Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System With Auto-IQ

One of the absolute must-have kitchen gadgets is the food processor and blender with swappable blades which can be used for multi-purposing. If you are in pursuit of such a kitchen gadget that provides you an ultimate solution for blending and chopping as well as attains minimal space within an affordable budget then you may consider the bn801 Ninja professional plus kitchen system with Auto-IQ which is the contemporary model in the series of ninja professional kitchen system.

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

One of the considerable advancements in the latest model is the auto-IQ technology which will be discussed later in detail. Ninja bn801 provides versatile functionality options with the different sized containers such as powerful blending and other food processing with the one compact base motor to consume less shelf space. So you can quickly make your favorite smoothie to delicious deserts dough by just reciprocating the containers. Now let’s move swiftly to its comprehensive review which includes.

ninja professional plus kitchen system with auto-iq

Salient features of ninja bn801 professional plus kitchen system:

Multi-purpose utilization:

As we’ve mentioned above it’s not just a blender. With the help of ninja bn801 professional kitchen system, you can prepare a diverse list of foodstuff within no time such as:

  • Making smoothies and cocktails
  • Crushing ice
  • Making puree for babies
  • Making tossed salad
  • Preparing sauces & dips
  • Blending frozen desserts
  • Making nut milk
  • Kneading dough

Although making hot soups or crushing wheat into flour cannot be done with the ninja kitchen food processor. While we’ve discussed its blending quality thoroughly below in the performance section.

Technical to operate:

Before switching on the blender, properly read the instructions given in the user manual as you need to assemble all parts of a ninja professional plus kitchen system that is a little bit technical due to its locking mechanism.

So make sure to securely put together and lock the lid, container, and blade. Without fitting them in place, you won’t be able to run the machine. Once you get done with adjusting the parts, then you just need to follow preset auto-IQ button instructions which we shall discuss later in the speed and settings section. Although if you are already using the other kitchen appliances of the ninja professional kitchen system brand then it won’t be daunting for you to run the machine.

Convenient to clean:

One of the best ninja kitchen systems is the ninja bn801 model due to its quick and effortless cleaning. All the gadgets are dishwasher safe so you can mildly put them in the dishwasher excluding the base motor. Even though, you can clean up the base motor and control panel area by just wiping up with the damp cloth

Build quality:

The whole ninja BN801 machine has been designed with durable and sturdy plastic which gives an impressive quality look. Although as compared to other premium models of ninja kitchen system, the ninja BN801 motor base is not designed with ultra-premium quality thick plastic it is still durable. The containers are also made up of good quality BPA-free plastic.

Furthermore, four suction feet are crafted on the bottom of the blender which enables the whole machine to be held in place while running.

Attachments of ninja BN801 professional plus kitchen system:

In this section, we shall d about the complete ninja kitchen system attachments:

72 Oz full-size pitcher:

The 72 Oz size blending pitcher is specifically designed for serving the whole family. If you want to make a smoothie or a cocktail for your guests then this pitcher size is total. Although, according to the user manual’s guide it’s better to put material only to 64oz. For measuring solutions, labels are available on the pitcher so you can easily measure quantity while making something.

The pitcher is made up of BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe material. The pitcher material is heat resistant and can bear heat temperature up to 82 degrees. But still, we won’t recommend you to use it for blending hot stuff.

Two single-serving mugs:

The ninja kitchen system with auto IQ is featured with two additional single-serving mugs which are precisely made for smoothie lovers. Blending a single serving in a 72oz pitcher will create more cleaning mess so having an additional mug is perfect for this purpose. They are also made up of BPA-free plastic and dishwasher-safe material with a spout lid to avoid spilling. Although h, you have to disassemble the blade, mug, and lid before putting them into the dishwasher.

Processor bowl:

The processor bowl is designed for meeting your basic food processing needs. So you can do your chopping and dough relating chores within a few minutes by using a ninja processor bowl.


The primary blade which can be used only with the 72oz pitcher comprises 6 blades that are sharp enough to crush snow, chop salad dressing and blend smoothies. While the other two mugs comprise their blades. The blade is easily removable and dishwasher safe so you can easily put it on the roof shelf of your dishwasher for cleaning.


The lid is also made up of durable and thick plastic material. Unlike typical processors, ninja kitchen food processor bn801 has not been designed with a two-way lid which can be easily detached for putting ingredients during blending. The lid features a lock mechanism in which you have to properly line up the symbol given on the lid with the same symbol on the main pitcher for tightening it up.

Power cable:

With a 2.6ft power cable given within the package, you can easily use any plugin point if away from the kitchen rack. The Stowaway unit is also given on the backside of the motor case so you can safely place the wrapped cord over there.

Speed and Settings

The ninja professional kitchen system has been featured with the six suppressed toggles having versatile functions i.e. power button, dough, extract, chop, Ice crush, and smoothie toggle which work with four different modes i.e. low speed, medium, high and pulse mode. You can perform all these functions with just one click and adjust speed according to your ingredient’s texture.

