The Best Natural Gas Grills Reviews

Natural Gas Grills features and reviews about the product quality and other top-rated features so you can select the right product according to your needs. The best natural gas grills have a couple of things in common. They are pricey, and they can get very hot, very fast. In this guide, we looked at a couple of varying price ranges. When making your selection keep in mind maximum BTU (British Thermal Unit), portability (these units are stationary), and personal requirements. Natural gas is a great option, and purchasing a grill is a big decision, but is natural gas (NG) for you? So let’s have a look at Natural Gas Grills Reviews and select the right product for you.

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

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Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill

I have tested this grill and actually have a full review of the Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 here. I wanted to get the same LP model, but I ended up getting this Weber Spirit E-310 NG at the last minute. I guess, I just followed my father’s footsteps. He used to do the same. Always experimenting and trying out new things at the expense of his wallet. Anyways, let’s get into the details of this grill starting with the standard product features.

Features of the Weber E310 Natural Gas Grill

The grates of this grill are made from cast iron and are porcelain-enameled for superior heat retention. The burners are made of stainless steel, and they offer an excellent 32,000 BTU heat output. The grill also features a generous 424 square inches of cooking space and an additional 105 square inches for warming rack. So, you get a total of 529 square inches of cooking area.

As a bonus, there are two side shelves to keep prep items. The grill also integrates practical features such as tool hooks to hang utensils within one’s reach. Moreover, it’s fitted with a thermometer for heat monitoring inside the hood. The inbuilt electric ignition starts the burner at the push of a button. In fact, all three burners can be started at one touch of a button. There is also a fuel gauge that tells you exactly how much fuel is left. The grill sits comfortably on four heavy-duty wheels.

Basic Features

  • Product Dimensions 32 x 52 x 63 inches
  • Item Weight 120 Pound
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Electronic Crossover ignition system
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars
  • Porcelain-enameled lid
  • Built-in lid thermometer
  • Stainless steel side tables
  • Painted steel door

In Use:

It arrived at my doorsteps in a large cardboard box. It was packed nicely to prevent shipping damage. Once opened, I loved the simplicity of the design. Everything looked in place, and it was easy to get started with this grill. The controls on this grill are located right around your waist area (hand’s reach) to manage them efficiently. At an outdoor trip, it provided me ample room to cook a 20-pound turkey, veggies, and burgers at the same time. While at work, the grill retains heat evenly and seals the taste perfectly.

There’s no learning curve involved at all. Right off the bat, you might feel like an expert cook. I have cooked basic breakfast to large meals on this grill, and it didn’t flame up even once. Personally, I didn’t miss my old grill ever since I laid my hands on this marvel. It pretty much outmatched my previous grill.

  • It’s built from high-quality components. Outstanding workmanship is apparent from the quality of the product. Moreover, it has an inbuilt storage space to store tools and utensils if you wish. With enough cooking area, you can easily cook for a small crowd with this grill. It has everything to offer that a griller would ideally want from an affordable grill.

  • The assembling manual does not have any texts. There are only detailed drawings. So, you will have to look carefully to ensure that you don’t overlook any steps.

Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill

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Lion Premium Grills L75623 32" Natural Gas Grill

Everyone out there wants a grill that performs and lasts. Some of us also wish to have all the bells and whistles on a grill. Let’s check out this Lion 32 inch grill to see if it nails our expectations or not.

Features of the Lion Premium Natural Gas Grill

Natural Gas Grills Reviews about this product so It’s not your regular grill. This one is a four-burner grill. It’s a real beast in its domain. The cooking grates are made from highly durable stainless steel rods that won’t buckle even under intense heat. On the outside of the grill, it has an XL temperature gauge, a sliding stainless steel drip tray, and four commercial size push-to-turn knobs to simultaneously fire up each of its corresponding burners.

Under the lid, you get a super spacious cooking space of 830 square inches. Fueled by natural gas, it has a rear infrared burner. It delivers an enormous total of 75,000 BTU of heat. It also comes with a lot of cool accessories. So, be ready for loads of extra stuff such as a rotisserie kit, griddle, smoker box, and griddle plate remover with a bottle opener. The amount of BTUs is far more than even another style of gas grills and smokers out there.

In Use:

First up, I liked the uncluttered control panel. The grill heats up pretty quickly. So, you could be cooking in no time. Believe it or not, this is just the icing on the cake. Cooking on this grill proved to be a flavor-filled grilling experience.

Hot dogs came out of the grill with lightly charred grill marks, steaks were perfectly seared, and ribs were juicy as hell. I was super impressed. It pretty much exceeded my expectations. No wonder why this grill is widely used in commercial properties.

