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DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM22110SB Review

DeLonghi Magnifica Review

DeLonghi Magnifica Review provides you deep information about the product quality and basic features of coffee and espresso latest machine DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM22110SB. The DeLonghi Magnifica is one of the company’s super-automatic offerings that really put a thumbs up on size and style. If you have always thought of getting your very own Espresso machine but worried by the fact that it might not fit your relatively small countertop space, then worry no more. So let’s have a look at DeLonghi Magnifica Review if you are a true coffee lover then I proud you like this machine badly and want to be on your table.

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DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte, and Espresso Machine

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino,DeLonghi Magnifica Review

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Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM22110SB

We see this unit being a godsend for coffee fans who want a capable Espresso machine but don’t have enough space to accommodate it. Also, being a super-automatic means, this machine will appeal to novices and intermediate Espresso and Coffee lovers who really don’t want to put in much work in making their drinks but instead just want to have something easy to use while still producing stellar results.

Body & Design

DeLonghi Magnifica Review: One glance at the DeLonghi Magnifica, and you are definitely going to be impressed with how much Delonghi was able to cram into this small size. To think that you are looking at a super-automatic that can grind froth and brew for you in just a couple of clicks in such a compact frame is amazing indeed — kudos to Delonghi for being able to engineer wonderful Espresso-making technology in such limited space.

A silver coating dominates much of this machine’s body, and its side panels are adorned with a matte black shade. The upper middle part of the machine houses the control panel — a control knob sits on the middle while six buttons occupy the space around it. A digital display sits atop of the knob, and this will show the user the current setting as well as machine status.

Intuitive Interface

DeLonghi Magnifica Review

One of the key aspects that a good super-automatic should have is a friendly user interface. There is no point in getting a super-automatic if you will still be taking up too much time just figuring out what to do and still end up doing much work. The selector dial conveniently lets you choose between the following selection: a single shot of espresso, a double, one long coffee, and two long coffees. You also use it to change the strength of your coffee. Good add-ons include temperature programmability and auto-shutoff, instant reheat, and cup counter to tell you how much you have brewed.

Cappuccino Wand

It isn’t espresso without the froth, so a good Frothing wand is needed to create a rich and creamy foam that will go perfectly with your brews. A patented manual steam wand has been integrated into this unit, and a special frothing attachment is included in the package to make those thick, velvety microfoam — almost no skill required.

Stainless Steel-Lined ThermoBlock System

Compared to traditional boilers, a Thermoblock heating system offers quick warm-up and always-ready hot water supply. It all starts once you turn on the machine — the Thermoblock system cycles water thru the main heating element while still keeping water usage up to a minimum. The stainless steel make-up of this system also helps by preventing the water from acquiring a metallic taste. All it takes is just a single press of the button, and your Delonghi will be ready to brew anytime.

A Quiet and Efficient Conical Burr Grinder

One often overlooked aspect when it comes to grinders is its noise output. Sure, it might not be at the top of your “to-have” checklist, but it sure is nice to use a machine without your eardrums having to endure quite a beating. The hardened steel conical burrs operate at low speed, not only to ensure even grinding but reduce noise as well. At 8.8 ounce max and up to 13 different fineness settings for various Espresso styles, this conical burr grinder does its job well. Extras include an air-tight rubber seal and UV-tinted lid to make sure your beans stay fresh.

Direct-To Brew System

The patented Delonghi Direct-To Brew System is present in this device. How it works: the conical burr grinder releases the freshly ground coffee into the brew group, which can brew two drinks at a time. You can easily remove the brew group by removing the panel on the right side and clean it by simply rinsing it under warm water. One interesting note, since the machine is so compact, the distance it travels is shortened. Thus the heat is retained, which of course, is perfect for that hot cup of coffee.

Pre-Ground Coffee Bypass Doser

In the event that you run out of coffee beans or would just rather have a quick decaf brew, the bypass dose integrated on the machine will let you use pre-ground coffee (readily available from stores).

  • Full-feature Superautomtic in a compact frame
  • Professional-Quality Burr Grinder
  • The built-in water filtration system
  • Patented Cappuccino System Frother
  • Energy Efficient
  • All In One Coffee Making Machine
  • Not ground-flavored coffee/flavored beans friendly as oils tend to clog grinders


DeLonghi Magnifica Review is crystal-clear with what they wanted on the DeLonghi Magnifica: An ultra-compact coffee maker machine that is full-featured and space-saving — perfect for small apartments or condominiums which don’t have much available kitchen real estate to accommodate conventional models. A rich feature set and plenty of nice extras make the DeLonghi Magnifica an excellent buy.