With pulse mode, you can increase the blade’s speed for a shorter span. Pulse mode is quite useful for chopping salad and salsas according to your desired results. Among the whole review, one of the bn801 professional best kitchen system plus review is about its auto-IQ technology, which is digging at the Vitamix auto-detect technology. Auto-IQ technology detects the container type on the base motor.

For example, if you will put the large pitcher on the base then the Auto-IQ feature automatically activates the smoothie or crusher button and adjusts speed according to the consistency of the ingredients. Similarly, the dough or chop toggles will activate when you put the processor bowl over the base motor.

Performance review

In this section, we shall discuss the ninja food processor reviews of bn801 model performance. For testing performance, we have done different recipe experiments including chopping and blending. Firstly, we made a smoothie with frozen fruits in a single serving mug .the Auto-IQ feature automatically activated the extract button and recommended a 60 seconds blend. The results were perfect as they produced the smooth textured drink without any fruit chunks.

Secondly, using the food processor bowl we tried to make the cake batter by adding all ingredients into the bowl. The auto-IQ automatically detected the processor bowl and recommended 2 minutes blend. While the results were good. Although, we had to dig batter down the sides of the bowl during blending.

Lastly, we made a sauce from garlic, cumin seeds, basil leaves, and tomato in a full-size pitcher. The results were great with smooth consistent texture. However, we would not suggest you blend almond butter in this ninja kitchen system with Auto-IQ otherwise you will have butter paste with almonds chunks.

Technical specifications

TypePersonal blender/processor
BrandShark ninja kitchen system
Min speed4100 RPM
Max speed5200 RPM
blades6 blades
Required voltage1400 watt
Dishwasher safeYes
BPA freeYes
Dimensions7.38 by 9.63 by 18 inches
Cord length2.5 ft
WarrantyOne year
  • Ninja bn801 is one of the most powerful and innovative machines of ninja kitchen system
  • The auto-IQ feature makes it an exceptional option as compare to other typical blenders
  • A perfect two in one machine i.e the blender with the food processing accessories
  • Best for crushing ice, making smoothies, and kneading the g dough with the food processor attachment.
  • average overall quality is impressive with the measurement labels on the container
  • All containers and attachments are dishwasher safe while you can place blades on the top shelf of the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Affordable price range.
  • six versatile blending options are given with four different modes
  • All accessories are made up of BPA free plastic
  • It is not recommended to blend hot stuff in this ninja professional plus kitchen Auto with the auto-IQ
  • Too much noisy
  • If you use it for the first time, then placing the parts in position will be challenging for you
  • The 1-year warranty is minimum for kitchen electronic gadgets.

Alternatives to ninja Bn801

In this section, we shall discuss the alternatives of BN801 ninja professional plus with auto-IQ

Nutri ninja blender system with Auto-IQ:

For making nutritious smoothies and shakes Nutri ninja blender system with Auto-IQ reviews is also very compelling. Like our reviewed model, this blender is also featured with the auto-IQ technology which automatically activates the certainly required option.

It is one of the best blenders for blending nut milk, almond butter, and crushing ice without any chunks. Unlike our model additional mugs are not given. But if you’re looking for the best blender for almond butter and nuts milk then you might consider this option

Ninja pulse kitchen system:

Ninja pulse kitchen system is a quite similar option to our reviewed product as it also provides versatile functions with plenty of attachments with one machine. According to the ninja kitchen pulse review, it can easily handle hot foodstuff and blending of nuts. Unlike the ninja professional plus kitchen system, this model is not featured with auto-IQ technology and doesn’t have versatile blending and speed toggles. But if you’re hunting a product for blending hot stuff and nuts then this ninja kitchen pulse could be the good option.

Nutri bullet pro 900:

Nutri bullet Pro 900 is the best option for those who want a compact blender to consume less space and create less mess. Nutri bullet 900 is a high-powered bullet blender that is perfect for making smoothie lovers as you directly put all the fruits in the mug and place it on the motor. Nutri bullet 900 comes with two BPA-free plastic jars, two lids, powerful stainless steel extractor blades, and a 900-watt motor. So you can go for this option if you don’t want to spend your money on a complete kitchen system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the ninja professional blender good?

Due to its Auto-IQ feature and 3 in 1 option, ninja professional blender can be used for crushing ice to kneading dough so if you need some all-in-one machine then this is a good option.

Does Nutri ninja auto-IQ grind nuts?

Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ is specifically designed for making nutritious smoothies including nuts butter and nut milk. So it can smoothly grind nuts without any chunks.

Does ninja bullet crush ice?

These bullets have not been designed to crush dry ice cubes. However, you can blend frozen fruits in them.

Are ninja blender pitcher dishwasher safe?

It is completely safe to put the pitchers in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can also wash with lukewarm water and soap.

Final Verdict

Overall, the ninja professional kitchen system with Auto-IQ is great as it offers multiple functions with versatile attachments i.e. one large size container, two jars,  and one processing bowl are more than good enough for satisfying your food blending needs. If we compare it with the same Vitamix system, it costs three times lesser than the Vitamix. So it is a profitable investment with a fair price tag.

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