Capresso Burr Grinder Infinity Conical Review

Capresso Burr Grinder’s review provides you deep information about the product quality and basic features. With the Capresso Infinity Grinder, you can set sail on your coffee brewing expeditions without breaking the bank. It is actually quite common knowledge among coffee aficionados to have a decent burr grinder to go hand in hand with their Espresso and Coffee maker. And since it is from the company Capresso, you know that you are getting something made with the true coffee lover in mind.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder


Body & Design

The new burr grinders from Capresso seem to be upping things up a little in terms of aesthetics. The Capresso Infinity is quite the looker with its silver steel finish and straightforward design. At 10.5″ H x 7.25″ D x 5″ W, the Infinity is compact and will easily fit tabletop space without looking too cramped. The bean container at the top is made of clear plastic, and the same goes for the bean hopper located at the bottom. The dial sits right in the middle for easy access.

Perfect for Capresso

The Capresso Infinity Grinder will be an excellent choice for budding coffee enthusiasts who want to experience the difference in quality in their brews by using the right fineness or coarseness. It will also be an excellent addition to a simple homebrew setup, mainly suitable for one or two persons.

Commercial-grade Vertical Grinder

One of the main features touted by the Capresso Infinity is its advanced conical burr design that is made of steel not often found in this price range. This advanced design makes sure that the gears don’t run too fast in order to avoid heat build-up that could negatively affect the taste of the coffee. Through this low RPM operation, you can be sure that it will retain the original profile of the coffee and how it was supposed to taste like.

Heavy-duty Zinc Die-cast Housing

While not truly made of real steel, the housing of the Capresso Infinity is still better compared to the common hard plastic used on other models.

Up to 16 Grind settings

The Capresso Infinity Grinder has a total of 16 grind settings. They conveniently grouped it up into four categories, with each category also having four types of grinds – Extra Fine, Fine, Regular, and Coarse. It has separate On/Off buttons that make pulse grinding possible and allows you to turn off the grinding anytime. If you want things more automatic, simply set the electronic timer to grind within 5 to 60 seconds in just a simple touch.

Removable Bean Hopper and Burr Grinder with Safety feature

Capable of holding up to 8.8 ounces of beans, the bean hopper easily holds plenty of coffee for more than just a couple of cups. It can dispense 4 ounces of freshly ground coffee, and located on its side are the settings showing you how to correctly position the plates to get optimum grinds each and every time. The bean hopper and burr grinder are both removable, allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

One notable thing worth mentioning is the safety feature incorporated on the Infinity. Before you can start grinding, the bean container needs to be locked firmly first before it can operate.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grind Quality

The Capresso Infinity is an affordable grinder for Espresso, French Press, Drip, Vac pots, and others. We can say that this is one of the better machines in its class and was able to provide above pretty decent performance. There was only a minimum level of inconsistency in terms of grind fineness, and its output is useable enough for even non-pressurized machines. For less than $100, the Capresso Infinity provides one of the best bangs for the buck performance.

  • Commercial-grade Vertical Grinder
  • Heavy-duty Zinc Die-cast Housing
  • 16 Grind settings
  • Removable Bean Hopper and Burr Grinder
  • Safety feature
  • Best Reasonable Price
  • Space-saving
  • The body does not have an anti-static coating which makes the grounds cling to the sides.


Just below $90, the Capresso Infinity Grinder will get you started in getting better brews at home. Compact and very easy to use, it does its job well and without too much fuss. Maintenance is a breeze, and actual body construction is decent thanks to its Zinc die-cast housing.

Just don’t expect too-many-a-settings on this one, though, though it offers up to 16 grind settings, it is still no espresso grinder, though you can still use it if you have a pressurized Portafilter in your Espresso machine. All in all, a good buy, you get a very capable and fine-looking grinder, not digging too deep into your pockets. Though be aware that this should be considered being an entry-level grinder.

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