First Bacteria Killing Robot CleanseBot: Reviews

A fantastic era & innovation of technology introduced by Cleansebot. World’s very first tiny device that kills bacteria from your hands, table, computer keyboard, even anything you use. I think a perfect alternative of sanitizer or provide you 100% trusted the result. Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot is all about cleaning mess. So here are details CleanseBot Reviews hope you know something about it before buying.
The statement might leave some big worried creases on your forehead. But worry not, for we are here to set them straight. Now, what mess are we even talking about here? Who and how? Well, firstly, humans are messy beings. Aren’t we? From thoughts to physical belongings, we appear to be scattered everywhere. As a result, most of our things getting infected and infested by useless, potentially harmful stuff.

Amazing Alternative Of Sanitizer Kills 90% Bacteria From You Mobile, Keyboard, While Working Complete CleanseBot Reviews

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And that when we have some furry friends residing with us, the mess-fun seems to double up. From the bedsheets to the entire house, everything gets disorganized and infected with germs. We may have to wait a whole decade or maybe even a century for a technological invention that places things back on the place without having us move from our very places. But we need not wait a moment more to have a piece of technology that sanitizes our bedsheets, upholstery, any other soft surface, and even hard surfaces (more on that later!). And that piece of technology is none other than the fascinating Cleansebot. It is a mini-robot that will take all your bacteria and infection worries on its little rounded shoulders. But before that, let us acquaint ourselves with this bot in more detail.

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Product Review

Cleansbot is an exceptionally innovative device. While the rest of the world runs after bringing forward notch-less displays and foldable phones, the developers of Cleansbot have brought up something different, which incorporates the field of hygiene with technology.
The Cleansbot is a device that we all have been, either consciously or sub-consciously, wanting for quite a while. Ever since the industrial activities significantly grew in the world, domestic households have been worrying about the constant presence of germs.
Certainly, you can tidy up your home, mop the floors, vacuum the carpets, and polish every other item until it gleams. But, what about those minuscule harmful beasts that, regardless of their size, can make us sick?

You cannot eliminate the germs and bacteria in your house. Undeniably, one needs the assistance of advanced technology to resolve the matter.
Perhaps, this is the major driving force that the inventors of Cleansbot created such a marvelous creation. Well, this hygiene-fanatic device has much more to it than cleaning. The inventing entity has made sure that the Cleansbot remains useful in all aspects of life. Let’s dig into the product and evaluate it further!

The Unique Feature Kills 99% of Bacterias

Perhaps, the prime reason Cleansebot came into existence was to fight off the germs and harmful microbes. Manufacturers have engineered the device such that it combats dust mites, germs, and bacteria, and disinfect surfaces in a matter of minutes.
To state the fact: These harmful microscopic little beings reside at almost every surface. They remain hidden from the naked eye, but that doesn’t change the truth. Why are we not sick all the time, then? Why should we purchase the Cleansebot in the first place?
Well, the existence of bacteria in our environment without apparently affecting us a bit does not make Cleansebot any less important. According to research, we are not getting sick all the time because we have a natural defense mechanism! Our body’s immune system keeps us from getting sick over and over again.
However, at times, the bacteria and viruses that surround us are so powerful that they can penetrate through that immune system and harm us. BUT. They don’t come with a warning. So, one must prioritize prevention over cure. It’s best to keep yourself safe from the attack of these deadly, infectious beings.

