Best ILIFE Robot Vacuum Reviews 2021

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The 2 best robot vacuums we reviewed in 2021

While reading through robot vacuum reviews, It’s important to keep in mind that a robotic vacuum cleaner will not do the same job as an upright or canister vacuum cleaner as it cannot generate the same amount of suction. So while they will keep your home looking clean, it’s still necessary to give your carpets and flooring surfaces extra attention from time to time. What does a Robot Vacuum do and how does it work?

A robot vacuum, also known as an auto vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum, robot vac, or floor cleaning robot is an automatic vacuum cleaner that is capable of navigating its way around open spaces by way of a computer. They are normally shaped like a flat disc with wheels underneath that allow them to rotate 360 degrees and move in all directions. They commonly utilize rotating brushes along the bottom, either side of a wide slit that sucks through any dirt, dust, or debris.

Most robot vacuums find their way around with sensors that help them detect obstacles, walls, and sometimes drops such as stairs. Some units navigate around a house in a random pattern and only change direction once they’ve hit a wall or other barrier, while the best robot vacuums are more intelligent and work on a grid system that helps them remember where they’ve already been in the room, making them more efficient. Some models are even capable of detecting how dirty a particular area of flooring is, and will continue to work over that area until it is clean.

Most units work best on hard flooring but many units are also very capable on a low level and even plush carpet. Some of the cheaper units, however, will have a difficult time transitioning from one surface to another. Robot Vacuum cleaners generally operate via an internal battery that can be recharged by a docking station or ‘home base’. Many robot vac units also have a homing sensor that helps them find their way back to the station when in need of recharging. A built-in scheduler is also offered by several models on the market today. This will allow you to set times of the day for the robot vac to go to work while you’re away.

  1. ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies
  2. ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  3. iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  4. ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  5. iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  6. iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Who are they for?

A robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for anyone who has large open spaces in their home as the unit can roam around and clear the room of dust and debris. They also make a smart purchase for anyone who either lacks the time to vacuum their floors or for those of you who simply detests vacuuming floors.

Pet-owners who find that their pets shed a lot of hair will find robot vacuums especially useful as most units are great at picking up pet hair and it means you don’t have to drag out a regular vacuum cleaner every two days just to get rid of the hair that builds up in carpets and rugs. The Roomba Pet Series from iRobot are especially suited to this type of cleaning.

Homes or places of business that are prone to collecting large amounts of dust can also benefit from a robotic vacuum cleaner, especially if they contain occupants who are sensitive to dust and other allergens. Robot Vacuum cleaners can also greatly assist the elderly or mobility restricted who find it difficult to perform regular cleaning duties.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Price?

Robot Vacuums range in price from as little as about $150 for older, more basic units, well over $1000 for the more expensive units. However, the average Robot Vacuum cleaner price tends to be around the $350 mark.

What are the Popular Brands?

Roomba by iRobot is at the top of the list when it comes to the best robot vacuum manufacturers as they have a huge range and have sold well over 6 million units worldwide since 2002. Other popular brands include Trilobite, Navibot (from Samsung), RoboCleaner, Floorbot, and Orazio. We’re regularly adding missing and new brands to our arsenal of robot vacuum reviews so check back often.

Which is the Best Robot Vacuum?

That really depends on what kind of features you’re after but the popular opinion is that the Roomba series from iRobot is the best that money can buy and their most recent addition to this range is the Roomba 780. The best robot vacuum outside of the Roomba range is generally considered to be the Neato XV-11.

ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home

Generally, the ILIFE V3s is a small creature with an 11.8-inch diameter and 3 inches height. It only weighs 4.5 pounds. However, these frail-like features contribute to the better side of it- flexibility. The sleek design enables it to maneuver easily under furniture without getting stuck. It can also run for 2 hours in multiple rooms without stopping.

Why you should buy ILIFE V3s

The developers really invested in the device’s safety. The V3 has a Tpu bumper + 14 guiding sensors attached below to prevent it from drop-offs. With regards to beauty, the I LIFE V3s are made for the eyes. The uninterrupted pearl white exterior and the strategically placed curves make an irresistible pair. The clean button on the front surface is not even visible.

You can accomplish almost everything on the remote control so there is no need to bother the little fellow. There are four cleaning modes available; auto, spot, edge, and scheduled cleaning. The latter is the most effective as it is the essence of investing in a robotic vacuum. The robot is equipped with side brushes that reach out on wall edges and immediately under extremely short furniture where the robot cannot go under.

