How To Clean A Coffee Maker The Right Way

Have you noticed anything wrong or some changes in your coffee maker? May be your coffee does not taste as good as it should be, or it is little noisier or taking long to brew your coffee? If yes, then it is time to clean your coffee maker properly. What? Does your coffee maker say it always auto cleans itself after each use? Yeah, it is true, but in reality, even the most expensive coffee brewers need a complete manual cleaning once in a while.

Best Way To Clean Your Coffee Maker To Get Batter Taste

So why we cleaning the coffee maker can solve your problems? From time to time, dust and fine coffee residue accumulate inside the coffee maker and in a couple of month’s starts to impair your brewer’s capability. Even it is possible that these dust particles deteriorate your brewer and shortens its life span. Also, if you are using milk in your coffee, there is a big chance that mold and yeast make their home inside the top of the reservoir. This yeast and mold are very dangerous for your health.

But, cleaning the coffee maker is very easy, and you can clean your coffee maker at home in 30 minutes. You just need some water, descaling powder, and some vinegar to make your coffee maker clean. Vinegar is not only good for cleaning the coffee maker, but it also kills the germs and bacteria to make it safe. Now, if you are ready to clean your coffee machine, then follow these seven steps and make your coffee machine as clean as new.

What You Need To Clean:

  1. Water Reserver (Remove Able Water Tank)
  2. Coffee Brew Basket
  3. Glass Carafe
  4. Coffee Filters & Holder
  5. Removeable

Coffeemaker Cleaning Parts

What You Need: 

  1. Descaling Powder Buy At Amazon
  2. White Vinegar Buy At Amazon
  3. Hot Water
  4. Gloves
  5. Hot Water

Clean Your Coffeemaker From Outside

First You need to clean your coffee maker from outside, so remove parts and clean with simple washing liquid or any kind of detergent. Some things keep in mind that never rub any plastic part with scotch or rubbing agent. Just use foam or any soft fabric to clean the plastic part of your coffeemaker to remove stains. Further, you need to clean your coffeemaker’s internal parts. So let’s start cleaning your coffeemaker from inside.

7 Steps to easily Cleaning Coffeemaker From Inside

  1. Make sure your machine is completely empty, and there is no coffee in it. If you are unsure about this, just clean it with warm water, remove all the filters and carafe and make sure it is empty.
  2. Mix 2/3 of water and 1/3 of vinegar and pour it into the water reservoir of the coffee machine.
  3. Keep the mixture in the reservoir for a few minutes, after that turn on the machine and keep the solution run inside.
  4. Let the brewing cycle complete; once it is a complete turn off the machine and keep the solution inside for at least 20 minutes or until it is cold down. This will remove all the stains inside the machine and kills the germs.
  5. Once all the stains are removed, remove all the solutions, and add one cup of clean water into the brewer. Brew the clean cup of water in the brewer let it cool for a couple of minutes. Follow this step until the smell of vinegar is removed.
  6. Now fill your carafe with warm water and some soap scrub it to remove the stains and rinse with clean water.
  7. Clean the carafe with soft cotton cloth until it is completely dry.

If You have all in one coffeemaker or it including of milk jug, then you need to descale it thoroughly and, you can use descaling powder and hot water to remove Milk lubrication. It cased of bad smell in your coffee maker milk jug, so you need your special attention to clean milk jug from inside.

The second most important part of the coffeemaker is a brewing system. As you know, if you keep coffee seeds or brew coffee in the air, then it becomes a little Adhesive, so it’s also stuck inside of brewing system. So you can use hot water to clean your brew system as well. If you see limescale or calcium deposits that don’t move when you clean out the water tank, try applying a cleaning or descaling product specially formulated for coffeemakers machines.

Some Tips To Get Batter Taste

  • Clean Your Coffeemaker Daily
  • Remove Filters On Time
  • Wash Milk Jug Daily From Inside To Prevent Bad Smell From Coffee
  • Keep Tray Clean & Empty As Well

And your coffee maker is as clean as it needs to be. You can now enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you like.

Are there any Vinegar Alternatives to clean the coffee maker?

If you think vinegar smell stinks, you can always have alternatives. There are coffee cleaning alternatives available in the market you can use. Mr. Coffeemaker Cleaner is one of the finest coffee machine cleaners, you just need to mix the powder with water and follow the above steps to make sure the coffee maker is clean.

Urnex Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleaner

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Now that your unit’s back to perfection, you’ll want to learn some new techniques to make sure you won’t be cleaning it every weekend (not that it’s a bad idea). First, start by using only filtered water to prepare drinks. This saves you from the wrath of water impurities, especially calcium, which builds up to clog the internals. Next, you’ll want to know how regularly you should give the brewer a thorough cleaning if you are using it every day, then at least once a month, and if not at least once per 3 months. Do this, and you’ll never have to complain about your coffee flavor degrading with time.