How To Clean Air Conditioner At Home

How To Clean Air Conditioner Guide. Summer is now at the door, and we know You will be busy preparing for a welcome to hot days. So you also need to do ready some household gadgets to use on hot days. You need to clean your fridge, Air Conditioner, and some other things too because they are closed from 4 months and now to get ready to keep you fresh on hot days. So here we give you some tips about how to clean an air conditioner in a few easy and essential steps. So let’s get ready to service your Air Conditioner and get a clean and healthy environment for your family. Here we have talked with a certified worker of a famous brand to get this information.

Easy Way To Clean Air Conditioner At Home

Tools You Need

  1. Leather gloves

  2. 4-in-1 screwdriver

  3. Rags

  4. Vacuum Cleaner

  5. Air Blower

  6. Dust Saving Mask

Other Items You Need

  1. Electric motor oil

  2. Liquid Dish Wash

  3. Bristle Brush

  4. Water

  5. Damp Cloth

So here is a step by step guide to clean your Air Conditioner indoor and outdoor unit. So first you need to know some basic things while cleaning process. So first check all coils deeply. If you see any pipe is leaking, then you need to hire a service agent to refill the gas. After reviewing your unit, you can start the further process for cleaning. So let’s start and know first what you need to clean your Air Conditioner you can see below a diagram of Air Conditioner Parts.

What You Need To Clean Of Indoor Unit

  • Front Panel
  • Air Inlet
  • Air Filter
  • Air Flow Grils
  • What You Need To Clean Of Outdoor Unit
  • Air Outlet (Condenser)

How To Clean Air Conditioner Indoor Unit

So wear gloves and start your Air Conditioner cleaning process from the indoor unit, first, remove the electricity of your air conditioner and now remove the cover of your indoor unit carefully. So now you can see two air filters their and they so dirty, now you need to clean it with normal water and dishwasher, so remove those filters carefully, and wash it with water using the dish wash liquid and you can use a brush to remove mud from these filters.

Now you need to clean the inside area of your indoor unit, so start your vacuum cleaner and suck the dirt from the inside unit using your vacuum cleaner. So now you can remove dust from your Air Flow Grils with a damp cloth easily. Now you need to clean Air Inlet of an indoor unit so that air blower can help you, just keep Air blower tip at Air Inlet and now start your air blower so it will remove the dust in the air drain out of your outdoor unit. Right now, your indoor unit is cleaned, insert air filters as before and close the indoor unite case carefully. Now you can move at your outdoor unit to clean it thoroughly to get batter cooling and pure fresh air in the room.

How To Clean Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

Now you need to clean off your outdoor unit; it’s covered by case using the screw, so pick up a screwdriver and open the case of the outdoor unit. You can see a condenser inside the unit, so first remove dirt from inside using an air blower. Please always use gloves and facemask while cleaning your home. So after eliminating trash now, you just wash the condenser with water carefully and don’t touch any other accessories in the outdoor unit. After cleaning the condenser, close the case with the screw as before. Your mission of cleaning your Air conditioner complete successfully now you can use it and hope you feel a fresh air like first use.

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Is it OK to spray water on your air conditioner?

Yes no issue but you need to do extra effort of cleaning and wiping your floor, so use vacuum cleaner to remove dirt inside of.

How often should you clean your air conditioner?

whenever you the summer season start because you can get clean and healthy envoirement after service your air conditioner before the season.