Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Review

Being a pet owner is all fun and games until you have one of your most judgmental relatives over at your apartment, and the moment you sit them on your most extravagant sofa, tufts, and strands of animal fur fly in the air. You and the guests find yourself covered in shark vacuum review pet hair fur from head to toe. Leaving you embarrassed for your life while your little pet cluelessly sits in the corner of the room, licking away its fur.

Shark Vacuum Review Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro (ZU62) Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shedding season is every pet owner’s worst nightmare, no matter how healthy or well-groomed your pet is, shedding is ultimately inevitable. Many people have put years of research and science to come up with a solution for seasonal shedding. However, despite all the efforts, not even a single solution was made. One simply can’t get rid of nature’s cruel phenomena, but with some effort, we can make the environment hair-free and clean.

But “how can I clean the dreadful fur off my furniture without tiring myself?” you may ask. Well, worry not for Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is here to save you from all that trouble. With its duo clean technology and swift lift away design, it is said to be one of the best Shark Vacuum for pet hair shark vacuum reviews in the market. As per the reviews, it leaves your house spotless and 100% fur-free, providing you with that quality cleaning experience.

On the contrary, the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus might cost you a few extra cents over your budget, but let’s are real everything in this world comes with a price. So making the sacrifice to spend a few extra cash on a vacuum can be made when compared to the bond with your best pal, which is, for a fact, priceless.

About Product:

Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro-

Shark vacuum review: Shark is one of the many house care brands developed by Shark Operating LLC. Shark is started in Montreal and later settled in Needham. It paved its way and rapidly carved a significant market share in this sector. Shark is now one of the leading companies in the houseware industry.

The shark never fails to satisfy its customers with its amazing products. Shark offers an impressive range of high-quality household appliances that suit the lifestyle of busy individuals perfectly. Shark products have made cleaning much easier for many households. Additionally, their products come at an affordable price. Shark is a company known for its quality products; thus, it never compromises on quality. Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 is yet another innovative, highly functional vacuum cleaner by Shark.

Shark Navigator lift-away Review is said to be a vacuum that works wonders. Its features make it easy to use, carry, maintain, and handle. Efficient and trouble-free cleaning is assured with the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus. It is perhaps one of the best upright vacuum cleaners when it comes to a pet vacuum cleaner. Ease of use is guaranteed when it comes to Shark products, and the same applies to this cleaner too. Durability and efficient cleaning are two other features of Shark Vacuum cleaners.

With Shark, you all your cleaning-related shark vacuum review worries are taken care of. Pet hair cleaning has never been so easy.

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Body & Design:

shark vacuum review

Encasing machinery like none other, Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 is an upright, bagless, and corded vacuum that has been designed to truly and exceptionally serve its prime purpose; to eliminate pet dander from anywhere and everywhere. This phenomenal pet hair vacuum comes power-packed with extra-ordinary technical specifications that battle with dirt and debris of all sorts. And that’s not just about it, this vacuum, also possesses an impressive and contemporary exterior.

Measuring 9.8-inches in length, 11.9-inches in width, and 45.2-inches in height, the Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model ZU62 has a rather compact design. Notably, in comparison to other popular models of Shark’s upright vacuums. It weighs about 16 pounds.  Hence, it is light enough to be carried by anyone around the house quickly. However, in terms of weight, it is not the lightest model introduced by Shark. Thus, it has reduced portability if compared to others. Even so, the well-balanced distribution of the weight of Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 is very much similar to the consumer’s favorite, Shark Navigator Swivel Plus. Consequently, several users have appreciated it. Itis easy to steer, and that is what matters. A review of the Shark Vacuum Cleaner.

The Best Vacuum By Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro (ZU62)

Moreover, the sober Grey-Black colored exterior will not embarrass you if a friend walks in, while your vacuuming. Rather the soberness of the color and design compliments both contemporary and classic interiors. This thoughtfully built vacuum can hold two or three tools, making storage of the attachments easy and convenient.

Another feature of Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model ZU62 that resembles Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is the cord length. Both the vacuums possess a 25-feet long cord, which increases maneuverability. One can clean long distances without having to worry about accidentally implying stress on the cord or switch with an accidental jerk. You can wrap it around the vacuum for safe storage. However, unlike the Shark Navigator lift-away vacuum, this model does not have a detachable pod. Hence, it can be slightly difficult to clean ceilings and curtains.

Its 12-feet long extendable hose brings about better accessibility. It makes cleaning elevated surfaces and stairs far much easier.

Unlike other ordinary upright pet hair vacuums, Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 shark vacuum review comes with a large transparent dust canister that comes mounted in the front. Its 3XL dust cup can store a substantial amount of dust at a time. Hence, the user does not have to waste time and energy on emptying the dust canister now and then.