After vacuuming a typical floor, you can attach the optional mop to wash the area. Immediately after cleaning, you can send the robot back to the charging dock to prepare it for the next run. There are an extra HEPA filter and side brush for maintenance just in case.ILIFE V3s Robot Review

The strong suction power in the ILIFE V3s does not necessarily mean that the robot will be ear-splitting. The zeal only makes it special for deluxe carpets. It sucks in any debris, hair, and dust from it making it ideal for homes with pets who shed a lot.


After consulting robot vacuum reviews, you will realize that most people dislike the overall programming of this cleaning device, “it is as dumb as it is brave and requires constant supervision. Mine has a new favorite activity of shoving itself under the desk chair and then panicking in circles until the battery dies. It also loves to eat cords – once, I left the room for a few minutes, and in that time it flipped itself onto its back after having sucked up the better part of a laptop charger and proceeded to vomit all over the floor everything it had previously picked up”, a loyal Amazon customer who has developed a soft spot for the robotic vacuum cleaner laments.

  • Very friendly price
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Impressive battery life
  • Optional mop
  • Remote control
  • Quiet
  • Not smart enough to find charging dock on its own
  • Sometimes fails to emit a sound alert when it gets stuck


The ILIFE V3s reveals that it is possible to own a decent vacuuming robot even with a limited budget. It does a perfect job for all types of floor surfaces and is ideal for a home with pets, kids, and people with allergies. Overall, its performance comes with a few shortcomings. For instance, it may not be ideal for removing pet hair from certain kinds of carpets. If you just want a hunky-dory cleaning buddy for half the price of other vacuums.

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium Gray

ILIFE A series takes home sophistication and style to a whole new level. This is clearly evident by just looking at this awesome creation- definitely worth the cost!

Product Detailed

The ILIFE A4 is gray in color with a trim, puck-like shape. It has a single button protruding over the top cover. The button has an array of colors, each to indicate the current status of the ILIFE A4s Pro. Pressing it when cleaning is in progress brings the robot to a halt. Holding it in for at least three seconds will put it to sleep mode. On the lower side, it has wheels, charging portals, sensors, and elongated brushes which rotate to direct dust into the bin. The primary power button and the bin are located on the rear side.

The charging dock has a green LED light that lights up when it is powered up. There are two shock-free charging knobs that attach to the charging portals on the ILIFE A4 after it docks. The dock must be placed away from obstacles because the A4s Pro automatically returns to the dock after the battery runs low.

The remote control features are quite impressive. It has a typical screen that displays a separate clock and the ILIFE A4’s timer. Pressing the arrow buttons will control its direction. The lower “MAX” button increases the suction intensity. Use the “spot” and “edge” buttons to concentrate on a specific spot or along an edge.

Here’s what you will get after opening that ordered package:

  • The ILIFE A4 robot box
  • Power adapter
  • Charging dock
  • An extra pair of brushes
  • A pair of AAA batteries
  • A remote control
  • A pair of HEPA filters
  • And the user’s manual of course

Unique features

There are many reasons why you should buy ILIFE A4. First and foremost, the ILIFE A4 is ideal for all types of surfaces including tiles, carpet, and hardwood floors.

After setting everything up, you just have to bring the A4 to life by pressing the power button on the piece itself or the one on the remote control. For automation enthusiasts, you can schedule a clean-up using the clock button on the remote control.

Debris, Human, and dog hair will no longer be a problem after you buy ILIFE A4. It picks up nearly everything it comes across- you don’t want any toys or other small objects lying around. One satisfied Amazon customer says, “It works well for us against our German Shepherds shedding hair on hardwood and tile.” What’s better is the fact that the robot transitions smoothly over different types of floors. It also has sensors that help it to avoid stairs.

The A4 responds to commands immediately. Scheduled cleaning starts exactly the same time as the previous day.

  • Easy to set up
  • Does not require programming every single day
  • Moves over obstacles without getting stuck
  • Longer battery life
  • Relatively cheap
  • Works on different floors
  • Not smart enough to create cleaning patterns
  • Gets stuck frequently
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t return to the charging dock on its own


The ILIFE A4’s extreme suction power and robust motor force is something rare to find. The cost is also a bit low compared to other similar devices. If you live in a small apartment without children around, it will be a good investment to buy ILIFE A4.