Gaggia Coffee Maker Review RI8323/01

Gaggia Coffee Machine Review

Gaggia Coffee Maker Review about the basic features and product details by the best coffee machine brand for your kitchen. You might be asking, “Why is it called Baby?” Is it because it’s small? Well, at 13.5″ H x 8.75″ W x 10.5″ D in size and 17 pounds in weight I would probably not base it on that. The real answer is this: The Gaggia Baby Class was the first real home espresso machine ever made, hence the term “Baby.” Introduced in 1977 by Gaggia, the “Baby” gave households the first taste of authentic home-made espresso and paved the way for the torrent of coffee and espresso makers we have right now. So let’s have a look at Gaggia Coffee Machine Review and comment below about the product quality if you have used this item before.

Gaggia RI8323/01 Gran Style Coffee Machine, 950 W, 15 Bar

Gaggia Coffee Maker Review

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The Gaggia Baby is a living legend, and while this is not to say that it is the best, it sheds light on traditional espresso machines for the younger generation to get a glimpse of the machine that introduced pure home-brewing goodness to the masses. So plus points to the person who loves things classic and at the same time would like to benefit from Baby’s ease of use and sturdy construction. A perfect marriage of timeless appeal and function if you ask us.

Body & Design

Gaggia Coffee Maker Review: While it stayed true to the original Gaggia Baby in terms of shape and style, the updated Gaggia Baby Class improved things a bit in terms of the control panel and housing material. The brushed stainless steel housing looks sleek and sophisticated, actually gives the Gaggia Baby a more classic appeal. Save for the round steam knob and Portafilter handle, which are both in black, the whole body sports the shiny silver color of the stainless steel.

Commercial Grade Portafilter

At 58-mm and material of chrome-plated brass, the Portafilter of the Gaggia Baby provides stable temperatures for nicely-extracted of coffee. Aside from accommodating fresh ground coffee, the Portafilter of the Gaggia Baby is E.S.E. pod capable as well, meaning you could use widely available E.S.E. pods found in the market for added convenience or variety.

Commercial Brew Group & Three-way Solenoid Valve

In order to match the excellent performance of its Portafilter, the Gaggia Baby was equipped with a high-performance Brew Group that is always ready for heavy-duty brewing. Made with the same chrome-plated brass for increased temperature stability, the Gaggia Baby’s brew group not only performs well but will also stand the test of time even when used heavily. What happens after brewing using a Portafilter? On other machines, a wet and messy puck of coffee is what you will see and have to clean afterward.

However, thanks to the Gaggia Baby’s Three-way Solenoid Valve, this problem is avoided as the valve relieves pressure from the Portafilter after brewing, which results in a drier and easier-to-clean puck.

Turbo Frother Gaggia Coffee Machine Review

Found in other Gaggia machines, the Turbo Frother is Gaggia’s implementation of a more efficient and easy to use frothing mechanism. To use just press the steam button, and wait for the indicator light to illuminate. Once lighted up, simply turn the steam knob located on top of the machine, and steam will be produced. You can also use this steam wand as a source of hot water that you could use for other hot drinks such as tea and hot choco.

Control Panel, Water Reservoir, Cup Warmer, and Accessories

Rounding up the list of the Gaggia Baby’s features are: the 2-Button Control panel (one on top for manual steam control and the other one for steam temperature, passive cup warmer located on the top, the 60 oz water reservoir that slides out easily at the back for easy access the accessory set the machine comes along with (detailed instruction manual, coffee scoop, plastic tamper, and single, double, and E.S.E. pod filter baskets)

  • Strong and Sturdy Finish
  • Updated Control Panel and body material
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Commercial Grade Portafilter
  • Turbo Frother
  • Lack of Traditional Steam Wand


The current Gaggia Baby establishes itself as a dedicated semi-automatic capable of producing great-tasting espresso cup after cup. Its solid rating both on construction and performance ranks it above average machines in its class. And if you are one of those people who would like to have a piece of memento of the machine that paved the way for easy home-brewed espresso, the Gaggia Baby is the one to pick. Gaggia Coffee Machine Review.