7 Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress 2020

So what is the meaning of Gel Memory Foam mattress? According to Wikipedia, “Memory foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam (LRPu).” In simple terms, the use of viscoelastic foam to create a memory foam mattress, and usually consists of three layers of design.

The top of the “comfort layer” made of unique materials, when exposed to body temperature, the body shape will be deformed from any pressure release. The second layer is called the “support layer.” This layer is more rigid, so that the overall shape of the mattress remains the same, but also support the softer and thinner comfort layer. Finally, the third layer is the grassroots of all. The bottom platform supports the other two layers, the most common of which is the thickest and most rigid layer in all layers.

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Best Budget Mattress That Provide You Comfort Sleep


  • A memory foam mattress has an excellent overall rating and also have more stars than other mattress types in owner satisfaction.
  • Meet the ability and movement to isolate above average.
  • Many highly valued brands/models are less than $ 1,000.


  • Compared with other mattress types, memory foam mattresses are more likely to degas, keep heat, limit body movement.
  • Lacks bounce and prolong sleep.

Lucid 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Plush Feel – Gel Infusion – Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal

Lucid 12 Inch Mattress

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This product by Lucid 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a truly luxurious and supportive mattress ideal for side and back sleepers that giving a more adjustable mattress. The top layer of this mattress features 1.5 inches of soft and supportive memory foam that reacts differently to your body than regular foam by immediately rebounding and never dropping impressions. Below that, a 2-inch gel-infused layer of memory foam supports cradle your body to offer pressure-relieving relaxation. This mattress performs the use of 2 inches of transitionary foam to add structure and durability. 6.5 inches of thick support foam, infused with bamboo charcoal, serve as stable support and base for the mattress. Plus, the bamboo charcoal infusion benefits keep your bed scenting fresh thanks to its natural hypoallergenic qualities. Transform your sleep with this well-rounded mattress excellent for side and back sleepers. If you favor a little more comfort, this mattress is also available in a medium-firm configuration.

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The top layer is a  1.5 -inch layer of bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam. Bamboo charcoal is specifically for sensitive skin and has better-quality thermal law. The second layer is a 2-inch layer of ventilated, gel-infused memory foam. The mattress is very helpful for the body, especially for back pain & joint pain. Layer mend breathability and temperature for a more relaxed sleep environment. The third layer is 2” memory foam support layer. An extra Under this tier 6.5 inches of dense support foam, which offers the perfect amount of support for the entire memory foam mattress. The top mattress encloses by a removable rayon fashioned by Bamboo Cover and convulsions faultlessly with the subject of the total bed. This mattress offers 10 years of great supporting guarantee.

Lucid 12 Inch Mattress


  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Item weights: 74.9 pounds
  • Size: King 12″ Inches 
  • Item Dimension: 79 x 75 x 12 inches
  • Items warranty: 10 years
  • It’s far particularly useful for people who are affected by lower returned pain.
  • Double memory foam layers on top of a reassuring base craft a plush feel.
  • Luxurious, gel-infused memory foam squeezes curves to sack pressure, with a ventilated strategy for improved airflow and temperature
  • Long-lasting support.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • This memory foam weight is quite heavy.
  • For cost consideration, it is one of the highest price memory foam mattresses.

3. Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11″ Mattress 3 Layer Spring/Memory Foam 

Leesa Luxury Hybrid 11Layer Spring Memory Foam-

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The Leesa mattress is one of the newest mattress brands. This mattress acknowledges both manufacturing specialists and consumers. The attractive design of Leesa mattress appeals to the customer and is crafted with three superior foam layers for freshening, well-being, and pressure aid. The Leesa mattress was planned to progress on the leading memory foam brand, which is cost-effective. The Leesa mattress uses 3-layers of foam. Top layer This top layer is 2″ of Avena foam.