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Special Features:

Now, let’s have a look at the particular set of features that make this model the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro

Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro is capable of collecting all the embedded and spread pet hair in your house, thanks to its powerful suction. As operating on 1150 Watts and 9.5 Amperes, the vacuum has excellent suction capabilities. It will remove the pet dander from low-pile or high-pile carpets, wooden floors, marble floors, stone floors, and whatnot. You can even reduce the suction power while vacuuming sensitive surfaces via the Suctioning Control Slider. The digits on the selector represent the following:

  • Zero (0) : Turned Off.
  • One (1): Floors of all types.
  • Two (2): Carpeted areas.

Such versatility of the vacuum will enable you to clean both smooth and rough surfaces efficiently. This particular control and other controls of the vacuum area are on the body of the unit rather than the handle. It can be considered as a minor drawback of its construction as changing settings, again and again, becomes a little tiring for the user.

Another feature that makes it the best shark vacuum for pet hair is its Brush-Roll. The Zero-M Brush-Roll has a clear cover to allow the user to analyze the condition of the Brush-roll. It does not only collect every strand of pet hair but can also get rid of pet hair bunches that get stuck or tangled to the brush automatically. Although the Brush-roll deep cleans itself, the user might have to remove the immensely entangled pet hair from the Brush manually.

The Brush-roll does not get activated unless it is slightly tilted or reclined backward. Such engineering of the machine brings excellent comfort to the user. That’s because if you want to take a quick break from the hectic vacuuming, you can park the unit and leave. Or perhaps, if you wish to clean with the hose for a while, place the Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 appropriately and continue with your cleaning business. You do not have to worry about the constantly rotating of the brush-roll and heating the machine.

Shark Navigator ZU62 also features a Brush-roll indicator light. The purpose of this light is to protect the Brush-roll from damages, clogs, and blockages. Just as an issue arises, such as humongous bunches of pet hair, the light of the Brush-roll indicator will turn a striking, noticeable shade of red. The user must immediately unplug the vacuum and examine the Brush-roll to deduce and address the cause.

Advanced Technology:

To effectively and thoroughly remove pet hair from your residential premises while taking the best care of your health, Shark has incorporated multiple cleaning technologies in this model. One of the many technologies includes Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. It traps 99.9% of the harmful microbes, dust, and dirt. It is a universally known fact that pet hair does not only ruin the beauty of your house but can also be harmful to those suffering from respiratory diseases. Apart from that, depending on your pet’s hygiene, it may as well spread several other disease-causing germs. Thus, Shark has equipped this model with the Anti-Allergen technology, which ensures the removal of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The installation of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate), Air Filter in Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62, amplifies the cleaning performance of the model. It eliminates pollen, dust, dirt, and microbes of all sorts and improves indoor air quality to a substantial extent. Thus, enabling you and your loved ones to breathe in fresh and clean air.

However, Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-Roll pet Pro Model-ZU62 does not come with a clean duo feature. The clean duo feature refers to the additional soft brush that comes with some other models of Shark’s upright vacuums. This soft brush removes stuck-on dirt and particles of every size. Although Shark navigator lift-away reviews and Shark vacuum duo clean reviews were highly positive, for some reason, the company did not equip this model with the same feature. We have come to believe that this decision had a deep association with the present elements of the machine as well as its affordable price.

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Attachment & Tools:

This phenomenal pet hair vacuum already comes with plenty of features and additional tools. To make it available for valuable customers at an affordable price, the company might have to had to eliminate this feature. Coming to the additional tools, Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 comes with the following attachments: Shark vacuum review

  • Duster Crevice Tool: It is a two-in-one cleaning tool consisting of a dusting brush and crevice tool. The dusting brush wipes off the dust from surfaces of all sorts while crevice tools clean narrow, hard-to-reach areas.
  • Upholstery Tool: Evident from its name, the upholstery tool aims to clean upholstery like curtains, table covers, sofas, etc.
  • Dusting Brush: The dusting brush efficiently cleans delicate surfaces like ceiling fans, glass shelves, etc.

You can easily attach these to the handle of the vacuum or the cleaning wand. Also, you can order more of such cleaning tools later. For further information and guidance about the operation and maintenance of the machine, one can refer to the manual that comes with Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62.

  • Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62) is comparatively lighter than other vacuums.
  • For a 14 pound vacuum, Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62) is loaded with an exceptional amount of tools, including a crevice tool, long and flexible hose, and such.
  • It is inexpensive, which makes it affordable.
  • Shark Navigator does not make a lot of noise, unlike other vacuums that are deemed to make you deaf.
  • It has a strong suction power and has a lightweight design.
  • The Shark Navigator comes with a rinse-able and HEPA filtration system.
  • In comparison to other models of Shark’s upright vacuum cleaner, the hose and the power chord is too short
  • There is no way to control the height.
  • This Shark Navigator does not come with a headlight, which makes it hard to navigate in the dark.