Basic Features

  • 830 square inches of cooking surface
  • 75,000 total BTUs. Overall thorn remover length: 2 inches, overall handle length: 4 and 1/2 inches
  • Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates
  • Size: 32 inches
  • Double layer seamless welded stainless steel smoker head with polished edges
  • Product Dimensions 24.2 x 32 x 21.5 inches
  • Item Weight 170 pounds
  • It’s fitted with two interior lights for evening entertainment.  A high-quality grill cover is included in the sale price. It protects your investment from potentially damaging elements.

  • Better yet, it’s easy to dismantle and clean the unit. Moreover, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee. It can be used for home, parties, and commercial usage as well.

  • This is a premium model that’s packed with great features. The cost of this grill is on the higher side of the spectrum. Only those who can shave off big bucks will be able to lay their hands on this grill.

Considerable weight is another drawback of this product. It’s pretty huge and heavy for a grill. The fact that it has no wheel casters makes it difficult for transportation too. It’s sure to deliver a big bang for your buck if you are willing to cope up with these minor issues.

Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

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Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding griller out there, Natural Gas Grills Reviews about Weber Summit S-670 brings in a lot of innovation, robust performance, and seasoned grilling to the table. Unlike other grills, it comes with a generous supply of bells and whistles. It has specific minor drawbacks too. Let’s get to everything starting with the product features.

Features of the Weber Summit Natural-Gas Grill

It comes with a neat set of features. This grill comes with four burners that are super easy to ignite. The stainless steel heavy duty lid features a mounted thermometer that provides an accurate reading of the inside temperature of the grill. The simple push-button functionality will tell you how much fuel is left at all times. Each of the burners has its ignition system. It also has a 12000 BTU side burner with its burner ignition and gas control knobs.

In Use:

It comes preassembled for the most part. Some minor assembly needs to be done, which barely takes a few minutes. Being a smart ass, I disassembled it quite a bit to check the fittings. I regretted that decision. It took me a while to assemble it back to where it was. Supposedly, just another stupid act by me! As they say, “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” Lesson learned! Let’s check under the hood now.

The burners get hot pretty quickly. Inside the hood, the heavy stainless steel rod cooking grates do an excellent job of retaining the heat to create juicy and tasty foods. The foods come out evenly cooked with superb sear marks and no actual flare-ups. To get that tantalizing smoky flavor, I simply have to turn the grill into a smoker. Oh, how can I miss this? It comes with an integrated smoker burner that has a separate burner, spit, and fork storage.

Basic Features

  • This product is a Natural Gas unit and you must have Natural Gas plumbed out to your patio or deck to be able to use this grill; If you do not have Natural Gas plumbed, please look at our selection of Propane barbecues
  • The Weber Summit is great for your outdoor grilling needs with its 6 burners. Hose length- 120 inch
  • Capacity is 693-square-inch primary cooking area and a 145-square-inch warming rack for 838 square-inch total cooking area
  • It comes with a side burner, sear burner, and smoker burner with a stainless steel smoker box.Dimensions – Lid Open (inches) 57.1 H x 74.1W x 30 D. Dimensions – Lid Closed (inches) 50.5 H x 74.1 W x 26.5 D(Inches). Primary cooking area (square inches) 624
  • Includes enclosed cart with stainless-steel doors, 6 tool holders, and cookbook included; Main burners: BTU-per-hour input: 60,000
  • Measures 30-by-74-by-57-inch with the lid open;9mm diameter stainless steel cooking grates
  • It’s one of those premium grills out there that are made to last and built to outperform. It comes with adequate storage space as well. It’s fitted with lights that automatically lit when you raise the lid. This puts the spotlight on the food. It’s a neat feature for dim light cooking. For smooth movement and safety, it has two heavy-duty locking system wheels.

  • The guarantee is only for the parts and not for the entire unit. Although the unit is well-built and sturdy, the lighting system did not last long. After about ten months, it stopped working. I had to spend some extra bucks to get it fixed.  Finally, this Weber Summit S-470 does not come cheap. The overflowing features justify the high price tag though!

Weber 66001001 Genesis II S-310 NG Gas Grills, Stainless Steel

Weber 66001001 Genesis II S-310 NG Gas Grills, Stainless Steel Buy At Amazon

Are you looking for something that can comfortably fit into your backyard or apartment balcony? Look no further because I think I have got a perfect match over here. Let’s look at Natural Gas Grills Reviews about this 50 inch Spirit S-310 NG gas grill to see if it can turn you into a backyard master chef or not. Let’s start with the product features first.

Features of the Weber Spirit S210 Natural Gas Grill

Natural Gas Grills Reviews about This two-burner gas grill is compact, easy to move, and durable. The stainless steel body features a centrally mounted thermometer on the top of the lid. It reads the heating temperature inside the hood for cooking and preheating. You also get a roomy storage area to store all the grilling tools that you need to keep close. It has two large wheels to move the grill efficiently and also to lock it at a fixed spot.

