Oxo Barista Brain Review

Oxo Barista Brain Review, Oxo Barista Brain is a coffee maker that makes coffee of up to 9 cups. The SCAA certifies the device as one of the best coffee drippers in the market. It is equipped with high-quality components like the filter basket that enables the user to make the best and most flavored coffee.

As we all know, a sweet coffee cup is determined by the temperatures used, the measurement of the right ingredients, and the timing. Well, OXO Barista Brain coffee maker offers all these great features. When selecting the device, focus on the materials used.

A Perfect Coffee Maker for 9 Cup

The best coffee dripper should have removable components to enable you to clean them. This is because the massive accumulation of coffee residual may alter the flavor and the aroma of the coffee. So, ensure the device can clean.

Design and Hardware

Oxo Barista Brain Review about The design of the coffee brewer affects the kind of coffee the user will get. And OXO barista consists of great models that will make your coffee turn out to be the best.

The coffee brewer is designed with automated pausing intervals when pouring water over the grind to ensure that there the temperatures for making the coffee are in order.

The pausing time interval also ensures there is enough time for even distribution of water on the beans. The machine is designed with one button control, which enables even beginners to have an easy time making their coffee.

The machine is equipped with a showerhead device, also called as a rainmaker, that makes sure all the coffee poured on the grind gets wetted at the same time.

Good coffee is only obtained when there is uniformity in brewing, and this component ensures all the coffee is ground at the same time.

Other great designs are the material. The coffee maker is made of beautiful stainless steel material that gives it an attractive look and durability as when especially when it comes into contact with wetness.

Unlike other machines that only allow you to make about 5 cups of coffee at a minimum, The coffee maker is the opposite since it will enable you to brew as low as two cups of coffee.

Features Of Oxo on Barista Brain

Oxo Barista Brain Review about One button control: This is one of the most convenient features of this 9 cup coffee maker. You can never get confused when operating it since all you need is to press the provided button to get your machine working.

Easy to control:

The moment you add the water and the coffee beans controlling the brewing is comfortable with three steps. Press the provided button and select the number of cups of coffee you wish to make. You can choose from 2 to four or three to nine cups. Then press the same button to start the brewing process.

LED interface:

The LED indicator is a screen located next to the button to show the brewing status. It shows the timing and the freshness of the coffee brewed too.

Rainmaker shower:

This feature ensures that there is an even distribution of water in all the coffee poured on the grinder. With an even water disperse, you will be able to get the best flavored coffee.
Temperature control: The water is poured in pausing intervals, and it is also heated at the appropriate temperatures throughout the entire process. This uniformity ensures the produced coffee has all the flavors and aroma.

Programmable time:

This is a convenient coffee maker to use, especially when you are busy. The device is easy to program and start your brewing process when you are ready. You can set the time that you want the coffee to brew with ease.


OXO barista is a coffee maker that is ideal for everyone who wants to have the best and most flavored coffee. But the device is highly recommended for beginners and people who want a machine that is easy to control.

It does not require too much attention since it is automatic hence making it easy to manage. The presence of time programming features makes it ideal for busy people.
You can set the coffee maker to brew your coffee as you carry on with your chores or other office duties and go back to check your coffee later.

It is hassle-free and convenient at the same time. On the other hand, the coffee maker is not ideal for those who want to get fresh coffee or need a device you can travel with.
Note worth

The first thing that a lot of customers ask themselves before they buy a coffee maker is if it is worth every penny that they are going to spend on buying it. With the OXO barista coffee maker, the answer is yes. The device is worth every penny since it has all the great features that will give you excellent coffee, plus it is easy to use.

  • It is quite easy to control the coffee maker.
  • The material is strong and durable, including the plastic parts.
  • Makes coffee at the right temperature. ( since one can easily control the heat).
  • Removable for cleaning. (The sensitive parts like the showerhead and water delivery tubes are removable for easy cleaning).
  • Pouring of coffee with the lid on is quite slow.
  • The carafe lid holds previously brewed coffee. ( which ends up altering the taste of coffee after a long accumulation).


Coffee is a favorite drink for many people. Some people can take up to four cups in a day as long as the coffee is brewed well. Well, to achieve the best coffee, you need oxo on the barista brain coffee brewer.

The device is ideal for use in the office or even at home since it can make up to nine cups of coffee at a time. The fact that it is pretty easy to operate makes it a favorite to many coffee lovers.

Ensure you always remove the reassemble parts for efficient cleaning. Oxo Barista Brain Review The OXO comes with a user manual, and therefore or first time users, you can follow the manual to learn how to measure the water, coffee beans, and the time settings.