This smart device has the ability to kill 90% to 99% in one-time use only. And the cleaning effect lasts for up to eight hours. The device comes with 18 sensors and 4 UV-C lights.
Fundamentally, it is the UV-C light that helps the device achieve its purpose. UV-C light refers to Ultraviolet Germicidal irradiation. In reality, it is ultraviolet light with short wavelengths, i.e., 200-280 nanometers. These play a vital role in disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces of all sorts. Even more, it cleans the air nearby as well.
To use the device, you only need to turn it on and leave it on the bed (or whichever surface you wish to clean) for 30-60 minutes. You can change the time by adjusting the settings.
There’s no need to supervise it. You can continue doing your job, and forget about the device while it does it work. In terms of functioning, it’s more like Robo-vacuum, i.e., Roomba. It glides over and under the bedsheets over and over again to sanitize it.
That explains why this device is a must carry to hotels. According to statistics, an average hotel room has about 112.7 colony-forming bacteria every cubic meter that may cause potentially harmful for health. These bacteria cannot only make you sick during the trip or stay but can also cause deadly diseases. One certainly doesn’t want that from a vacation or even a business trip. Right? For that reason, one must carry this device when staying in hotel rooms.

Integrated Tiny Body & Design 

At a single glance, you won’t believe that the small, round device is capable of elevating the indoor room quality to such an extent. Perhaps, the smallness of the device enables it to travel quickly across different surfaces.
Apart from that, the Cleansebot has a gleaming white colored exterior. The Cleansebot has a fairly minimalist design and body, which is good.
With an attractive white surface, the device Cleansebot adds a tint of simplicity to our already complicated urban lives. Also, it is easy to spot the shining white surface amidst the heaps of things, which is a definite advantage.
There are two narrow glass panels on the surface that add a touch of glamour and classiness. To add a bit contrast, the creators have attached a grey stripe on one of the sides. Apart from adding contrast, the stripe also helps in holding the device in handheld mode.
The Cleansebot has a weight of 220g that is exceptionally lightweight. Nowadays, the lightest of smartphones falls in the range between 150-200g. It’s a wonder how the inventors have packed so many valuable functions into the device and still maintained lightweight. Another advantage is that you won’t get exhausted when using the handheld mode for long hours.

The Three Modes To Operate Cleansebot

To make the use of the device versatile and ever so useful, the Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot comes with three distinct modes.

  • Auto Mode
  • Under Blanket Mode (exclusively with the climbing feature)
  • Power bank Mode

For the first operating mode of the device, as the name implies, you can clean everything that comes in contact with your hand, and hence the bot. Be it, the switches, pet toys, children’s toys, cell phones, or even keys, it works well for surfaces of all textures and all sizes.
Next comes the Under Blanket Mode. To enable this mode, you only need to activate the Cleansebot. Let it clean the bed and disinfect it. As mentioned earlier, it will sanitize the mattress in 30 to 60 minutes. But that applies to a king-size bed. For a queen-size or single bed, you will need to use the Cleansebot for less than 30 minutes.
The third mode of the mini cleaning robot may surprise you. It’s called the power-saving mode. And yes, we’re on the same page; the device can turn into a Power bank in literal terms. Cleansbot comes with a mega 3700 mAh battery and a USB-C port. When your phone dies out, but luckily, you’ve got this portable robot in your bag, you can connect it to this device for charging it. It features an extremely fast-charging system. So, it will be charged the phone in flash-speed.
According to most CleanseBot Reviews from genuine and verified customers, the device performs equally and exceptionally well in all three modes. So you needn’t waste hours or even minutes, putting some impossible maths to a non-existent formula. Just switch it up to the mode of your need, and there you go!

Battery & Up Time 

Imagine that you have children at home as well as pets. Yes, you love both your pets and kids. You do your best while polishing surfaces and shampooing carpets. But the constant threat of germs that might evade any of your two valuable companions (the children and furry pals) still lurks behind, doesn’t it? Well, now that the Cleansebot has eradicated those uncertainties, how long do you think it might last?
Despite longing it to last forever, the small-rounded minimalist design suggests that the device might last for an hour session. After all, it is minimal and packed with a lot of functions. Well, the battery may not last for an eternity, though the developers have made sure that you can clean the house thoroughly and frequently.
Cleansbot has an enormous 3700-MAh built-in battery that offers a running time of 3-hours! You can eradicate germs from the entire room in the given time, including the bed, floor, and a majority of objects. There is certainly no need to wait for the device to charge before you can resume the bacteria-killing process.
Also, as the battery is rechargeable, you can use it frequently. However, the CleanseBot Reviews saying that” bed cleaning robot takes a span of 4-hours before offering a service of 3-hours.

