Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee Maker Review

Cuisinart DCC 3000 review about the product features and basic details about the Cuisinart DCC 3000 coffee maker. The Cuisinart Coffee-On-Demand™ model #DCC-3000 is a 12-cup capacity coffee maker which boasts full automatic settings. A few coffee makers which include adjustable auto shut-off features, and 24-hour programmability for advanced brewing. This coffee maker has abilities of self-clean function to remove built-up calcification from the water reservoir, automatic on/off brewing cycle, and real-time digital clock.

Cuisinart Coffee On Demand DCC 3000 Coffee Maker

cuisinart dcc 3000 review

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With a capacity to serve up to a dozen cups of coffee, the Cuisinart DCC-3000 is the ideal coffee maker to have for a large household or for small offices. Its useful programmable feature also makes it suitable for people on the go or for a busy environment where caffeine is the main fuel for the workers. With a price tag for less than a hundred bucks, you’ll be having a difficult time searching for another brand that can offer the practicality, convenience, and value for money that this machine can give.

Compact Design

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 is assembled using a combination of materials metal, BPA-free plastic, and electronics in its construction. Measuring in at 8.7″ x 14.6″ x 11.3″ with 8 pounds of weight, this machine feels stable on the countertop.

Cuisinart DCC 3000 review: It also sports a modern, albeit boxy appearance complete with a brushed stainless steel finish and black trims that will go well with any interior setting. Located on the left side is a clear water tank with a 12 x 5 oz. Cups capacity plus built-in charcoal water filter to help eliminate the chlorine, bad taste, and odor from tap water.

An easy-to-read coffee gauge that looks like a car fuel gauge sits squat in the middle of the fascia while the control knob and other settings buttons are placed on the right side, complete with a blue backlit LCD timer display that also acts as a real-time digital clock. If you are looking for a carafe, there is none, but in its place is a removable double-walled coffee reservoir located inside the machine, which effectively makes it more like a coffee dispenser. A 3-year limited manufacturer warranty coverage comes standard for worry-free ownership.

Gold-Tone Cuisinart Commercial-Style Filter

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 has an easy to clean the commercial-style permanent coffee filter, which is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe to ensure years of quality service.

Cuisinart Coffee Gauge™

Cuisinart exclusive Coffee Gauge™ prominently located in front of the Cuisinart DCC-3000 lets you know how many cups of coffee are left before another refill is needed.

Power Loss Back-up System

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 features a back-up power system that gives up to one-minute of protection against losing your programmed settings in case of power failure, breaker trips, or if the unit comes unplugged.

  • Easy to use controls
  • Clean design, elegant finish
  • Strong warranty coverage
  • Bears the trusted Cuisinart name
  • Close to $100 machine with no carafe
  • Water gauge imitates a vehicle’s fuel gauge
  • No heating plate
  • A big machine but does not have enough space to accommodate a tall coffee container
  • The filter doesn’t hold water long enough to extract the full flavor potential of the coffee grounds


The Cuisinart DCC-3000 offers excellent value for money when it comes down to the price to features ratio. Fully automated, programmable timers and settings, high capacity serving, and the list of positives can go on and on with only a few complaints which could not weaken the really good set-up. But if one were to nitpick for its price point, a heating element would have made for an excellent addition to keep the coffee warm for a more extended period.