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DeLonghi EC155 Review Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

DeLonghi EC155 Review

DeLonghi EC155 Review provides you basic product features and deep information about the product quality and espresso and cappuccino coffee making features. Are you looking for a reliable and affordable entry-level pump-driven espresso machine? Pump-driven coffee makers are mostly found within commercial settings or higher-end consumer coffee makers and, therefore, normally come with a hefty price tag attached. Look no further – the DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker will be an excellent exception to that rule. So let’s have a look at DeLonghi EC155 Review.

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De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker-

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Dual-Function Filter

The DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker comes equipped with a patented dual-function filter holder. What makes that filter holder so special is its “2 in 1” usage option. The crema filter holder is suitable to either hold ground coffee or E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) certified coffee pods. So it’s up to you if you wish to brew coffee using grounded coffee or if you prefer going the fast and straightforward route of using E.S.E. certified coffee pods. Going with the latter option is obviously a no brainer in terms of making sure to treat your taste buds with the exact same coffee experience each time.

If you wish to foster your barista skills, you will appreciate the option of being able to use grounded coffee. While it might require a bit of practice to proportion and tamp the coffee properly, you will be rewarded with a unique coffee experience. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a perfect “self-made” coffee instead of just popping in one of those coffee pods?


The DeLonghi EC155 includes a frothing attachment, also known as the “Cappuccino System” which allows you to effortlessly steam and froth milk. The steam wand enables you to easily breeze through the task of creating the perfect foam needed for any espresso-based milk drinks. If you wish to go beyond just drinking coffee, you can as well use the steam wand to dispense hot water. Being able to enjoy a hot chocolate, a cup of tea or even a bowl of instant soup definitely comes in handy – great work, DeLonghi!

Stainless Steel Boiler & Powerful Pump

The DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker comes equipped with a stainless steel boiler ensuring heat stability as well as longevity. The DeLonghi extraction process is consistently excellent because of its self-priming 15 bars of pump pressure that works wonders compared to a typical steam-based machine.

Large Water Tank

The DeLonghi EC155 sports a removable water tank on the back of the machine. It can hold 35oz of water (1 liter), which is sufficient for quite a few espressos and steam without having to refill it constantly. Due to having a removable water reservoir, the refilling, and cleaning of the tank work like a charm.

Some people might be missing the feature of having a cup warmer – while I do agree it would as well mean that the DeLonghi EC155 would have to be larger in size. Thinking about it, I rather have it stay small since it allows saving precious kitchen space.


Overall, the DeLonghi EC155 Review Espresso Maker is an excellent investment. With the durability and ease of use, the DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine boasts, anyone can be a barista without going through any rigorous training. It produces excellent coffee while being simple to operate. Most importantly, though, going with the DeLonghi EC155 allows you to enter the superior pump-driven espresso machine market at an incredibly competitive price point.

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