Price Of Cleansebot

After all the marvelous features, anyone can expect the Cleansebot to cost a fortune. The specifications of the device are remarkable, and the technology installed in it must make the Cleansebot fall in the high-end range.
Well, initially, the founders of the Cleansebot concept wanted to set the price around $259, which is a hefty amount. However, the developers have currently lowered the price to $99, which is quite affordable.
The reason behind this sudden discount is perhaps the Kickstarter campaign, in which the Cleansebot founders asked for funds to bring the project to life. Also, the product hasn’t launched in the market yet. Certainly, you can get one online, but massive production hasn’t started. So, before the product gets available in the local market, the discounted price will remain $99.
Once Cleansebot becomes accessible, the price will become $259. Hence, it is better to avail of the fantastic technology while it is still affordable!

  • Kills 90%-99% germs
  • Portable Device
  • Available in two colors; Black and White
  • Convertible to Power bank
  • Three convenient, useful modes
  • Easy to use
  • Modish design
  • Rechargeable
  • No warranty
  • Very New Invented Product So Reviews Are Not Available Right Now

Bottom Line

Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot makes living healthier and happier by eradicating the potentially harmful microbes in the surrounding. With almost negligible to no side effects or outnumbering Cons, one can rely on the device for safe sanitization. Even more, there’s no logical, proven evidence even in the general Cleansebot reviews. That state anything about the failure of the device. Thus, one can trust the device in that regard.

Buying Guide 

Understanding the needs of Sanitation:
Sanitation refers to the maintenance of a clean and hygienic atmosphere so that lesser germs become the source of diseases and illnesses.
In today’s utterly complex world, Sanitation is an essential aspect of life. Without proper disposal of waste and hygiene care, human civilization can fall incurably sick. Although the germs are not visible to the naked eye, we must not underestimate their ability to infect our internal system and even become a cause of death.
Proper sanitation care helps to keep the human environment healthy and sustainable. Well, as mentioned in the CleanseBot Reviews, the device eradicates those dangerous germs and takes proper care of hygienic conditions.
Cleansebot technology is particularly useful for traveling needs, whether it is going to a picnic or another city. Places with heavy human traffic tend to have the most disease-causing germs.
You might not know, but the so-called cleaned, as well as sanitized airplane seats and the hotel bed, have the most germs. And, it is better to not depend on others when it comes to maintaining hygienic conditions. Why trust the five-star hotel staff when no one in the world can see the germ, can they Look CleanseBot Reviews?
Well, that is where Cleansbot serves as your best friend and protects your health.

UVC Cleaning Technology

As new protection technologies continue to develop, we see improved methodologies of battling infectious pathogens every day.
One of the recent discoveries, and instead, a contribution to the ever-developing world, is of the UVC rays. The UV light meaning, the Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic waves that exist in three wavelength categories. These include:

  • UV-A
  • UV-B
  • UV-C

While the UV-A and UV-B rays have their advantages, it is the UV-C rays that are capable of killing the germs. Continue reading to learn more about the mechanism of working.

With the naked eye, you will never be able to detect UV-C rays spreading and present in your environment. You will only be able to recognize their presence when the blue notifying light on the device will turn on.
Once activated, the UV-C rays bring into effect their germicidal action. The rays penetrate the bacterial cell and disrupt the DNA, which keeps it from reproducing. It can also neutralize the being that has developed resistance to antibiotics, namely super-bugs.

Safety and Risks:
Although little exposure of human skin to UV-C rays hardly ever causes any trouble, one must avoid prolonged exposure. That’s because, after all, they’re electromagnetic radiation, which can eventually penetrate.
According to research, the dead cells on our skin provide ample protection but not against unacceptably long-term exposure.
However, Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot is safe to use either way. That’s because even in handheld mode, the device was programmed to emit rays to the downward side, which keeps the hand safe.

