vacuum cleaner roller varies from machine to machine, there is a generalized technique to do so. First, access the vacuum roller and take it out. You might need some screwdrivers or a similar tool. Then, use a stick or any rare thing to pull out the entangled hair gradually. Do this task nearby a trash bin so that you can dispose of the freed pet hair immediately. Focus on the bearings as it has the most entangled pet hair. Once done, replace everything accurately.

  • Which professional vacuum cleaner is best for pet hair?

Undeniably, Hoover is the most reliable and trustable brand. The Hoover Commercial CH50400 is yet the best professional vacuum cleaner for pet hair in terms of features

  • What is the best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

If you are in search of a carpet cleaner for pet hair, then hoover Powerdash pet compact carpet cleaner is the ideal option. However, there is another bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair that you might like to consider, including Shark True Pet Mini.

  • What is the best cylinder vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Perhaps, the only best cylinder vacuum cleaner for pet hair both in terms of price and features is the Hoover Optimum Power.

  • Is there any other option to remove pet hair rather than vacuuming?

Well, there is no other way to do so, though you can reduce the pet hair shedding by controlling its diet. Consult a vet and ensure that the formulated diet does not contribute to the shedding levels. Also, groom your pet regularly.

  • What to do for a light clean-up routine?

For a light clean-up, you can dust your house either by a wand duster or using the attachments of your pet hair vacuum cleaner.