For hands on-tray plating and food preparation, it comes with permanently attached steel side tables on both sides of the grill. The knobs on the front of the lid control the burners with high precision. The burners have a crossover ignition system, and they offer a total of 26,500-BTU-per-hour input. It also comes with electronic ignition that helps one fire up the burners at a moment’s notice.

In Use:

Externally, I liked the sleek design and sturdy stainless steel body. Internally, the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates heated evenly and seared the foods perfectly. The inside provides 360 -square inches of cooking space and an additional 90 -square inch of warming. Of course, I remove the warming rack when not in use.

The cooking surface holds a lot of heat to provide a good sear on the meals. I noticed that the lid handle stayed cool even when the grill was quite hot. As reckless as I am, I couldn’t have asked for more. I also loved the fact that it’s compact enough for my small family meal cooking and roomy sufficient for outdoor cooking on a backpacking trip.

Basic Features

  • 10 Year Warranty, 100% Weber guarantee; Main burners: BTU-per-hour input: 39,000
  • Equipped with the powerful Gs4 high-performance grilling system
  • Solid 7mm Stainless Steel rod cooking grates provide superior heat retention
  • The fuel gauge lets you see how much fuel is left in the tank (LP Only). Dimensions-Lid Open-62 H x 59 W x 31 D inches
  • Igrill 3 compatible, for perfectly grilled food (accessory Sold Separately)
  • The inbuilt fuel gauge lets you read the fuel left in the tank. This helps in planning things well. It comes with a total of 6 integrated hooks to hang the utensils. With forward-thinking design and immaculate durability, the Spirit S-210 NG gas grill can serve you for years to come. It’s not one of those units which are built to fail. It’s budget-friendly, yet it delivers dominant performance to exceed our gas barbeque expectations.

  • The cooking space is adequate, but not quite abundant. The combined total of 450 square inches of grill space may not be suited for anyone looking for a more substantial cooking area. While it’s durable and sturdy for the most part, it also has some aluminum finishing in some areas. Increasing numbers of grill manufacturers are following the same trend in mid-priced grills to keep their costs low. Overall, this isn’t a big deal.

Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill, 5-Burner, Stainless Steel

Broil King 958344 Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill, 5-Burner, Stainless Steel Buy At Amazon

Is anyone in your house throwing a fit for a great barbeque every time? Truthfully speaking, it’s not an unreasonable demand to have. After all, we all shave off hundreds or thousands of dollars on a grill. So, we deserve to have a great mealtime every time at home or on the roads.

Will the Broil King gas grill meet our expectations? With 40,000 BTUs heat output from the main burners, it should get the job done, right? We will find out in a little while through this review. So, keep reading!

Features of the Broil King Natural Gas Grill

Made in the USA, Natural Gas Grills Reviews about Broil King gas grill is built for exceptional grilling. Broil King’s famous cooking system lets one cook anything on the grill in any style. It comes with 3 Patented Dual-Tube Burners that ensure even heat distribution under the lid for that perfect barbeque flavor.

The high-quality stainless steel burners along with the linear-flow valves come with a promise of precise heat control in all weather conditions. For grilling versatility, it also comes with a full rotisserie system. Now, let’s get into the heart of the grill.

In Use:

In my eyes, it’s the right size, a sturdy grill that cooks exceptionally well. It provides plenty of space to roast the chicken while grilling steaks and burgers all at the same time. I have been a regular user of this grill for a little over a year now. It cooked plates after plates of delicious meals.

The excellent fiber box design combined with the heavy cast iron cooking grates helps provide even heat distribution. It leaves a nice sear on the meat. The Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system does a beautiful job of vaporizing the drippings to create smoke for an ideal barbecue flavor.

Basic Features

  • Slide Out Tank Holder
  • Rotisserie Burner
  • Powerful Side Burner
  • Full Heat Control
  • Total Cooking Space 1,000 Square Inches
  • Dual-Tube Burners 6 Burners
  • Product Dimensions 62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches
  • Item Weight 217 pounds
  • The grill provides 635 square inches of total grilling space, which is enough to grill for the whole family along with a bunch of friends. It comes with a solid construction, and the unit is pretty durable.

  • Cleaning the unit is easy. So, remember to clean the grill very often to continue receiving lovely flavorful meals out of the hood for a prolonged period. Moreover, it has an electric ignition, and it comes with an excellent warranty.

  • I noticed that the meat tends to stick to the cooking grates when exposed to extremely high temperatures. There’s nothing much to do over here because I was able to resolve the issue by just lowering the temperature.

Let me round things up for you to make your life a little bit easier. So, here we go:

For sheer power, efficiency, and good cooking space, Natural Gas Grills Reviews about Weber Spirit E-310 LP Gas Grill can be grabbed at the last minute without a second thought just like I did. For its features, it’s damn affordable! If you want something bigger than performs and lasts long, Lion 32 inch grill would fit the bill. With 830 square inches, this grill is a powerhouse in itself. It can easily cater to a decent size crowd. But, the cost is on the higher side.