Why is Cleansebot the Best Option? CleanseBot Reviews

There is no other cleaning-oriented device that can eliminate germs and bacteria, which leaves Cleansbot not the only but the best option too. The Cleansbot eradicates 99% of the germs from the surfaces, making them safe for you and your loved ones to use. There is no need to worry about the possibility that a microbe will attack your little one. With Cleansebot, know that you are completely safe.
The technology uses the UV-lights to sanitize the surfaces. Also, it has 18-different sensors to function without your supervision. You can leave the machine at your bed or on a shelf without fearing that it might crash at any moment. And, as mentioned in the Cleansebot reviews, the device has three distinctive modes. If you feel like cleaning the photo frame, then you can activate the handheld mode. Or, if you’re traveling and running low on the phone battery, then you can use the Cleansebot as a power bank. So, you see, it is a multi-purpose device that remains useful in any case!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the batteries replaceable? CleanseBot Reviews

No, the device battery is not replaceable. However, the company installed battery has about 800-900 cycles, which are good enough to serve you for approximately 13 months, provided that you use and charge it twice a day consistently.
However, the company promises a guaranteed replacement for a certain amount of fee. When the battery of your Cleansebot gives up ultimately or burns out, you can settle your bill with the company, send it over, and get the battery replaced.

Does it work under heavy blankets? CleanseBot Reviews

According to the various tests of this device conducted by the manufacturing company. As well as that of the customers, Cleansebot has not yet shown resistance or hindrance against any of the fabrics. Be it, texture or weight.
Cleansebot works equally well under blankets of all fabrics and weights. So, no matter you wish to sanitize a quilt, kaross, or a heavy bedspread, the device will work fine under and with all.
Even more, the company has equipped this smart device with patent-pending wheel technology. It enables the bot to move around messy, unmade beds. If it detects a big lump on its way, it will pull back and turn around to move in another direction rather than stopping. Thus, it will keep on moving and moving until you the timer clicks out or you stop it.

Can we expect newer versions?

As of yet, the first model of the Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot is yet to hit the general market. To date, it is not as readily available as any other device. There are still pre-orders and conditional availability. And that’s only one because this technology and this device are new to the market.
The company intends and plans to make it more readily available. Considering that, it’s too early to predict or claim that the next version of Cleansebot is coming up anytime soon. However, upon the constant insistent queries of fans in the CleanseBot Reviews, the manufacturers have promised a newer, enhanced version. It may come with a replaceable battery, longer working hours, better design, and even better-sanitizing technology. Even more, the upcoming model may come at a better, economical rate.

What are the battery specifications?

Cleansebot Bed Cleaning Robot comes with a pre-installed battery. So, you will not need to purchase the battery separately and spend time and energy unnecessarily in installing it.
The battery installed comes with the following specifications:

  • Type: Li-Lon Battery
  • Voltage: 4.2 Volts
  • Power Consumption (Stand-by): 0.005 Watts
  • Charging time: Four Hours
  • Running Time: Three Hours For Every Charge

Overall, the product weighs about 220 grams (without handle cover). Hence, the battery weight may not be more substantial than an average medium-sized one. Furthermore, it comes with a USB-C cable charger.


Now, we have learned everything from the concept of Cleansebot to its specifications, make your decision wisely. The device is certainly of much use, and the developers are offering a quality product at such an affordable cost.
In a world where even the most simple device is reaching sky-high prices, Cleansebot is a miracle! Although there are a few cons like the 4-hour charging and the hefty cost after the technology comes to the market in the upcoming year, the pros are much more winning.
Why on Earth would nobody want to buy a product that ensures their sustainability? Well, we would love to spend a few more on the technology and maintain an excellent indoor room quality. Happy Cleaning!

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