How to Unclog a Toilet DIY Tips To Unblock Drains

How to unclog a toilet? When nothing works, and you want to brack your floor to unclog your toilet. Here we provide you some hacks to unclog a toilet with a few easy steps. First, you need to know why your toilet blocked, sometimes your toilet block, due to hair and other mud. This happened is more stressful when you have a guest at your home, and your toilet is blocked. The blockage of your bathroom also caused a bad smell, so you instantly need to unclog your toilet. So here, we assist you in using some super techniques approved by cleaning experts.

How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

What You Need

  1. Gloves
  2. Face Mask
  3. Plunger
  4. Plumbing Snake
  5. Drains Openers
  6. Sodium hydroxide (Option 1)
  7. Hydrochloric acid (HCI) (Option 2)

How to unclog your toilet with a plunger?

A plunger is basically a simple tool to unclog a bathroom. A toilet plunger comes in tow size, so you need to buy an accurate size according to your ceramic commode. First, boil water and pour in your toilet now just put a plunger at the commode and press it consistently, even unclog your toilet. Hot water makes your problem more manageable. There are many types of toilet plungers available in the market, so its a bit challenging to find the right product according to your needs. Here we solve your problem and find the best toilet plunger that really works and has tons of good customer reviews. So let’s have a look at some top-rated toilet plunger that available at Amazon.

How to unclog your toilet With Plumbing Snake?

Plumbing Snake is one of the best tools to unclog your toilet and sink while minor blockage. A steel wire insert in the who and it can remove hair, and another type of blockage with less effort.

RIDGID 59802 K-6 DH Toilet Auger

Toilet Auger also can solve your problem and easy to use to unclog your toilet. Its consists of carbon spring wires that can be used to unclog your toilet, you need to enter it in whole and rotate it, and the carbon spring lowers like a drill hole. So I think this little tool can work efficiently and unblock your toilet with less effort.

Genuine TERAPUMP Drain Blaster Plunger High-Pressure Sink Plunger

Kindly wear gloves and face masks while cleaning and another kind of work. Genuine TERAPUMP Drain Blaster Plunger is one of the best tools I saw in the market. This plunger consists of two types of the tool; one is pump and second is a plastic stick with sharp thorns on both sides. First, one pump has a nozzle that can be fitted in your toilet, and the pump can hold pressures of up to 87 psi. This plunger nozzle expands in the toilet and ensures an airtight seal for maximum pressure. First, put some pressure in the pump, get fitted in the toilet, and press the air button. The plunger can release the high gust of air and immediately clear your clogs. This plunger can clog from toilets, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, floor drains, and various other uses. Another plastic stick plunger can quickly unclog your bathtub and sink or remove hair in a few seconds. Just put the plunger in drain hole and rotate it both sides and pull out; sharp thorns of the stick will be pulled out all hair easily and unclog your sink and bathtub.

Product Features:

  • Holds pressures of up to 87 psi!
  • Includes: 1 x Plunger & 1 x Hair Drain
  • Package Dimensions 17.91 x 6.65 x 3.98 inches
  • Product Reviews:

It took me a little while to see it together. My issue was I didn’t push the toilet plunger onto the red part hard enough. This arrived at a most convenient time. I had a well-plugged toilet. One-shot, and it was cleared! Review By mflybrigge.

How to unclog your toilet With Drains Openers?

In the market, many drains openers available. But you need to know these drains openers consisting of harsh chemicals, so you need more care while using any chemicals at home. So first, check the care instructions at the label before using it.

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener?

Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener is the best product you can use to unclog your drains. Ultimate Main Line opener thick, high-power formula sinks through water and clings to pipes to liquify severe drain blocking, clearing the mainline to and from your home. This clean never damage your pipes and dissolve hairs and other stuff quickly and effectively. This drain opener consists of non-caustic and safer alternatives than using chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or bleach.

How to unclog your toilet with Sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide (Source) multifunctional industrial chemicals that can use for various purposes. We recommended this product only when all other drain openers are failed to unclog your pipelines. So read instructions carefully before using Sodium hydroxide at home. So always wear glover and facemask before using any chemicals and cleaning the surface. Put the sodium hydroxide in the toilet without touching it and leave for six to eight hours and, after eight hours, put boiling water in the bathroom. Empty bottler disposed of carefully.

How to unclog your toilet with Hydrochloric Acid?

Another industrial-grade chemical that solves your problem, and unclogs your drain with less effort. We say again, please don’t use any chemical without wearing gloves and facemask. Buy Hydrochloric Acid around 500ml, put it into your blocked toilet, and leave it for six to eight hours. No need to do anything after using Hydrochloric Acid.

Care Instructions

  • Don’t use any kind of chemicals without reading instructions.
  • Always use gloves, apron, and facemask before using chemicals.
  • Carry all chemicals carefully, keep away from children reach.
  • Disposed-of empty bottles correctly.
  • Never touch & smell any chemical.

How To Unclog A Kitchen Sink

You can use all those methods we mention before and unclog your kitchen sink quickly. Some people also ask a few questions like how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water. So the answer is that you can use a plunger to remove the blockage in your kitchen sink.

  • First, remove the drain pipe under from sink and check it if the problem is there.
  • If the drain sink pipe is clear, then insert the Drain plumbing snake pull it and rotate in both directions. In some tries, you can unclog your kitchen sink easily.
  • If the problem is still, then you need to pour any drain opener and wait for six to eight hours.
  • After the time pour a gallon hot water in the drain, hot water can dissolve grace and unclog the drain.

Final Words

we know it is to embracing moments when you have guests at home, and your toilet is blocked. So every woman wants to do it quickly. So you need to keep these items at home, and whenever you buy groceries for your home must buy a Plunger and drain opener for your home. But one thing always keeps in mind store chemicals away from children’s reach. You may need them anytime.

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