  • First Layer Comfort Layer 
  • Second Layer Recovery Layer
  • Third Layer Support Layer

Avena is an original foam that acts like latex foam, which offers excellent cooling, bounce, and more hard-wearing. The second layer is a 2″ layer of memory foam. The second layer based on the recovery foam layer It makes available provision, stress assistance, and profound firmness support. The last layer is a 6″ layer of high-density foam, which acts as an initial base for the mattress. It will not captivate extra warmth.


  • Item weights: 80 pounds
  • Size: King 11″
  • Item Dimension: 80 x 39 x 11 in
  • Items warranty: 10 year
  • Construction Type Innerspring
  • Cooling Gel Not Available 
  • Reasonable price according to its high quality.
  • As it makes of Avena, it accomplishes better than latex in both toughness and spring up.
  • Simply one of the highest first-class memory foam after the overall performance and content material.
  • Fear free ten years confined warranty.
  • Product weights are comparatively little.
  • Item offers middle firmness levels.
  • Item density is not sufficient.
  • The cover is non-removable

4. Sleep Innovations Marley 12-inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Marley 12-inch Foam

Sleep Innovations is such kind of mattress industry which recognize as a leader and visionary in the Cooling Gel memory foam position. Each product produces after researching and testing to accomplish the buyer’s desire. They use art and ingredient very innovatively. Their mattress, the Sleep Innovations Marley 12-inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, is one of the innovative, attractive design which they provide with a Best Budget Mattress of 2020 that the user can buy their product.

  1. First Layer 2″ Cooling Gel Memory Foam
  2. Second Layer 3″ Air Channel Foam
  3. Third Layer 7″ Supportive Premium Base Foam
  4. The Fourth Layer infused gel beads

Sleep Innovations

To provide the best quality, they used a two-layer combination of the first-class mattress, which makes from 2 inches Sure 2″ Cooling Gel Memory Foam and high tech 3″ air channel foam to keep you cool in summer nights. And a 7-inch supportive foam mattress that makes available extreme relief and care. This product offers 10 years of longevity, which is very impressive.


  • Item weights: 108 pounds
  • Size: King 12″ Inches 
  • Item Dimension: 80 x 76 x 12inches
  • Items warranty: 10 year
  • Cooling gel memory foam
  • Every sleep position
  • Firmness level Medium
  • Paragon for any sleepers.
  • Tension-free 20 years of warranty.
  • Very much affordable price.
  • Movement isolation.
  • Upgraded airflow all over the mattress.
  • Some Peoples Feel Heat generation problem.
  • Cleaning is difficult.
  • Not enough density and thickness for the mattress.

5. DynastyMattress 12″ Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Free Pillows 

DynastyMattress 12" Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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This DynastyMattress will help you get your best sleep ever night! The Best-quality production features four layers for terminal comfort: 3″ gel memory Mattress, 4″ Pure Memory Mattress support, 5″ high-density Mattress, and infused gel beads. These layers take support for the next generation! DynastyMattress Cool gel technology will help you remain calm even during hot nights. This medium-firm mattress gives the support to your back that you sleep in comfort. It can also help reduce back pain. Some doctors recommend memory Mattress after operations to help patients get all-around support to help decrease pain.

  1. First Layer 3″ gel memory foam
  2. Second Layer 4″ Pure Memory foam support
  3. Third Layer 5″ high-density foam
  4. Fourth Layer infused gel beads

The DynastyMattress mattress is designed for aged and 18 – 80 years old or can hold up to 500 weight. The medium firmness is the vast rating for usual sleeping, making it an excellent decision for people who don’t know which unique comfort level they need. DynastyMattress CoolBreeze 12″ Gel Memory Mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it meets high standards for production, emissions, and durability. The high-quality memory Mattress and pressure-relieving gel memory foam are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites.