Bottom Line:

In the vacuum market, Shark has never failed to be among the top-rated leading vacuum brands, and Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62) is an extraordinary model in their Shark Navigator Vacuum series. It’s stylish exterior and lightweight built comes with a number of tools that leave jaws hanging. Although some find the short length of power chord and hose unfit to their needs but the Shark Navigator’s easy-to-carry traditional designs compensate for the desire to navigate without hassle.

Moreover, this vacuum comes along with rinse-able filters with HEPA technology making your cleaning experience ten times better. The absence of headlight and nonadjustable height is indeed a for this exceptional vacuum model, but compared to the number of features it has to offer, one can not deny that it is indeed the best in the market. This budget-friendly vacuum is said to be the best deal for all pet owners looking for the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

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Customer Reviews:

Amaren’s Review on Amazon (Verified Purchase)

A verified purchase on Amazon, Amaren rates the product 5-stars. Her review declared, “Yes! Buy it!” and was found helpful by 21 people. Certainly, Amaren is more than happy to purchase Shark Navigator Swivel Plus.

In her review on the Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62), she states that she used the vacuum right after running her iRobot and the Shark Navigator pulled out almost a tank full of pet stuff from the living room alone. The pleasure in Amaren’s tone was visible as she talks about her obsession with the vacuums’ various features, such as the different floor options and suction control of the vacuum cleaner. She tried the vacuum on the baseboard sand; it did not make a fuss – Amaren seemed happy about that too. She also talks about other features such as its weight- which is light. Shark vacuum review

That’s not where Amaren’s review ends; she updated her review- not one time, not two times but, three times! The first update was about a few days later, in which she mentioned the hardwood floor setting and her excellent experience with it. About a week after the purchase, she updated the review and expressed her ever-increasing love for the vacuum. In her last update, which was three years later, after her purchase, she is still pleased with the high-quality performance of the Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62). Amaren explains that she took the cleaner to her work, and everyone loved it. Furthermore, she explains that it was a good investment because even after years, there was no difference in its excellent performance. Also, at the time of purchase, it was available at an incredibly economical price.

To conclude, Amaren loved the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner as she declares it to be the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Best Ever Vacuum-Walmart’s Most Helpful Review

Dixies2cats, a Spark Reviewer on Walmart, reviewed Shark Navigator Zero-M Brush-roll (ZU62) and started the review with “how do I describe the best cleaner I have ever used?”

Starting the review with the explanation of the features they love, Dixies2cats informed us about how lightweight it is as well as its excellent performance. Dixies2cats tells us that the vacuum is easy to use and move around. They are also highly impressed by its suction power and the amount of dirt it picks up. They are describing the vacuum as amazing “on how it keeps my house clean.” Moving on, they also positively appreciate the lighting as it makes it easier to clean the corners. Dixie2cats further state in their review that Shark listens to its customers and manufactures machines for the comfort of their customers. Shark vacuum review

Conclusively, they highly recommend buying the Shark vacuum duo clean as it works wonders!

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Buying Guide:

Nowadays, the population of pets has increased drastically. Every other household has at least one pet ranging from cats to rats. However, despite our enduring love for pets, we get easily irritated by the stray hair strands. The mere solution that one has is to vacuum the house regularly. But, when one approaches vacuum stores to buy a suitable pet hair vacuum, he often gets misguided by insincere salespeople. Therefore, to avoid such scenarios and to help you purchase an ideal pet hair vacuum cleaner, here is a short yet comprehensive buying guide.

Things to Consider

Well, you can’t just go to a shop, become entranced by the detailed con-free description of the product by a salesperson, and purchase that model, only to regret later. For this very reason, you must be able to analyze the pet hair vacuum yourself. To determine whether the vacuum cleaner you’re buying is the best one for pet hair or not, consider the following features:

  • Type

In the present times, there are several different types of vacuums ranging from the large canister vacuums to the extremely compact robotic vacuum. The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair is the upright one. That’s because upright models often possess the desired suction power and have better maneuverability. Their brush rollers enable efficient removal of pet hair.

  • Bags & Cords

Whether a vacuum is bagless or bagged, it has nothing to do with its performance. But still, you must consider it, as it determines the ease of use. In a bagless vacuum such as the one reviewed above, you need not change the bag again and again. The same is the case with the cord’s length. The most appropriate length of a vacuum cord lies between 25 feet to 30 feet. It increases the accessibility of the device. Since it is not too long, it is also easier to wrap it around.

  • Weight

The weight of a vacuum determines its portability. A lightweight vacuum such as Shark Navigator Zero-M Brushroll Pet Pro Model-ZU62, allows the user to carry the vacuum to the next floor, along the stairs, or every other room. Buying a heavy vacuum is synonymous with signing up for trouble. That’s because you will need assistance in moving it. The ideal vacuum should weigh below 18 pounds.

