How to Clean Dirty White Air Force 1

Air Force 1, A premium quality men sports shoes by leading sportswear brand Nike. More comfortable to wear during jogging and sports, so that was men like to wear Air Force 1 (AF1) shoes. So as you know, while playing and jogging shoes getting dirty, and after some time, they giving a yellow look and also looking mud stains on shoe canvas. So if you want your boots not turned into the yellowish look and not looking old, then you need some tips to keep your Air Force 1, clean and whiten look. And yes, you need to deep clean your Air Force 1, each month to keep whiten and they look new.

How do you clean white air force ones at home

How To Clean Air Force 1

  • Always clean your Air Force 1, after jogging and playing with a soft bristle brush.
  • Air Force 1 made by leather, textile and synthetic leather upper so you can clean it soft wet cloth daily to prevent yellowish look.
  • Always do the deep cleaning process of your Air Force 1 once in a month.

So these steps always help you to keep your Air Force 1 clean and white, and you can wear a long time. So here we also suggest you necessary details about how to clean Air Force 1 shoes with household items. So, first of all, you need some essential things to clean your Air Force 1. So let’s start how to clean dirty white air force ones they look new. So here are some tips about How do you clean old Air Force Ones?

What You Need:

  1. Your Dirty Air Force 1
  2. Water
  3. Plastic Tub
  4. A Soft Bristle Brush (You can pick an old toothbrush also)
  5. Baking Soda
  6. White Vinegar
  7. Bleach Liquide (To Remove Yellow Stains)
  8. Liquid Dishwash
  9. Microfiber Cloth

These are essential items to clean your shoes without any stress, and yes, you can get a good result with these items, so let’s start the cleaning procedure of your Air Force 1 boots.

  • First, remove the brace from your Air Force 1 boots.
  • Remove the dist from your boots with a brush.
  • Now pour half cup normal water in a tub and mix some drop of a dishwashing liquid and shake it.
  • Pick the brush and dip into the liquid and rub gently on your Air Force 1 shoes upper and sole.
  • After applying the dishwasher, liquid cleans it with a microfiber cloth.
  • You can wash Air Force 1 lace in the same way.
  • After washing, soak the lace in a bleach solution for 5 minutes to get whiteness. 

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To remove mud and yellow stains from your Air Force 1 boots, you need a further procedure to give a bright look. Now you need to make a paste with baking soda and white vinegar. So mix both equal in any plastic container and rub with a brush on your Air Force 1 boots upper. Leave it for five minutes and after five minutes clean with a microfiber cloth. After that, your shoes get the new white look and remove all stains from it. If you feel mud stains still remain, then you can try lemon juice, get some lemon juice and apply on blemishes with a toothbrush and rub it gently. Leave for five minutes and, after five minutes, clean with a microfiber cloth. Do you know? Also, you can use bleach liquid (a chemical (typically a solution of sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide) used to whiten or sterilize materials.) to remove muddy and yellow stains. Just dip a toothbrush in bleach liquid and apply on blemishes and whole upper to remove yellowish look leave it for 3 minutes and clean with wet wipes altogether.

How To Clean Air Force 1 from inside

Cleaning process from inside a little bit difficult because you can’t use these items to clean your Air Force 1 boot from inside. So let’s do the clean your Air Force 1 with few easy steps. You need some other items to clean from inside.

  1. Acetone
  2. Bottle Shower
  3. Microfiber Cloth
  4. Baby Wipes

First of all, remove mud from inside the boot with baby wipes; you can clean the inside area with baby wipes, and after that, fill some Acetone in bottle shower and spry inside the shoes. After spraying, the acetone gets quickly drying, so you need to clean the inside area with a microfiber cloth quickly as well. Acetone also removes mud, germs, and bad smell from inside the shoes. So just you need to clean the entire area from inside with carefully. After these steps of the deep cleaning procedure, now you need to keep your Air Force 1 in the year to dry.

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How do I reduce shoe odor?

Sunshine also a big source of removing germs and lousy smell naturally. So you can keep your Air Force 1 boot in the sunshine for 30 minutes. After drying your boot, you can wear them and go jogging with your new shoes. I hope you like these tips and get your Air Force 1 clean and white as you want. So comment below and help us to grow and also share with your friends and family members. Thanks for staying with us.

Can you put Air Force Ones in the washing machine?

Never, the official brand can’t suggest you wash your Air Force 1 in the washer because the water can damage your boots. Some peoples are also asking to wash your boots in the machine, but I can’t recommend you wash your boots in the washer.

Why do Air Force Ones turn yellow?

One of the main reasons for yellowing happens due to a process called oxidation, and oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen. Sadly, when your icy soles to oxygen, they turn yellow.

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