  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Size: King 12″ Inches 
  • Construction Type Foam 
  • Item Dimension: 80 x 72 x 12 in
  • Item Weight 100 pounds
  • Items warranty: 20 year
  • Plush sleep ground and excellent flexibility.
  • Provide equal firmness and softness.
  • 20 years of safe and supportive warranty.
  • Spectacular looking and advanced technology.
  • Deepest memory foam.
  • Finest mattress for back pain.
  • Quite heavyweight.
  • Chemical smells disturb sleeper some times when you buy new

6. Best Price Mattress 11″ Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

gel memory foam mattress

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Best Price Mattress 11-inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress is one of the top choice able high-quality gel memory foam for the user. It is a very famous brand for its affordable price and good quality. It also has an excellent performance in relieving back pain. This 11” mattress has fourth different layers.

  • First Layer 1.5″ Gel-infused memory foam
  • Second Layer 2″ Ventilated pressure relief foam
  • Third Layer 7.5″ High-density support foam
  • Knitted poly-Jacquard cover with satin piping border and non-slip bottom

The first layer has 1” microfiber layer with extra plush foam for adding flexibility and less hotness generation. The second layer is 2″ ventilated pressure relief foam, The third layer is 7.5″ high-density base foam that adds comfort and ensures long-lasting durability. This mattress brand offers high quality at a little cost and great supportive ten years of guarantee. All products are at reasonable rates also made with the latest high tech technology.


  • Item weights: 40 pounds
  • Size: King 11″ Inches 
  • Item Dimension: 75 x 39 x 11 inches
  • Sleep cool layering system with gel infusion
  • 2″ Ventilated pressure relief foam
  • Items warranty: 10 year
  • Very good for side sleepers.
  • Affordable price compared to others.
  • Durability is very high.
  • Very comfortable and flexible.
  • Warranty support is relatively small.
  • Not enough firmness level.
  • Slight chemical smells, sometimes disturb the sensitive sleepers.

7. Brentwood Home Oceano Hybrid Innerspring, Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Non-Toxic

gel memory foam mattress

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SizeTwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCA King
Dimensions39" x 75" x 15"39" x 80" x 15"54" x 75" x 15"60" x 80" x 15"76" x 80" x 15"72" x 84" x 15"

Now I am going to discuss Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home is a popular famous mattress and bedding company. They start their business in the 1980s. In the beginning, they sell mattress toppers and other decorations.

  1. First Layer Based On New Zealand Wool
  2. Second Layer 3. 2-Inch Gel Memory Foam
  3. Third Layer 4. 2.5-Inch Individually Wrapped Micro Coils
  4. Fourth Layer 5. 1-Inch Ventilated Airflow Foam
  5. Fifth Layer 6. 8-Inch Individually Wrapped Base Coils

They have expanded one of the major mattress producers on the West coast. Their one of the best innovation is Brentwood Home Bamboo Mattress 15” gel memory foam. This bed consists of 4 different layers with a total 15’’.
The top layer is gel-infused memory foam, and its height is 3. 2”. As it is gel infused, it helps to avoid any heat retaining in the memory foam.
3.5” top layer helps the brand to differentiate from another mattress brand. The middle layer 5. 1-Inch Ventilated Airflow Foam assists the top layer in improving their ventilation process, i.e., improved airflow offers to the mattress.
6. 8-Inch Individually Wrapped Base Coils – 5 Zones of base coils add extra support for your feet, head, and lumbar area. It provides adequate stability for the mattress. The significant issue that this bed gives 25 years of long-lasting warranty.

Product Overview

  1. Construction Type Hybrid
  2. Item weights: 135 pounds
  3. Size: Split King 15 inches
  4. Item Dimension: 76 x 80 x 15 inches
  5. Item Firmness Description Medium
  6. Memory Foam, Gel Foam
  7. Size King
  8. Items warranty: 25 year
  • Very much affordable price with high quality.
  • Pretty good for the side sleepers.
  • 25 years of long time warranty.
  • Incredibly reduced motion transfer capability.
  • Little weight.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam
  • Shortage of edge support.
  • After sleeping, it becomes scorching in less time.