  • Price

Nowadays, both low-end and high-end vacuums are easily available in the market. You can easily choose one that falls into your budget. But remember, the bigger price tag does not necessarily mean an efficient pet hair vacuum, and Low-cost does not always mean that the vacuum will offer poor cleaning. Review about the price.

The average cost of an upright pet hair vacuum ranges from $50-$650, while the price of the canister and robotic vacuums ranges from $70-$900. Only handheld and stick vacuum’s price starts from $15. However, they’re not as useful for Pet hair cleaning. In terms of price as well, upright pet hair vacuums like Shark Navigator Model ZU962 are the best

Features of a Pet Hair Vacuum

Indeed, the prime reason that you’re reading this article is the fact that you’re searching for the best shark vacuum for pet hair review. And not any ordinary vacuum.  For that very reason, it is essential to be well-acquainted with the fundamental features of a pet hair vacuum.

  • Filter

The best pet hair vacuum will come with HEPA filters. These filters ensure the removal of microscopic dust and allergy-causing particles, as well as pet dander. The residual dander can be hazardous for your health as well as that of your pet’s. Hence, the presence of HEPA filters remains a vital necessity. These filters can be either washed or replaced

  • Suction Force

Suction power happens to be the prime feature of every vacuum. This crucial aspect determines the quality and performance of any vacuum cleaner. When choosing a pet hair vacuum, look for a model that provides high suction force such as that of the best shark vacuum for pet hair that is reviewed above. Or perhaps, similar to the suction power offered by shark duo clean powered lift-away pet hair vacuum. The higher the power, the better the removal of pet hair. However, you must also look for a model that allows you to change the power between low to high, according to the surface that you’re vacuuming

  • Attachments

Attachments of additional tools like a dust crevice tool, dusting brush, and others, help in removing the pet dander that has found a home in the narrow creak of floorboards or your shelf. An increased number of attachments does not represent the best model. Rather, you should opt for a model that meets your required set of specifications and comes with pet-specific additional tools.

Ask Yourself Questions

Before you set out on your hunt for the best pet hair vacuum, ask yourself a dozen questions. We highly recommend this practice before shopping almost anything, because not only does it save your money but also gets your desired object in one go.

To start with, do lots of research. If you want a vacuum that helps you clean the hair that your furry pal’s shedding off constantly, then search for the vacuum cleaners that have been manufactured for this purpose only. You can search online or inquire from other pet owners. A quick survey in relevant shops will also help you out.

After shortlisting the best, consider all the features offered by every model. Make a list of your own, mentioning your desired features. Now tally both to decide which of the shortlisted models matches most to your dream pet hair vacuum.  Once you’re done, purchase the model from an authentic seller.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

  • Where to buy Shark Navigator Self-Cleaning Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62?

In today’s ever-advancing world, shopping has become as easy as clicking a button. One can easily place an online order of the desired product in the comfort of their home.

Along the same lines, one can buy Shark Navigator Self-Cleaning Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 through the various online platforms. One of the most prominent and trustworthy platforms for purchasing electronic goods like pet hair vacuums includes Thus, it is best to buy this vacuum after reviewing and analyzing it on the very same website. You can also place an order on the official website of Shark. Or if for some reason, you are unable to trust online sellers, you can visit the company’s outlet and purchase it from there. Remember, regardless of the place of the purchase; you must only buy Shark Navigator Self-Cleaning Zero-M Brushroll Pet Pro Model-ZU62, which comes in proper packaging and a 5-year limited warranty.

  • What is the best Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Well, the answer to this question has already been given in quite a detail. Shark Navigator Self-Cleaning Zero-M Brush-roll Pet Pro Model-ZU62 happens to be the best vacuum manufactured by Shark as of yet. However, if it does not fall into your budget or does not meet your set of required features, then you can try ION F80 MultiFlex Cordless, which is better known as shark vacuum duo clean. If you have no problem with spending a little more, you can even try Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Apex Model.

  •  How frequently should I clean the dust canister of the pet hair vacuum?

Cleaning dust canister is not much of a task. Hence, we recommend cleaning it as often as possible. Now, this does not mean that you should clean the dust canister when the vacuum hasn’t been used for a long time. The frequency of cleaning must be directly proportional to the frequency of your cleaning sessions. A neat and maintained dust canister will certainly contribute to the longevity of the vacuum shark vacuum review.

  • How to clean the dust canister of the pet hair vacuum?

To clean your loaded dust canister, detach it from the vacuum. Empty the collected dirt, debris, and pet hair into the trash bin. If the dust can do not appear clean, use a dry cloth to wipe off the remaining dust particles or use a medium-sized brush to take out the sticking pet/human hair. After several uses, the dust can may have a bad odor. To get rid of it, wash the canister with mild soap and water. Dry the dust can completely before attaching it back to the vacuum.