How To Clean Instant Pot & Parts

How To Clean Instant Pot? A hard effort after enjoying the delicious meals. My mother mentions food that the healthier it is, the tastier it gets. I consider this a fact in this current situation of a pandemic; we all know how important it is to eat and drink healthy and maintain a proper cleanliness protocol in every place we visit—following the SOPS and it a nice and healthy diet. Most of us today prefer to eat homemade stuff to avoid any sort of germs or unhealthy substances present in food cooked outside. In such a situation, we cook our food at home, and that definitely means we need to maintain healthy and cleanliest surroundings in our kitchen and home.

How To Clean & Care For Your Instant Pot

Now, what if you are very excited to eat your favorite steamed chicken, and as you place it in your mouth and break it between your teeth, a foul smell covers your nose and oral cavity? Obviously, you will discard the plate and might get a gag reflex too. But do you know what caused it? That unclean pot you used for cooking your chicken.

Mostly we use the instant pot for steaming stuff, and it is the best to do it. Almost all of our recipes are companioned by the instant pots we have. It’s handy and is easy to use. But the problem is, it might make your food smelly due to under maintenance or I should say, due to being untidy. Old food particles are still residing somewhere in the pot.

Form a strand of your hair to the water flask you carry every day with you to work; everything in your life requires maintenance. Similarly, your daily cooking partner requires some attention too. Since you know the importance of your instant pot’s cleanliness, id shares my self-experienced pot cleaning tips with you, so you don’t have to do it the hard way. So, let’s start the topic about How To Clean Instant Pot?

Things You Need:

  • Kitchen Gloves
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice (One Tea Spoon)
  • Vinegar
  • Scrubber
  • Dishwashing Soap

Safety First:

We are going to use a lot of water in the process of cleaning. So, before anything, you should unplug your pot and make sure it is not near any magnetic material. This saves you from an unexpected but unintentionally welcomed shock. Plus, if you forget about unplugging it, it might be uneasy to handle it with a wire tangled around your arm.

Dishwashing Technique:

How To Clean Instant Pot starting with the simplest of all techniques, dishwashing is the easiest task when talking about the kitchen. Therefore, simply wash the base pot of the instant pot with the dishwashing soap from the inside and the outside. This is important to make your kitchen and food cleaner and erase every possible germ and greasy traces present on the surface of the pot.

Baking Soda And Lemon Scrub:

In a condition where you burnt something or tough stains on your pot, you can use this scrub to clean your utensil. Just place a few tablespoons of baking soda in a cup or a container and squeeze a lemon onto it. You will notice a foam-forming over the soda; use the same lemon peel or some other cloth/ foam and scrub the mixture over the stains on your pot. Rinse the scrub; after a few minutes of scrubbing, you will see the stains will disappear without any extra effort.


Weird smells being added to your food is a very annoying and irritating thing. Vinegar can be used o take all sorts of smells (Source) and oils out of your container. All you have to do is to put an equal proportion of water and vinegar into the pot. Place a few lemon peels inside it, turn it on, and close it for a while. This will make your pot smell fresh and clean. So the best results after taking the vinegar solution out you should clean it with a clean cloth to add shine and saving time from drying it otherwise. Easy right?

No Scratches:

Warmth is essential when you are dealing with anything tough or gluey. It seems poetic, but it is very scientific too. Oils and tough stains or burnt food and colors of dyes can be very tough. You might need to scratch them off. This can cause your pot to get a scratched surface, and that will definitely be a turn-off.

To prevent yourself from using this much energy and saving your pot from scratches, use warm water to wash the pot. If you put warm water in the pot and close it for some time while it is turned off, it can make all the stains soft. Later-on when you rinse it off with room temperature water, it will be fascinating how easily and quickly the stains are removed and gone.

How to clean instant pot lid?

Lid and Unclogging:

Steam formation and pressure formation are the two main phenomena on which our instant pot works. Science can get tricky sometimes. This makes small particles, and often oils and evaporated substances get stuck into the nozzles as well as the rubber or silicone sealing ring. You need to clean the lid carefully and unclog the nozzles and other such points by running water through them and taking all of the clogged materials out.

Sealing Ring:

The sealing ring of the lid needs special attention too. It makes your pot airtight, and a malfunction of this small unnoticeable part can cause your instant pot to blow up. This ring is often made up of silicon or rubber. It makes the airtight lid ad keeps it intact to the base pot.

It is removable in all of the pots; remove it, and wash it separately with the dishwasher. Later you should check for cracks or any loose end and fit perfectly after dried and completely intact.

Cleaning Smaller Parts:

Instant pots come with small pressure creating weights and a few other accessories, including the steel frame used for seaming or roasting of stuff. These all small parts should be cleaned and washed separately with a dishwasher.

Some people prefer boiling them since they are completely washable. Boil them in some other containers and dry them with a towel or an absorbing cloth. This makes them completely germ and mold-free. Cleaning this way is proven to make them look shinier too.

Putting Together The Effort:

Now, you can breathe for a while. Your task is almost done. All of the parts of your instant pot are cleaned, dried, and all ready for getting assembled.

Use a manual or a YouTube tutorial video if you have not done this part before. But If you have been through this, then it is probably the easiest part. Just make sure you put in the sealing ring properly, check that you have all of the parts you unassembled. Put all of them together in the same orientation as before; check if your instant pot is still working by boiling some water in it and rechecking for the electric wire and plug to avoid any future electric shocks.

Finally, Cleaning Of Instant Pot Mission Is Over:

Finally, your instant pot is ready to be used. Do a deep cleaning session of your pot every month to keep it working instantly and efficiently. The methods mentioned above are quite easy and simple; try anyone of them that you find easy and enjoy your happy, healthy, and fresh meals.